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Guest KozuKaz

Has anyone else read this fic?

It's either a multi-chaptered story or contains multiple stories in the series.

There's an established Ichigo/Ishida pairing and they help Kon find a body that he can have for himself. I remember a scene in the hospital where Ichigo goes in spirit form with Kon to look at the body that Kon is going to have, and the kid brother of the coma patient can see them, and Kon tells him that he will be his new brother in his body.

There's a bunch of threesome pairings between the three- Kon in Ichigo's body with Ichigo in spirit form watching; Ichigo and Ishida with Kon in his new body. etc.

I really had a desire to reread this story, but I can't find where I saved the link to it. I know it was on AFF, and I might recognize the screen name if I saw it, but I can't find it in the Bleach pairing Ichigo/Ishida and am having trouble going through every page in the Yaoi tab.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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