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    official_aff: LJ Community

    I've just come across this community on LJ entitled official_aff. They claim that they're the official community for AFF on LJ, but I didn't recognize any of the members, including the maintainer. They do link to the main AFF site on their profile page, but I'm still a bit wary. I'm thinking of joining, but I want to be sure that they're not lying about their affiliation with AFF. So, are any of you with LJs actually members of this group, or have at least heard of them prior to this?
  2. EveKnight75

    Favorite TV Show?

    I know, I know... typical question, boring topic. Still, I want to know. Which TV shows do you like to watch? Which fandoms do you frequent? Which ones do you write fics about? So far, I've written for the Brady Bunch. I also read Buffy/Angel, Lizzie McGuire (but I don't watch it because I hate Duff), Xena, Friends, and That 70's Show, off the top of my head. I also frequent other fandoms at random as a passing fancy. This includes 8 Simple Rules, 7th Heaven, Smallville, Sabrina, X-Files, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (again off the top of my head). Right now, I'm interested in Life with Derek. My sister likes the show and I can see why. It's a less demented, more realistic, and plain funnier version of the Brady Bunch, in some ways. What I mean is that both shows run on the same concept of adjusting to life in a combined family and dealing with the stereotypical lifestyle of the other gender. I think the creep-factor parallel lies in the sexual chemistry/tension between teen stepsibs Casey and Derek. I thought it was my sick mind, but apparently a lot of people who watch the show have noticed it, including my 12-year-old sister and her friends. Stepcest being one of my fanfic fetishes, I thought "why not?", ambled over to the unmentionable site, clicked the link, and confirmed that I am not alone in that specific observation. Nearly every fic is Dasey (Derek/Casey). Enough about me. What about you? And remember, it doesn't have to be just adult material. I mean all fics in general, as long as it could count as a TV show if the category were here on AFF.
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    Godawful Fanfiction (GAFF)

    The new Godawful Fanfiction forums are finally up and running. GAFF is where people go to spork badfics. Please remember to bring brain bleach with you when visiting - just in case. Speaking of GAFF, has anyone come up with any ideas for perfecting Uber-Vole yet? I want to add it to my profile or use it as an avatar. So far, we have this (courtesy of dazzledfirestar):
  4. EveKnight75

    Wading through the crap

    Let's face it. A lot of online fiction stinks. We've all adopted different methods for trying to both find the good fics and avoid the bad ones. There are the classic methods that everyone uses. Read the title and summary. If the title is OK, the summary is promising, and the language is legible, you click on the link. Then there's the networking method, where you deal with other people more than the stories themselves. If you've read a certain fic by a certain author and you liked it, you check the author's profile and read his/her other fics. If the person can write one good story, s/he can write several. If someone whose taste you trust recommends a fic, you read it. If someone leaves you an articulate review, you read that person's stories just to see what they're like. If someone gives you a well-written review, then chances are that s/he has a good writing style and shares some of your reading tastes, right? I also take the extra step of reading review boards. It's actually tricky. The majority of reviews out there are "i liek it plz update". That really tells you nothing. Every other type of review does. If there's a lot of negative reviews, then you know that the story must be extremely bad. Most people don't bother to review. If several people took the extra step to say something bad, it means that they truly hated it. If at least 3% of the reviews are articulate and say something beyond "you need a beta", it means that the story was written by someone who's literate. It's not a guarantee that you'll like the content (a summary can easily take care of that). It is a guarantee that you won't get a headache trying to decipher what was written, and that's a fair start. If at least 3% of the reviews are concrit, you may have hit a jackpot. If there's a fair number of readers leaving concrit, then the author's willing to take it. It means that the author has a good attitude and an evolving writing style. Consider yourself even luckier if the majority of that concrit is positive. So what are your methods for spotting the good fics and avoiding the bad? Have you ever noticed any special patterns prevalent in certain types of fics that have helped you prejudge fics? Do you have any special tips for us? ETA: I moved this to Reviews because this is more about reading and judging stories, i.e. "reviewing" them than it is about writing stories. It took me a while to make that decision. If you think this fits better in the main Writers' Corner forum, let me know.
  5. EveKnight75

    How do you review?

