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  1. In regards to the article, I agree with Desiderius and Dirty.  It was only 187 words with no real explanation of how to use Histrionics other than to say “don’t use it”.  (And yes, I actually checked his word count.)  Honestly, in my opinion, that article was a joke.  Just telling others that such devices shouldn’t be used is a little presumptuous considering there is no context to the advice being given.  The author does not know the degree of writing experience of his audience and does nothing to exaggerate on the meaning he is trying to convey, which leaves the readers confused and unsure of how or whether to use this literary device.  That would be like having a gay character not be flamboyant in any way or having a surfer not use any beach slang.  It also constrains the character and his/her actions within the work and, if a writer is attempting to create a realistic situation with real characters, then such actions like slamming a door or punching a wall or throwing a book would be necessary as they are real-life actions taken by real-life people.

    Okay, I’m done ranting now.  :kittenpurr:

  2. Feedback use to effect me and how I would write a story.  I had one work called ‘The Gates of Heaven and Hell’ and it ended up with two split timelines – one that the readers seemed to like then the one that I originally envisioned.  Needless to say that the “favorite” version was never finished.  I lost interest even though readers seemed to like it because I wasn’t as invested in that storyline as I was in my original one.  That taught me an important lesson.  I think it’s a Catch-22.  It’s hard to find a balance between what you enjoy writing and what readers will enjoy.  If you aren’t happy then chances are the work won’t see a conclusion.  Plus, you have those readers who are ardent followers of a writer and will read anything and everything said writer publishes.  My process is different now.  I tend to write several chapters before I consider posting any work, and most of the time it doesn’t see the light of the internet.  LOL. 

    Saying all that, I do have one work where I have had lots of reviews and that has encouraged me to continue writing, though things don’t get put out there as much.  And I do work collaboratively with other writers and readers.  There have also been suggestions (some in reviews and some emailed to me) that I have taken into consideration and even implemented into the work.  I believe that it’s based on a “case by case” scenario.  There are some stories that you create and don’t want to see major changes and then there are some that you feel free enough to take those risks.  I think it depends on how you feel about a work as to how it progresses, whether that is the pace of your writing or the plot of your story.

  3. Looks like someone is trying to set this up via an unused subdirectory. I'm taking care of that now.

    Thank you so much! I'm getting the same thing and it's driving me crazy. It took me thirty minutes just to login. I swear I'm about to throw my laptop out a window.

  4. Thanks for the compliment, Jem. :D I'd love your help.

    I'm not worried about a time schedule at the moment. I feel that I am far enough along that small delays won't hurt me so your sporadic net activity is not a problem for me. :)

    I'll PM you with my private email address. :)

  5. Information on fiction:

    Fandom: Ruin Explorers (Anime)

    Title: Ruin Explorers (not original, I know)

    Pairing: Ihrie / OC / Lyle (other various pairings)

    Rating: Adult+

    Story Link: Ruin Explorers

    Warnings: Abuse, Angst, H/C, M/F, OC, Tort, UST

    My personality:

    I'm laid back, easy going and am not easily offended, which I consider a plus.

    My desire:

    This was a work I started over ten years ago and was never finished. I really want to complete this. There is a great lack of fiction from this anime and I loved the OVA (though I was extremely unsatisfied with how it ended). Plus, my writing skills have greatly improved since then. :)

    Details about how I write:

    I started the revision process last month (on the May 15th) and having been steadily pumping out chapters. (I will not post what chapter I am currently working on in the forums.) I don't have a set limit to the chapters but I prefer to keep their length within a 5 to 12 page range - (my average seems to be 8). I think this helps me and it will give my beta an idea of the expected length. Something not too long is easier to "get through" than something 20 pages. :D I also like to post weekly.

    Details about the story:

    The story focuses on Ihrie, one of two of the main characters. She is cursed and I wanted to write about how she might have lifted her curse. I have several original characters since there was a limit to who was introduced through the anime. There are sex scenes and battle scenes that I have already written. {Examples of how I write sex scenes: Indelible (Inuyasha; Sess/Kag) & Rapturous (Ruin Explorers; Ihrie/Lyle), can also be seen as a prologue to this multi-chapter work.} I used several different generators to help me with names and such, which is why some of them look weird (I include pronunciations at the end of the chapters).

    Note: It's been a long time since I have written battle scenes so I do not have anything I can offer as as example. Everything I have is over two years old.


