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The Woman in the Statue

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I posted the first chapter back on Monday, but better late than never!

Author: InBrightestDay

Title: The Woman in the Statue

Summary: Kevin's never liked that creepy statue in the park. It's sad, it's disturbing and, as he finds out one day, it's not a statue at all. The woman he finds inside is enigmatic, beautiful...and hurt in ways far beyond the physical. Taking her home, Kevin attempts to help her recover, but she's not the only thing to return from the past. 75 years earlier, Los Angeles was visited by an evil born of Hell itself, and it's coming back.

Feedback: Reviews and constructive criticism very much appreciated!  The silence is more nerve-wracking than I thought it would be.

Fandom: Original>Paranormal/Supernatural

Warnings: Angst Contro H/C Humil MCD MF MiCD OC Oral Rape Tent Tort Violence

Solo or chaptered story: Chaptered


Review Reply thread:

Thanks for reading!

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Well, it took an extra week due to rewrites, but Part Seven is finally up!

At close to 13,000 words, this is the longest chapter in the story so far (though be warned: Part Nine is very likely to surpass it).

Also, this may be where the story completely falls apart for you.  Sorry if that happens.

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