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  1. Finally wrote something! This is the first thing I've managed since my last posted piece! :D

  2. Hi all! I have an m/m oneshot that I need beta-ing. I really just need grammar help and maybe help fixing awkward sentences. If any glaring plot errors or things that don't make sense could be pointed out, that would be wonderful too. As I stated, it's an original slash fic. I would count it as erotica, though it's not what you see everyday. It has pet-play (a fetish that does NOT involve animals) and spanking as well as consentual sex, nothing else really. If you want to send me something you've beta-ed, that'd be nice, but I don't require it. After all, if I don't agree with your advice, I don't have to listen to it. Though, I'm pretty open to any advice given. I want to make my story the best it can be, after all. Please send a PM, or leave a comment in this thread, if you're interested! Thank you!
  3. I can help. I've done enough research on BDSM and the like to be pretty knowledgeable on the subject. In fact, I have a BDSM oneshot up in the Archives, if you want to take a look at my writing. I'm pretty competent in the fields of grammar and spelling and I should be able to help you with content, if you think it needs help. I would give you a link for my prior editing work, but the author I'd beta-ed for took his stuff from the site and I haven't started for my newest author. I may be able to help with all the chapters, but I don't know how hectic my schedule's going to get since I just started a new semester at my school. Either way, if you choose to use me as your beta, it'll be fun working with your story. If you don't choose me, I wish you luck with whomever you find.
  4. Those explanations on how it feels after have multiple orgasms is actually a huge help. Thanks Jyet, Kelk and Scotsman! I'll probably still go to a BDSM forum, but at least I now have an idea about the sensations a guy goes through. :3
  5. Well, the way I wanna use this in my oneshot is as forced orgasm. In a sense, the guy is forced to orgasm, get hard again, and keep going (it's a BDSM thing) over and over. I guess I really want to know if any of the guys on here have gone through something like that. I thank you for the info though! I didn't know about the half-orgasm thing. =)
  6. So, I know for women, multiple orgasms isn't something unheard of. For men, though, you shoot one and call it done for a bit. What I wanna know, as reference for my (future) oneshot, is if there are any males here that have had multiple orgasms in a short period of time. How does it feel? Is it difficult for the subsequent orgasms to come after that first one? Is it painful or does it feel good? ANy kind of help with this would be appreciated! =3
  7. Well put BW! Well put, and probably scarily accurate...
  8. I just yell at people through my shut windows. It also helps that I'm female and, thus, don't have the same fear from other female drivers. =)
  9. As a reader, a scene can be boring if there's little to no description. You don't necessarily need tons of action and excitement, but if you don't at least describe what's going on so that we can paint an mental picture, we'll get lost. There have been many a story that I've dropped because I couldn't figure out what was going on because they had very few details. As an author, once again, detail. I just go through what I wrote and say 'Do this give a good picture of what's being done?' If not, more detail. Hope this helps! =3
  10. I'm am entirely ok with a blunt editor, being one myself. I can send you the piece in a pm since I haven't posted it yet, me being the type to not post anything until I'm completely satisfied with it.
  11. Oh, dear Lord, help us. WHY is it illegal to maul those people??
  12. There are people who seriously do that?? I hope I never find one!
  13. Gawd, I know! The author's notes almost jarred me more than the lame POV markers did! D:
  14. I'm back for a time and have actually written something! I'm proud of myself. :)

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