    In the Megan Consoer thread, Yhitzak brought up a good question that I think would make for a a good topic here. How do you review a fic? Everyone goes around reviewing fics in a different manner. Do you review every fic or just the ones that leave an impression? Do you review only to give advice? Do you tend to be brief or lengthy with your reviews? What kind of tone do you usually have? What do your reviews usually revolve around? The list of questions could go on forever. What is your personal reviewing style? Don't be afraid to be honest. We have a pretty good idea of what type of review you like to receive (plenty of threads about that), but we haven't really touched upon this side of things. --------------- I don't review very often. In turn, I don't complain about receiving a small number of reviews. I don't want to leave one-liners or irrelevant reviews because it's just not me. When I review, I want it to be well-rounded. That shouldn't come as a surprise to you. I don't post comments on threads too often, but when I do post it's lengthy and detailed but relevant. My reviewing style is the same. I try to say something about every fic I read but that's just not possible for me and there are times I feel slightly guilty about it. Then again, I remember the golden rule. I myself prefer concrit, so that's what I give out. Don't get me wrong - I do try to appreciate the one-liners, but you reach a certain point where "OMG I luv it PLS update!" just grates on your nerves. There are times when I consider re-thinking my reviewing style but then I receive a PM from someone. On FF, whenever I leave a review on a fic, I almost always end up getting a PM starting off with a huge THANK YOU! These people find it refreshing to read a lengthy, well-rounded review which touches on several different aspects of their fic. They like the fact that there's someone out there who puts that much care into a review and gives them more insight into their own fics and writing style. It's a nice change of pace from the one-liner. I love receiving those PMs. I also like the PMs where members personally ask me to review their fics after reading a review of mine on another person's fic in the same fandom. It's a great pick-me-up. It helps me realize that there's honestly nothing wrong with my reviewing style. I may leave few reviews, but I make every review truly count and it shows.
  6. EveKnight75

    HP Fangirls and Fanboys

    I've just come over from the In-a-Box thread and this seems like a good question. Which character brings out the fanboy or fangirl in you? It can be either the book version or the movie version (including the actor). Which character makes you drool or squee? Which character brings out the romantic in you or makes you horny? And to stick with the topic description, which character do you find attractive because s/he appeals to your mind? Obviously, we have an entire cult devoted to Rickman and Snape here. Snape is one of my favorite characters in the series because he's one of the few who's 3-dimensional. Rickman managed to do an amazing job portraying Snape. It's hard to properly communicate all of Snape's complexities, but Rickman does so beautifully, even if he's slightly too attractive for the part. At first, I drooled over Tom Felton for a bit. He was such a cute kid and anyone who sees the appeal in playing the bad guy but is nice in real life can catch my interest. I also like the way Draco is developing in the later books. He's becoming more complex and believable. I'm not attracted to Jason Isaacs physically, but I like his eyes, his personality, and his talent. He loves to play the bad guy, but he also enjoys working with kids and teens and seems like a genuinely nice guy. He's proved this both in HP and Peter Pan. Can't say I see the appeal in Lucius Malfoy. He's a bit too typical as far as bad guys go. I like Remus Lupin. Werewolves aren't one of my favorite mythical creatures, but the quiet strength of Remus' character resonates with me. He manages to expose discrimination in a new light, and he's patient, understanding, and sweet despite the shit he's had to deal with his entire life. The movie version of him also manages to bring out this fun side of him in the classes that I don't really identify with in the books. I don't drool or squee over him, but he never fails to bring out the romantic in me. Because I'm one of the young-uns here, I'll stray towards the younger cast. Daniel Radcliffe never did it for me, but that may change with Equus. I've never really liked Harry's character that much because he's a bit too Stu-ish for my tastes. I drooled over Rupert Grint in the second movie. He really filled out nicely, his eyes are the loveliest shade of blue, and that deep bass did me in. I like his sense of loyalty and humor. Ron Weasley can be infuriating at times, but I can easily see why someone like Hermione would be attracted to him. I've always liked Voldemort's character. But then again, I like bad guys. He's just as clichéd as Harry, but he's intelligent and worked hard to earn every bit of his power and he has good reason to hate the world. Teen Voldemort in the movie only made it worse in both a good and bad way. (Good in that he's hot enough to cement my attraction, bad in that he spawns too much badfic due to his looks). Neville Longbottom has been one of my favorite characters from the start and will likely remain so. He starts out as this bumbly, awkward, chubby kid. Slowly, his appealing qualities start to show. He's proven that he knows the true meaning of friendship. He keeps growing braver and more skilled, but it takes a lot of practice and self-examination. He does have a haunted past, same as Harry, but he doesn't let it define or control him or call attention to it, which makes all the difference for me. His life sucks but he manages to come out on top and remain sweet, loyal, and honest while maintaining this quiet strength which people don't see easily because he doesn't see it in himself. It would have been so easy to turn him into a major tragic figure, but it doesn't happen. He avoids Stu-dom somehow, not an easy feat. He's got a tragic past and he sees evil everyday. Yet he's still innocent without having this annoying naïveté or hero-complex or combination of both that is so irritatingly present in Harry Potter and Superman. Later, he manages to avoid falling into a pathetic wannabe side-kick or overbearing fan role. Then we have Matthew Lewis, the guy who plays Neville. He starts off looking the part, with the chubbiness and the dopey expression. Then the fourth movie came along. He loses a lot of weight, he's tall, and he has broad shoulders. He's got muscles, but they're not overly defined, so he still doesn't look like a warrior. He also loses the dopey expression but retains an innocent expression. So basically, he appeals to the romantic side of me and he turns me on. He also has a much smaller fanbrat following, so it's easier to avoid badfics (the first steady flow of badfic came after GoF, because I'm not the only one who noticed how good he looked) Judging from the amount I've written about Neville, I can safely conclude that he's my favorite male character in HP, and having him become a strong warrior or kill Bellatrix isn't going to change that for me because I feel that he'll always retain the intrinsic good, the quiet strength, and the ability to not draw the limelight for too long, no matter what. Besides, there'll be actual explainable character development drawn over a sufficient time frame present either way. In another post, I'll go over some of my favorite female characters.
  7. EveKnight75

