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I’ll try to describe a quick scene for informational purposes.


“WE LOVE YOU MERESKA!!” Her fans screamed in adoration as the swarm of Holodrones swarmed around her as her hover-board maneuvered crazy eights and other flight patterns. The Stadium was packed to bursting.

She posed as her rotating nipple tassels displayed the list of her sponsors.

Ad Revenue malarkey she never bothered to pay attention to.  It wasn’t enough that her patented drone subroutines had become common place. It wasn’t enough that she was beautiful naturally without the aid of being pumped full of nanites and a dedicated team of beauticians and it wasn’t even enough that she could perform sing and dance while on a hoverboard.

These people didn’t want a person… They wanted a perfect goddess no matter the cost.

She would have preferred being treated like a picture perfect porcelain doll. She had done her best to avoid Hesperia Seven which lay on the outermost western spiral galactic arm. Away from the safety of the core worlds. At least the core worlds respected copyright. She lamented.

She waved and blew kisses as she touched her omnitool bracelet to commence her wardrobe change routines. She was never doing another favor for the Corpo Kings who commanded the super-corporations here on the outer edges. She reminded herself to smile for the holodrones. It wasn’t that they fricking cheated. Casinos cheated as part of their everyday practice. It was the fact that despite knowing it from the onset… She had fallen for it.

One holovid of a…. ‘Personal’ android doing some rather indecent things while having her likeness spread like wildfire over the holonet. And the culprit was here on this backwater fringe world.

Mereska scanned the leisure suites for the fat cow that was behind it all. She had never killed before, but she figured all it took was some serious determination and perhaps a liberal application of expertly calculated blunt force trauma.

There she was  Tortoise CEO and future murder victim manhandling her doppelganger with her fingers in places that would have any HR firm priming for immediate dismissal… Had they been human. 

She kissed her lips and as the holodrones swarmed the position her kiss projectile would be to spell out

I LOVE YOU! Wreathed in a prismatic heart large enough that even the highest seat could see it.

She had been born too late. She decided, Too late to explore lost and sacred

Terra Prime. Too late to explore this section of the galaxy.

The preshow was about to end. The music began to build as her first song came up. There in the moment of silence before her first words there was a deafening screech as some large shadow drifted over her.

“What the f-” She began and her eyes widened as she looked up.  Something large was coming straight for her. She touched her bracelet and her fingers clacked over the interface as she switched the hoverboard to manual and shifted her weight so the hoverboard glided to the side.

The dark object sped past her and the wind buffeted her out of the central stadium. The hoverboard spiraled as she hunkered down and clutched the board. Forever grateful to whomever invented the boots that were bound magnetically to the board. Without out them she’d have been flung off the darned thing ages ago.She managed to stabilize the hoverboard and it came to a stop.

She sighed as she fought the nausea that threaten to vacated her lunch. She refused to throw up here on this planet. Outright refused.

Some fans had gone so far as to plifer her bathwater from the hotels she had stayed at. They even stole her mattress out from under her while she slept! She shuddered, People were crazy. A few women and one man actually used nanites to remodel themselves after her. She absolutely refused to contemplate what her fans would do if they got a hold of her sick.

She swallowed and kept the burning bile down. She ignored her burning throat and focused on the noise.

There was a persistent droning and other noises. Noises that she realized was screaming. The persistent droning was infact the stadium alarm.

The black figure that had nearly crashed into her.

Wasn’t alone.

As more dropped into the stands like meteors.

It was currently biting stadium security forces in half like unwanted corn dogs

She brushed her omnitool and set the holodrones to live-stream. As the holodrones regrouped around her catching her every move in a perfect spotlight.

Predatory eyestalks darted to look at her location. That wasn’t a good sign.

She grabbed her hoverboard and wordlessly pulled up. Her hoverboard promptly sped towards the rafters.

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