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  1. No problem I enjoy writing it. It will be around chapter 13 when they first get to Hogwarts
  2. I will take this. It is a lot like The Free Use Experience by FurySerenity. I really liked it and was sad when it stopped, so this works great I will be posting on Adult Fanfic and AO3. Overview as I am adding my own little changes. Witch’s get a Mentor in year 3. This is done by girls from years 4, 5, 6 but usually the year above, so they are available for most of the witch’s time at Hogwarts. Harry and Rose are the Twin’s Who Lived, and Voldy is 100% dead. Harry is the only Metamorphmagus in the last 60 years and the only one in Britain and must take part in the Witchs welfare program. Harry will be informed during the summer after the 2nd year and must spend the rest of his time at Hogwarts as a female; if (When) caught out of his female form her will get a punishment on said provided list. I am adding in something called Prime Students which are allowed to have sex with girls even if they have met the quota. The quota is min of sex twice a day but more is encouraged and reward. (Reward system for the witch’s TBD if you have any ideas drop a comment I was thinking they could use it to buy stuff from shops) Link to Story: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33878287/chapters/84232732
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