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  1. Well, been a while since I was able to get on here. Life is an inn for the imp of perverse meets Murphey’s law. Think I need a vacation from life these days.

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    2. Kurahieiritr


      I really wish it would. Doug committed Suicide with a sawed off shotgun this week. Helping his wife clean up is going to be gut churning. I’m so tired of this unpleasant suicide habit happening around me. It’s a sign that America’s going to shit hardcore no matter what the Wall street number crunchers keep yapping.

    3. JayDee


      Jesus, fuck, that’s some shit to deal with. I feel for you.

    4. Kurahieiritr


      Thanks, and I know it better than most. Trump’s America is mostly part time jobs and not much else. Most families are a single paycheck away from losing their homes and all sorts of crap. 2019 is a freaking nightmare for most people I know. 15 hour work weeks don’t work for people. Only for pathological lying government morons.