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    I don't think I have a trigger word in that respect. I do get irked if a certain word is overused. When I read a sex-fic, I don't want to read the word "cock" 15 times in one paragraph. I don't care if you're referring to rooster sex. Vocabulary moderation is important. I think my trigger word in fanfiction is "defiantly". There are way too many instances of "defiantly" being used in place of "definitely" and I can neither understand nor tolerate this.
  8. (Yahoo! News) Dancing jailbirds in Philippines become YouTube hit (ABC News) Boogie Behind Bars: Inmates Dance the Days Away (BBC News) Philippine jailhouse rocks to Thriller The videos are quite entertaining. What really caught my interest is how the videos came to be. The dancing routine wasn't created as a form of punishment (though the prisoners initially viewed it as such). It was implemented as a compulsory exercise regimen during their incarceration. It's also supposed to teach them discipline and boost their self-morale. What I'm wondering is how they managed to hire a professional choreographer. Still, it's a rather novel concept and I like the idea behind it. If it actually works in reducing repeat crime, all the better.
  9. EveKnight75

    Will Gladly Beta!

    Several resume formats have already been outlined and pinned. Read them. Then edit your post and answer the questions about your experience as a beta and your specific fandoms.
  10. EveKnight75

    Adding New Tags?

    Or.... - Log in to your control panel. - Select the archive from the drop-down menu on the left and click GO. - Click Edit Story on the left menu. - Select your story on the first menu and Edit Details on the second menu. - Type your tags into the Summary field. When you add tags when first submitting a story, they're automatically added to the summary. When editing a story, they're still there in the Summary field. So it's just a matter of typing them into the existing summary.
  11. 72-hour insomnia jags and 3-4 hours of sleep every 24-hour period are normal for me. I make it up by getting 16 hours of sleep per day on a random weekend (but not on both weekend days). This is what I get for being a night owl with a busy day schedule. I never did have the ability to take a nap unless I'm really ill. It frustrated my mother to no end when I was five years old. It still frustrates her at times.
  12. EveKnight75

    A Rather Personal Question....

