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Um. Oops.

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So, when I first uploaded “The Taking of Felicia Hardy” there was only a comics domain, DC and Marvel went in together (can be seen on wayback machine!), and the only comics fandom with a seperate section were X-Men. During the big clean up/re-organisation years ago marvel stories under the old comics domain got placed in a subcat called misplaced stories presumably to eventually go to the repurposed Xmen-now-marvel domain but for obvious reasons very far down the list of priorities with limited admin/tech time.

I’m currently going through my stories in dribs and drabs cleaning up the code isses from the big “story codes moved from summary to their own box” thing, updating MC to MCD, removing Herm from Hermione stories where she doesn’t have a penis (a shocking break from canon, I admit) and didn’t notice until I’d saved “The Taking of Felicia Hardy” that as users are not allowed to put anything in the misplaced folders the story manager had moved this story from misplaced to “little Orphan Annie” which is the top of the list of story catagories in the domain. There is no option to move back. I confirm I hadn’t changed the catagory at all, just deleted remains of tags from the summary box.

I’ve dumped it in comics Misc instead since I don’t want to enrage the Annie fans who tend to be a small but heavily armed fandom. At this stage would it be best if I just deleted it with the sad loss of 36K hits and 12 reviews, and re-load it to Marvel domain and risk pissing off fans there with a repost, or if there is any option for one of the archive mods to shunt it back into misplaced for me since I have no access?

If it’s something only one of the admins can do I’ll take the hit and delete/re-upload, as I know how busy they are, but let me know please!

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