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Okay, I'm supposed to be doing a writing sprint so this will be brief!

I would be willing to donate cover art and my crazy mediocre layout skills to put together an ebook or even a print book, of Tales from the Shout Box, or whatever our last forum writing thingie was (or we could do a new one). That we could give to people who donate as incentive :). Like PBS does, you donate a crazy amount you get ebook, you donate a crazier amount, you get a print copy, you donate an amount that shows you have entirely too much disposable income you get a signed copy of the print book and a cat plushie or something. Anyway it was a crazy idea I had :) Granted this would require everyone's consent to use their work etc, but other than that I think it would be a neat way to thank you people who donate like 30 dollars and up or something like that.

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