    Perfect area for the question. I think it's actually been asked here before. Or was it the question about male arousal? I'll check and get back to you. I guess I'll try to give the general description right now, at least about how it feels for me. I feel this warm lazy flush in my brain, and it travels down the back of my neck and down my spine until it hits my lumbar. It doesn't feel like a fever or a sauna or muscle pain. It's like that warmth you get when you're outside in a temperature slightly warmer than you're used to - pleasant but not sweaty or hazy. There's also this light wamth and tingling in my lower abdomen and it travels down. Sometimes there's a mild clenching in the abdomen. It always turns into a mild clenching in my vagina. But it feels nice when combined with the feeling in my spine. I've heard that a lot of women start breathing faster, but not me. I start taking long, deep, even breaths through my nose, and sometimes I just close my eyes lightly. Not because I'm telling myself to - it just happens. It looks like I'm meditating. I guess it's because the first stages of arousal calm me instead of exciting me. Not that I'm complaining - it makes the stress go away and it's easier to hide in public. This goes on for about 5 minutes. Then my heartbeat starts to even out, but the moment that happens, things start to change again. My adrenaline starts to rush and there's this weird pressure in my temples. That pressure turns into a stiffness at the back of my neck. This causes me to start breathing out through my mouth, which still looks like meditation. The warmth in my abdomen increases, and the tingling starts to travel down, making me clench more. That's when the wetness starts. And when the wetness starts, my abdomen gets warmer, and my neck relaxes a bit even though my temples still hurt. And it feels like the pressure in my temples is slowly being released down my spine and travelling straight down, making the warmth and clenching more intense, and releasing more wetness. Eventually my spine starts feeling a little too warm. When my spine finally starts to feel unpleasantly hot, my orgasm hits. I could swear that my heart stopped beating, and I actually end up holding my breath for a moment. When the orgasm finally dies down, my head feels totally relaxed, my abdomen is relaxed, and my spine feels slightly cool (pleasantly so). Unfortunately, my heart's beating a little too fast and my breathing is slightly loud (but still normal). For some strange reason, there's no flush on my skin. I turn orange during a fever, and my nose and cheeks turn red from extreme heat and cold, but I don't seem to blush during arousal or sex or an orgasm. I think an important part of the orgasm for me is my hyper-awareness. I've always had a sensitive nose and hearing. When I'm in arousal, both senses actually become sharper. That's why I can actually hear my own heartbeat. I kid you not. I once had a partner check my pulse during the whole event. I can also smell myself, and apparently others around me. There was this one awkward situation where a friend and I were screening an adult film for a later showing (within a group). We were sitting about 5 feet away from each other, but I could smell this strange bitterness coming from the other side of the room, and he could smell a strange sweetness. We both rushed to the back of the room for snacks at the same time, had full body contact (we were both standing near the wrong side of the table and ended up trying to lean past each other too far), and figured out what the smell was. Since we were all close friends, he and I discussed it first (after the movie discussion), then with the rest of the group. No one else noticed any strange scents or heard footsteps in the hall (and his hearing is actually slightly weak). I'd say with the exception of the lack of blushing and the even breathing, it's a fair match to what the general female orgasm feels like. If you want something on fingering or oral (received from both males and females) let me know.
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    Battle Mod Installed

    I have no idea what's going on but it may have something to do with this. I have no points on hand or in the bank despite the fact that I had purchased a bank account after the upgrade. I don't think I've been attacked because I have no PMs stating that. I've opted out just to be on the safe side. If it does have something to do with this, can someone let me know? The points on hand weren't a major issue, but I had more than 100 million points in the bank and I consider that a major loss.
  14. EveKnight75

    PM system?

    Someone came to the Reviews forum before, asking about how the PM system could be used to respond to reviewers. Apparently, s/he was confused and thought there was a PM system on the main archives. Actually, having a PM system on the main site might not be such a bad idea. Members want to reply to each others' reviews, but aside from replying on your own review page and hoping that the reviewer sees it, there really is no way to contact another member to respond to a review because there's no way to view the e-mail address. It's just a suggestion, and I don't consider it much of a priority. Still, it could be useful provided there's an ignore/block function. It would help prevent the clogging of review boards and it would be useful if a member wanted to send a private review or review response.
  15. EveKnight75

    Why Don't Women Seem To Realize...

