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      Maths geeks! They always turn evil. Just look at Moriarty.

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  2. Finally...FINALLY...after FOUR TRIES...(and $29.99)... GOT THE FREE UPDATE TO WINDOWS 10 INSTALLED! IThe problem was that some of my Windows System files were corrupted. Microsoft wanted $129 to fix it. Instead HP fixed it for $30 (My computer is an HP). Problem is now I have to UNLEARN Windows 7, and LEARN Windows 10... Now for the SERIOUS stuff! I am eagerly anticipating the next chapter! Your writing is getting better and better every chapter! Looks like it's not going to be easy for Mabel and Dipper, but once he gets past his depression and rage, I think he will become a better man.
  3. Depends on the family dynamic. Step siblings? Adopted siblings? Raised as siblings? Half Siblings? Full siblings? Which one? As long as they are both legal age in that state, it's ok by me! Even if it fails and they get divorced, she will always be your sister
  4. There are some things in life that you have to experience for yourself to fully understand.The thrill of driving an Indy race car on the Indianapolis 500 track. The joy in meeting your idols, Mario Andretti and Danica Patrick. The experience of riding 200 miles per hour in an Indy two-seater with Andretti at the wheel The happiness of multiple lovers. The pain of the woman you love, want to marry and spend the rest of your life with miscarrying your child. The heartache when she says 'I don't love you anymore' and leaves. Sorry, I'm babbling like a Brook(e Shields).
  5. I can understand Dipper's frustration. I myself was confined in a hospital bed after my open heart triple bypass (They told me I died on the table and they brought me back). I couldn't do anything for myself. Depression set in and i WANTED to die. I was mad that I had become an invalid. Sounds like it's going to get worse before it gets better
  6. Lovers come and go. You can get a divorce from your wife. You can't 'divorce' your sister.
  7. Glad to see you back! Loved the newest chapter. Well written. Beautiful example of what starts as a mistake can be misunderstood and, through hurt, anger and resentment, lead to a hatred that can turn a very loving relationship into something very painful and horrible. I feel sorry for Dipper and Mable, the pressures and fears of keeping their love hidden can make one unknowingly overreact and make things worse. One must hope they realize how much they love each other and get back together.
  8. Stupid me...I just now started posting a link to this page in my chapters again! By the way, I have posted all the Seasons 5 & 6, posted on my YouTube Channel, Belfry43, Seasons 1 thru 4 are NOT posted. They have been released on DVD. If season 5 and/or 6 are released on DVD, that season will be removed. I have two recent videos Johnny Test Behind the Scenes and Johnny Test UK Happy Meal Commercial. Also posted is the MSNBC 60th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion: June 6, 1944, As It Happened, A recreation of the network news the night of June 7, 1944 if it was covered with modern technologies. Finally rounding out my collection are videos from the Louisville Retro Arcade Convention 2015, and some homemade playing of APF MP-1000 video games using an emulator. (The APF MP-1000 was a short-lived console, 1978-1979, competing with the Atari 2600)
  9. I have a country voice (I'm from Kentucky), and a face for radio. Seriously. In 1976, I worked a week as a late shift DJ using my FM voice. While I did have female 'guests', I made more as a janitor in a hospital or as a teacher. While I would love to see my AFF as a comic, I'm afraid the comic would end up drawn for the sex instead of the story. I have listened to your podcast, and all the other I have been invited to. You handled it well. BTW, I did get an invitation for interview to podcast from xXDasXGoochXx, and I replied yes, I would love to do it, but he must be very busy. I have not heard from him since. Because of my amputation, my time/money balance is heavy on time.
  10. Yes we were. What makes an AFF great, in my opinion, is not just the porn. Making love to the one you love is not porn. Sex is porn. As you read what a character is feeling, their emotions, fears, anxieties, happiness and love, you feel the way they feel, remembering your memories of love long lost...the happiest times of your life. A gifted author can evoke those memories and feelings. You are doing so fine a job, that everyone is patiently awaiting the next chapter, I would rather wait for a great chapter than quick, crappy ones. Well done, Edward_or_Ford. Well done.
  11. I agree. LGBT's have a right to marry as much as any other couple. And become just as miserable.
  12. Is FairySlayer is doing the same to other stories?
  13. People should not feel letdown when you write a chapter without sex in it. I do that occasionally with my Johnny Test AFF, Crossed Lines, to speed up the story to a point where lovemaking is appropriate. Sex is simple; love is complicated. I think I know what Charmcaster has in mind. I have used it before in my AFF.
  14. Of all the adult fan fictions about Transformers (not just TF: Prime, but the entire franchise), yours is simply the best! And I still have VHS tapes from when they originally aired! Nice balance of story, humor, and sex. I can tell you are a true fan. Looking forward to Chapter 5! Don't leave Miko hanging!! Just posted the latest chapter in my Johnny Test AFF! And in case you're curious, my icon is of my very first game console, the APF-M1000!