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Well... there have been reviews that made me all "YAY!"-squee, but this one:

"I must say, that of all Draco/Lucius fanfiction I have read, no maybe of all Harry Potter Fanfics I've read, this is the undefeated champion. I mean, it took my breath away! The dark sophisticated and yet oh so dirty way of writing you use, it hits ALL of my happy buttons. It has become a source of inspiration for me. I can only wish that one day I will reach your level of writing. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring piece of work, I will hold my thumbs for more ^^"

made me *lost for words* -> *hyperventilates* -> *insane screams about how I am going to fukken climax on the spot* ...especially as it was "Fallen Angels, Fallen in Love", my second fic and my first attempt at the sheer divinity that is Malfoycest. (Yep, Lucius/Draco is my OTP)

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While I don't want to search for any examples as I'm not even sure which stories have them on which sites, it's always a great ego boost for me when a writer I'm a fan of gives me a good review. For someone whose work I love and feel is vastly superior to mine to say that my writing is good will get me in the mood to write like nothing else will. Among them was one from WotanAnubis on a Fire Emblem yuri I did (WotanAnubis being the king of FE yuri). Things like that just make my day.

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For the most part, all the reviews i get are very positive and make me grin a bit. But this one for Supreme Conquest, it came from IFF, made my month...

Reviewer: menkoi

Date: 19 Jul 2009 9:43:57 AM Title: Chapter 41

Hi Danyealle. Let me start of by saying I am the reader authors will never know about. This is because I never register with in order to post reviews. I always think 'ahh, if the story's good, they'll know; other people are reading it, other people are reviewing; so there's really no need for me to drop my two little pennies.' But after reading this last chapter, or rather the last two chapters; my perspective is changing. I've been an avid reader of your stories since you started Kryptonite. And when it was over, I was so sad; so I started reading your other stories. Now I haven't read all of them, but don't worry we'll get there. I know I'm rambling but bear with me. When I finished reading chapter forty, I was shocked. Like staring at the screen mouth hanging open, shocked. I couldn't beleive. And I was so anticipating this new chapter because I was still shocked and I was worried about were this would leave Fluff-a-lump-a-kins, or better known as Shesshoumaru (there's a story to behind that but anyway). Great big kudos for that cliffy by the way, just don't do it again :(. Now what can I say about chapter forty-one.... I am a die hard Sess/Kag fan and have been for a few years now. But of all the stories I've read (especially the ones set in Sengoku Jidai), I think you develop their relationship the best and it is believable. I'm all for artistic license, but sometimes I feel it kinda looses the aspects of the characters that made us fall in love with them in the first place. And that's the biggest reason why I love reading your stories; it feels.....real when I read them, for lack of better words. And now that we've circled the block a few times; I love the way you had Sesshoumaru bring it back together. I'm a very happy girl right now!!! Thank you and keep up AWESOME work. (Word for the Day: awesome!) --menkoi

i needed something to reduce the swelling in the head after that one O_o

However, there are two others that though they didn't make my head swell, even today they crack me up

This was was for The Ultimate Revenge, from Dokuga...

Rowdys Girl (Chapter 1) - Thu 10 Sep 2009

I'm in a quandary *snort*, I like InuYasha *hehehe*, in the manga, but, then again*chortle*, his mouth... However, Lady Battousai, MontiK *giggle*, Miss Kagura, and Smittee *hoots* all ganging up on him *guffaw* is pretty darned harsh! *snicker* Addiing Speedy Tomato to the mix *cackle* qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment! *snort* But putting him into the hands of Sugar0o *falls down, hysterical*, as r0o, is verging on inhuman cruelty! I will be contacting the Society for Prevention *snort* of Perverse Cruelty to Anime Characters *howls and snorts*, just as soon as I stop laughing and the slideshow in my brain of what his various fates will be stops running. *chortle*

And this one from for Sesshomaru vs the Care Bears...


2009-09-01 . chapter 1

You're going to hell wearing gasoline panties! I hurt my chest laughing at that monstrosity!!

The mental image of his face alone is making tears roll down my face.

Both of those still put a grin on my face when i see them

I love all my reviews and it was hard to just pick these but they stand out for me. Sometimes those reviews sure help when your struggling with something in a story

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I've been reading on this site for years. It was only last month that I got up the nerve to post one of the many stories I have started writing since I discovered fanfiction. So I registered and picked a random story to start posting. I was terrified of being badly received. :/

There's that many Harry Potter stories out there that I was utterly shocked by my first few reviews. Especially since one of them is an author I am regularly reading. I actually sat there crying after reading the first few reviews. I was so stupidly happy.

HeavensAngel28 wrote this: (My first ever review)

Well, for your first fic, I think you are doing great. There are only a few things that would seem a little off to me, but that's ok. Your the writer, I'm the reader. So please continue this, and update soon. Thank you for writing it. And I like the Quarantine idea. Haven't read one of these.

I love her/his work and was so happy that someone liked mine.