    I speak on behalf of the young when I say this. I'm 20, I've dated younger people, and will continue to date younger people. Right now, I hold the window at 5 years, but that can change in the future. Being a teenager doesn't exactly mean that you'll lack common sense on the level that she has exhibited. I've met and am friends with plenty of smart and sensible teenagers. I'm not going to touch the haircut argument. I'd definitely give her the "first kiss" argument. If she didn't initiate the kiss, then it's sorta OK. If it's her best friend and it was a one-time incident, I'd let it go. The only thing I'd be worried about is her state of sobriety. If she was under-age at the time, then I'd be concerned if either she or her friend were drunk or high at the party. It may be a little "parental", but it comes with the love. You say she's still in high school. I'm not going to automatically assume that she's under 18. Either way, I think being "older and wiser" may put you at a quandary at times. When you worry about your SO, you try to work things out with him/her. In plenty of relationships, you may end up in a position where you have to work things out for her at certain points. Especially if she's lost, confused, naïve, or just plain needs help. It's not a matter of control - it happens in every healthy relationship. But because of your age, you may come off as stodgy and lecturing whenever you try to do this. Being labelled a pervert doesn't help matters any. In this case, you might want to go through the basics of artist/model protocol with her. Just for future reference. Do it in the evening after an afternoon stroll through an art museum. Give it a week or two then discuss and set firm boundaries on your relationship. She should have the ability to stick to those boundaries, including holding her own against others. It's part of what a serious relationship entails, no matter what your age. I've tried my best to help. I can only wish you the best of luck, and ask you to consider a break in the future, if only to allow her time to grow without you as a boyfriend (friends is still OK). She just may need it.
  16. EveKnight75

    Why Don't Women Seem To Realize...

    There's something very wrong with the "shirt off" scenario, but I don't need to re-hash it too much because everyone else has already done it (the re-hashing, not the "too much") From what you're telling me, there are several things that I'm going to assume. None are truly meant to offend. First of all, I don't think it's about a lack of common sense. You've known her for three years before you dated her. If she lacked common sense, you'd know it. Perhaps part of the problem is that you may come off as lacking assertiveness. It's great that you want to do everything in her power to make her happy. Do you have any idea what I'd do for a partner like that? Being supportive doesn't necessarily mean letting your partner walk all over you. That's what she seems to be doing. If she truly had an interest in art, she'd know more about the artistic type at this point. Barring that, she should know enough to ask for the artist's credentials before making any decisions. That's part of common sense. I understand female liberation. I agree that a woman should have the right to make this type of choice without her partner's express permission. Saying that, I don't believe that anyone, man or woman, should exercise that right to the fullest immediately. If she thought that you'd be OK with it, "being the artistic type and all", she would've left, discussed it with you, then go back with her own final decision. The fact that she didn't is a red flag. It's an act of total emotional disregard. May I add something a bit more personal? I'm bisexual - I've dated women before, and I've met her type. They're always the same. It's not exactly about you being a guy. They do whatever they feel like, inform you as an afterthought, then complain that you're the one being insensitive. The clincher: "If you really love me, you'll support me." It's a classic sign of domestic control. When a woman controls her partner, she doesn't resort to the physical - she resorts to her wiles and twists the concept of feminism to use as a shield, marring the reputation of strong women everywhere in the process. For example, I wouldn't push anyone to out themselves to their parents. But if I'm your partner, you have to let me in on the little fact before I meet them. If you have a fake boyfriend, it'd be nice to meet him, but that's totally your call. I trust you. If you choose to go beyond kissing or boyfriend status with said guy, you definitely need to make sure I'm fine with it before you do it. I refuse to date an engaged woman. The same concept applies to any third partner on any side of the relationship no matter who I'm dating, be it man or woman. It's all about agreed-upon degrees of acceptance. If she made it clear that she models for artists and told you that she may be called upon to go into various states of undress for the sake of it, and all this before she started this particular assignment, she wouldn't be at fault. Because she hadn't, and because this isn't typically acceptable behavior in a healthy relationship, she is at fault. And I don't like to assign fault. If you want to fix this, don't stand for it. The question I've asked is one that should bother both of you. "If you truly believed that I'd be OK with it, why didn't you let me know before you did it? Or didn't you have your phone with you?" There's something to be said for trust, but there's something to be said for initial instincts as well, especially the ones that persist. My advice: take a break from your relationship and try to evaluate things without letting your feelings get in the way. Constant discussion may fix this one issue (very likely to her primary satisfaction rather than yours), but I don't think it'll prevent similar episodes in the future. I know you said she's your friend, but "friend" and "(boy/girl)friend" are two different roles and it's not unusual for the same person to act very differently in each role.
  17. EveKnight75

