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  1. Boy, you do have it bad in the UK. (I noticed you mention pounds in your post so I'm assuming you are from the UK). I got my first non-military passport just two years ago (even though I'm 45, I just don't leave the country that much) but here in the US we don't have to have a photo certified, it just has to meet certain requirements for size and view. Here, you can walk into nearly any drugstore(pharmacy), photo shop or even other places and get "passport legal" photos for fairly cheap. Sorry that you had to go through all that. I know in the US they were backlogged for awhile, because unlike our friends overseas, we haven't needed passports in the US to go to Canada or Mexico or the Carribean forever. It only started up after the 9/11 attacks over here. Warmly, Kanashii
  2. ANd because people carry guns on them and commit felonies and could be possibly psycho or drug users who might rape or torture you for real...This impresses you how? This interests you? Be very careful friend... There are some sick dangerous people in the world and you don't want to be some poor statistic of someone who was raped, beated, drugged and then murdered. And yes, it does happen all teh time, even to guys...And no, it isn't "hot or sexy" like the made up stories here on AFF. It's fuckin' scary. Trust me. Warmly, Kanashii
  3. A few things here. I have no idea whether the story is true or not. Either way these people seem either like A) Drama Llama's (Husbands beats up security guards, now he is in a coma for 3 DAYS, but then is suddenly justy hunky dory?) WTF??? Or they engage in heavy duty drug use. Idiots. I used to work as a security guard many years ago for a 14 story building full of offices (Lawyers, doctors, shit like that). I did NOT carry a gun, and yes, it could have probably been very easy for someone to "overpower" me. But I also know, once I would have regained consciousness I would have been calling the POLICE, 911 and the sheriff, because you don't KNOW what the perps stole! Forget the broken vending machine (which would have been dusted) an ASSAULT on a security guard would have been called in by said guard to the police. Period. Their job descriptions requires them to do it. The guard would be more concerned about what was stolen and the fact he was assaulted. No guard would just ignore it. So, want to see if it's TRUE, simple, look up the police blotter in their town...They will have a record of the police being sent in to a call of the building where the assault took place. Also, DarkLord, realize that IF this story is true...You are now an accomplice. Because they told you and you are NOT reporting them, if shit ever goes down where they are prosecuted for a felony (and they would be). You can be arrested and/or called in. Either way, I would have nothing to DO with these morons. But then I am a mature person who has met my quota of bullshitters, TRULY "bad apples" and just jerks. I tend to avoid the 3 I mentioned and just trust people who EARN my trust and respect. The "Drama Llama" game ended for me when I was like 10 years old, ya know? JMHO... Warmly, Kanashii
  4. Thank you for the heads up on this Demongoddess: It is indeed unnerving to know that malicious people are always coming out with "better more virulent" malware and virus'. *sigh! It's better to know that we as forums and communities can alert one another and take care of our own folks. This sounds like a bad virus indeed. Thankfully I don't use "chat" programs to much. Warmly, Kanashii
  5. Yeah, I'm still lurking around. Warmly, Kanashii B)
  6. Original: 17 Harry Potter: 4 Television: 4 Warmly, Kanashii
  7. Beta found, please remove request. Thanks! Warmly, Kanashii
  8. Thanks PC, it sure did help. Warmly, Kanashii
  9. I do exactly the same - read other's stuff. But then I sometimes get frustrated seeing how well some people write. It weakens my motivation. Well, I'm just sulking ;) We'll be okay :D

    And Lost - yeah, I guess it depends. I gave it to my father and he also found it not interesting. But instead he prefers "Prison break" :D

  10. What the others have said is very true...Much of it depends on what "fan base" you are writing to. And even within that, some times readers are fickle. Most of my stuff is Original, and those reviewers are die hard friends and fans who really like my stuff. My Harry Potter stuff is too dark and gritty for most, and I don't write slash or really that much with "main characters". Personally I would rather have 5-20 really honest and heartfelt reviews than 70 of "Ooooh write more pleeze!" Also, you will notice that people who just post one-shot or straight porno stuff often get more "hits and reviews" most people don't want to sit and read a true novel, or something that isn't just straight sex and porn. You will notice though once you start getting reviewers, they will generally be pretty consistant and read your other stuff as well. When I first joined I used to worry about reviews and what not, now, not so much. As I said, just one really well written and heartfelt one can make me feel great. Also when checking your hit counter, realize that maybe only one out of 60-100 readers bother to review or even rate. Laziness on thier part I reckon. Warmly, Kanashii
  11. Alright then...You and I Canterro...We can be Murder Incorporated 2. Actually, I'll let you have the honors of "enforcement" and doing the hits. I'll be the quiet Don-Padrona behind the scenes. Warmly, Kanashii
  12. A masters at 24 and on your way to another. Outstanding and congrats on your hard work.

    I tried to get into "Lost" when it first came out, I really did... Just didn't click for me. :(

  13. No, not double majors. I got a BA first and then an MA right after. Both of them are in Communication. My friend was working toward a veternary degree, but he just recently put htat on hold. Good luck finishing yours up.

  14. Ok...I really do like you Dark, and this is going to be my strongest post I have ever written here, and since I am nearly old enough to be your grandmother (Or at least your mother) I speak from experience... Do you have even one shred of respect for yourself??? Seriously man. Or do you just like the drama and angst as well? Do you like her treating you like crap? Or is this something you thrive on? She runs over you emotionally and you let her, making excuse after excuse. Do you really even WANT someone who could be a perfect match to you, and would respect you for who you are and would treat you golden the same way you treated them? This girl ain't it man...No amount of cajoling, begging, wishing or pleading is ever going to get her to CHANGE until she is at least in her mid to late 20's. What about her so has you "in love" with her? It isn't sex...As far as liking the same music or talking, my God man...ANYONE can do that. There are tons of people who like the same music as you, who will listen to you, be a REAL friend and respect you. But you will never find that unless you respect yourself. And right now, you aren't. Yes, I remember what it was to be 16, 17, 18 and to be so in love, that the whole world revolved around that person. I know the pain of breaking up with that person and thinking "no one could ever be as good as them, and I will never find another..." guess what. I did. I finally ended up with my true soulmate and we have been married for over 24 years. When I look back on how I "thought" back at age 17, 18, 19, I was a fool. Don't be a fool, Dark Lord.... Move on, go to college, move away from your town, find OTHERS, and there are other women who will make this chica pale by comparison. Someone who you will one day smack yourself over your head repeatedly and say "How stupid could I have been to be hung up over someone who could care less about me, or play me like a violin to jump at her every whim." She's a user, immature, and an idiot plain and simple. Let, her, go. Seriously....For your own sanity. You won't change her, she is not as into you as you are into her, and there is better out there. Of course, unless you just like all this drama and "I'm so sad and poor, my true love doesn't like me back." Off my soapbox now, and honest. I am not meaning to pick on you. I just read post after post from you that sounds exactly verbatim the same. (about you and her). Isn't it time to find something else to enjoy besides this back and forth drama between you and her? The "Mom" lecture is over now. Peace to you, and happiness. I really honestly hope you DO find it, because it is out there for you, but only if you respect yourself and open yourself to it. Warmly, Kanashii
  15. it sounds lame (the writing) and lacks life. During these times I will read others stuff, or just take a sabbatical and get ideas from real life and what not for when I am ready to write again. Hang in there! Hopefully work will ease up soon.