    I would need someone to bounce ideas off of and offer them. Suggests would always be welcomed, even if you think they are 'out of left field', conversations and ideas evolve so I am willing to discuss even the craziest of ideas though I may not use them. I guess that's where my plot bunnies come from. :) (If I end up using any ideas, I give credit. So don't worry.) Helping me keep things 'straight' - like details, maybe something I missed/forgot or something seems confusing. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. I do not shy away from that. My feelings aren't going to be hurt and I would prefer someone likewise. If I reject an idea, I am not offending the architect and I would like someone who understands this.

    The warnings above pertain to what I had already planned for the storyline, which were written/flushed out chapters, and could change (which I'm willing). Please keep this in mind. I am well past that and am beginning to have some difficulties with coming up with plausible ideas. I don't want some 'out of left field' twist that won't make sense within my story (does that make sense?). I do not require prior knowledge since the world and characters were not that well flushed out.

    I prefer to communicate through email so having a forum account isn't a requirement.

    Though not required, I would also love advice on my writing. What you think, my details (describing and such), certain scenes (battles and sex), conversations and any other thing that you believe could be improved.


    First to read chapters, access to my notes and ideas, harassing or giving me a hard time is completely acceptable. Sometimes you just need a good kick in the ass to get going again. :)

    Thank you for reading my post. :D

  6. Prompt four. I decided to do it a little differently, though it's a little late. :)

    Prompt: dolcemente

    - (Italian) sweetly

    Notes: There is not a set limit of words but it should not be something longer than a oneshot (or what could be passed as one).

    Sample post taken from rules.

    Pen Name: Apollo

    Story link: (Link)

    Review replies link: (link, if you have one)

    Type of fic: Drabble, FlashFic, Oneshot

    Rating: Adult ++

    Fandom: Original

    Pairing: N/A

    Warnings: M/M, PWP, Oral, Bond

    I don't plan on closing this thread.

    I made a change that I forgot to post with the rules. That's what I get for posting hastily. Please see the note above.

  7. yes thats more what im looking for.

    i dont know how to visiually describe what the outfit looks like from the perspective of some one else.

    the one thats giving me the most problems is the chest pice thats in that one picture, i see it as leather ish type of armor or some thing, its ether that or rubber o.0

    unless some one has a better idea of what it would be.

    You're free to use this as a starting point.

    The microfiber threads hugged his chest as the nano-based armor wrapped around his sides and breastplate, protecting his organs from critical damage.



  8. Im not sure if i am in the right fourms as i am asking for writing help.

    Im working on a ninja related fic and im trying to describe some things for the character to be dressed as.

    I know all the parts of clothing that i want but i need help to describe some of it, pictures are included.

    for a chest pice/top im thinking of some thing simular to what Ryu from Ninja Gaiden 2 has on.

    i am unsure of if this would be a correct description, but spiked/bladed wrist guards?

    in short im trying to describe some one to look more like the sterieotypical ninja just a little more badass looking kind of like Ryu is, he just has a different personality and every thing and is in a different universe.

    any help would be apresheated.

    Are you looking for something like this....?

    The iron guards on his forearm were adorned with a trio of curved blades.

  9. So you caught the "difficult words no one has ever heard of bug"? LOL

    LOL, yes! But I find it fun and refreshing to write from one-word prompts. :D It's an addiction that's actually healthy for you.

    EDIT: I have a whole list of unusual words and thought I'd share. It grows every day.

  10. Yay! I'm so glad that you are enjoying it! And as to the grammatical errors - I write in bursts and usually publish it in its raw format. After I've not looked at it for a while I'll come back and edit it with fresh eyes, and probably get a beta somewhere along the line. Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

    You're very welcome. I do the same so they don't bother me.

  11. Prompt three. :lol:

    Prompt: accubation

    - the practice of eating or drinking while lying down

    Sample post taken from rules.

    Pen Name: Apollo

    Story link: (Link)

    Review replies link: (link, if you have one)

    Type of fic: Drabble

    Rating: Adult ++

    Fandom: Original

    Pairing: N/A

    Warnings: M/M, PWP, Oral, Bond

    I don't plan on closing this thread.

  12. "Mommy says I am bad for not sleeping but the scarwy lady won't let me. I can hear her climbing up to my window and I waked up. I try telling Mommy but she says I am dweaming, but I'm not. She is real and she is going to get me if you don't show her your teefs. Please Jaime, I don't want to get gotted!"

    I think that the way you wrote her speaking is fine. As long as it's readable and can be understood, then I don't see a problem. :)