    Foreign Accents

    I like all accents. However, I don't like heavy accents because they're hard to understand. I think the light touch is pleasing to the ear. For example, if someone rolls their "r"s just a tad strongly when speaking English but are otherwise clear, it can be quite nice. Mild Italian and Hindi accents, amongst others, are pleasing because of the musical lilt. I'm American, but there have been a few times where people go "really?". Ever since I was a little kid, my enunciation has always been clear and precise. Fortunately the flow isn't clipped or stilted. For this reason, some people think I'm actually British. Frankly, I don't get that. The British dialect isn't always that clear (not in the mood to quote, but check with Knorg). I've also gotten "French-Canadian without the slur". OK, I admit that French-Canadians tend to slur their speech a bit (and they're quite sober, mercibcp). Hell, they do it in their native French often enough, so why not in English? (I don't mean that as an insult - I say it because I interact with them often enough to state it as an observation). Odder still, I don't get any Kelsey Grammer comments. Apparently, I don't sound pompous enough to warrant it. I swear I don't understand people at times. The other half of the time, it's "Americans are pompous but the accent lacks culture". Which is it?
  18. EveKnight75

    What Do You Do With A Person Who Rps . . .

    How about looking up guides on performing improv in theater or some basic round-robin exercises? Both are closely related to role-playing. Improv allows more room for silliness, especially in comedy; but improv is basically about learning how to interact with fellow performers when creating a story without a script. You get a basic plot or situation and that's it. It's up to the performers to create the story without discussing a game plan in advance. Round robin is the same thing, but even newcomers have general experience in writing stories so guides on that wouldn't be too extensive on the basics. Once you have a basic idea of what to teach, you can ask her to do a short one-on-one RP involving original characters. You assign the situation and tell her that the characters you two create for yourselves are the only ones allowed in the game. No random third characters. You have to finish the game in 15 minutes (you can't get into too much trouble that way). It'll give you room to guide her character without taxing you.
  19. EveKnight75

    Suggestions For Rp Article.

    I find these rules daunting and the rule about Sues/Stus is a bit harsh (though true). Role-playing is often about creating a fantasy version of yourself. How does one do that without straying into MS territory? Role-playing is about interaction, but you tell us not to control other characters. "Controlling" a character can also mean dictating their actions when they interact with your character. How about being clearer on how one can include/interact with another character in their own lines without "controlling" said character? I'd add this: Role-playing is a game. It's about relaxing, having fun, and interacting with others. Try to be respectful to other characters. You don't have to like them (especially not an official enemy), but you do have to be respectful. Don't center the entire story around your own character. Write about your own character's actions and interactions, but keep your character on an even keel with everyone else. It strikes a balance. Consistency is important. Assign your character certain traits and stick with them. Don't change another character without permission. In role-play, it's important that all of the players are familiar with the basics of all of the characters, and doing a sudden turnabout for no plausible reason in the middle of a game ruins it by throwing everyone off. I have more experience role-playing as an improv theater exercise than I do in chat rooms, but I find these above rules to be very important - especially the one about consistency.
  20. EveKnight75

    Is Editing A Story Work To You?

    When editing my own stories, I fear that I may have OCD. I edit and check each draft three times. Always exactly three times. And yet it doesn't feel like work. I think the only time editing feels like work is when I'm editing someone else's story. It's one thing to fix spelling and grammar. There are times when a word is repeated too often or the syntax of a sentence is screwed up. Re-wording feels like an actual struggle because I don't want to take away the author's voice/tone/flavor. Otherwise, no, it doesn't feel like work.
  21. EveKnight75

    Subcategory Page

    Click on the category drop-down menu and select the category (even if there's only one category available). This will make the sub-category menu show up properly.
  22. EveKnight75

    Rules for this forum

    I'm going to add to this as I find more issues. - I'm locking the resume format thread and keeping this one open. If you have any questions about posting a resume, you can ask by either sending me a PM or posting to this thread. - When posting a resume, start a new topic for it. Remember to answer all of the questions. - If you wish to ask a beta to look over your work, contact the beta via PM. Do not add your request to the thread. This will result in an official warning. You may also post your request in Request a Beta as a new topic.
  23. EveKnight75


    I've got the same post-data pop-up. It doesn't do anything in terms of publishing. However, when using the text field, the chapter's content is completely erased when you hit the back button. When uploading a file, the address field is empty. Despite that, the content is all there when you use the forward button, but not when you click "Preview" again. So yeah, there's a problem in terms of editing before publishing.
  24. EveKnight75

    Keep the Mystery Forum or what?

    Let me get this straight... You told us not to reveal the translation. So I didn't reveal the translation. Then you revealed the translation, breaking your own promise. Is that right?
  25. EveKnight75

    LOTR beta needed

    Another technical issue with moving topics being worked on right now.