My second review by Izzie Mae:

I'm really excited to see where this story could go! You definitely have talent, so you can stop doubting yourself, that's for sure. I loved the wordiness, I loved the long chapter. I loved it all. I don't know if you plan to make it into a longer story or if it'll be a shorter one, but I certainly hope that you have a lot of chapters for us in the future because I really enjoyed it and I think there is a lot of potential for a serious, growing plot (especially with the situation you've put Hermione and Ron in). Overall, I found it to be a very interesting idea and take on the "what-ifs" of the original series, so it didn't seem that OOC when you view it with the understanding that the characters have had time to mature (except for Ron, haha) so that wasn't a problem by any means or anything like that. I enjoyed your style and word choice and I love the character traits you build with the nick names. I just about died the firs time I read "Granger love" it was just so sweet without being too much. But now that I've rambled on and on- I apologize- I'll just go with the hope of seeing future chapters (I understand of course if it takes a while since your chapters are so long, which is a delight, not a promblem!) but I'd love to see this story continue.

Thank you for the wonderfully pleasant read,


Yup that sent me sobbing, almost all over my keyboard. After the crying I was like SQUEE someone likes me. WOW!

I always try to give a somewhat positive review. If something is well written but just not to my taste, I'll let the author know that but still praise their writing ability.

okay rambling rant over ;)

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I've been working on a story now for two months, and I've got one dedicated reader that makes me "Squee" again and again. I have another dedicated reader who doesn't review as often but her reviews are no less squee-worthy.

This story is a reworking of another story, and this reader had read the original, and expressed an interest in reading the whole story.

Here is the story: Polinues Marines, the would be mage

It's much more detailed than the original, and started when the main character was just a baby, so it's a growing up story, on top of everything else.

Most of the reviews are the standard, "the story is so great!" but very articulate and use proper grammar (usually) and I love getting each one, after posting almost every single chapter.

A couple of the reviews Kylee has written:

The betrayal chapter. Very well done. It still hurts to imagine that Pol's parents just turned away from him when he was in the fire. This was a hard night for Leyjen - getting attacked and almost losing Amraeen and crossing the line with Pol on the same night. This story is so well written. I wish I could hang a banner on it.

This one made me squee so bad, my hubby thought I'd finally lost it completely:

kylee 2010-02-28 id # 3000147307

Oh I hope Amraeen is in trouble again! This chapter was so deep. When Amraeen spoke of knowing that Leyjen was his soulmate because of his scent, I had to go back and read the whole story again to find Leyjen's reaction to meeting Pol. It was when he was hit by Pol's scent that he realized that Pol was definitely the one he was to protect. After talking with Amraeen I think Leyjen must have realized right then that Pol is the one who carries the perfect scent for him. I am curious to find out why Amraeen was forced to run away from his home town. This story is so well written. I really admire you for all the beautiful prose and the detailed plot. I think when the story is definitely publication worthy.

The thing is that I know I'm a pretty decent writer, because I've been told so for so long, but having someone out there in the "Big World" tell me is twenty times more fun than having hubby say it.

I only hope that I can continue to write this good.

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Most of the reviews I get that make me smile tell me what I did with the characters/chapter/scene that made them smile/grin/laugh.

My Bleach yaoi drabble collection, on FFnet, has reviews galore (something like 3-5 per chapter, average, I think) and is a squee-fest for readers and writer alike. Still, I think my biggest squee on reviews for the drabbles was for the 22nd. I laughed a lot, too. ;)

ownedbyacat 4/4/13 . chapter 22

Yes, I can definitely see where you're coming from!
(Note to self: write some Bya one-shots. Purely for practice, of course)

max.tmy 10/1/12 . chapter 22

Brilliant imagry ;) you portrayed the humour in their relationship perfectly.

Kefirafangirl 9/26/12 . chapter 22

I LOVED this!"Whips,chains,.." you know,..I usually don't like Byakuya, but frighteningly enough, he would make a great dom come to think of it,!

Feidreva dono 9/17/12 . chapter 22

Mwhahaha! And I've got a picture which could fit Renji's mental image (and ours) perfectly! I love pervert Bya-kun.
Thank you Cuzosu! It brightened my day!

honeyMellon 9/16/12 . chapter 22

Hahahaha! I just imagined Renji's expression and I couldn't stop laughing. Oh man, I'm looking forward to the full fic. :)

Love Psycho 9/17/12 . chapter 24

More drabbles! Yay! I loved them. -hands over platter- Magic cupcakes for you. Byakuya and Kisuke was funny, and I wonder what Rukia is thinking...there goes her image of her Nii-sama...

On a Gundam Wing story, I got these jewels:

Clara Barton 9/11/12 . chapter 1

As I've said before... I really enjoy this!
I love the world you've created, I like that we are introduced to the younger versions of these characters and I'm so excited to watch them grow into their awesome older selves.

Really unique and such a cool blend of the Musketeer idea with the Gundam world with a new world all your own.

VERY excited to see more!

snowdragonct 9/14/12 . chapter 1

And it takes me HOW many days to post a review? I suck. Totally. Sorry 'bout that! But I'll make up for it now, by saying how much fun a futuristic Musketeer story can be!
I think this is going to be wildly fun. I liked the short scenes...the bits of disjointed action that keep the reader's mind jumping, trying to keep up. You gave just enough detail to keep us following, but didn't bog down the action with a lot of description or narration. That style of brevity and movement is really interesting, and fresh. Feels like an action movie, rather than a long, descriptive introduction.
I'm looking forward to more, as the details gradually fill in and all questions are answered. Duo's entrance was perfect...the fiery-eyed boy seeking vengeance. So much like the GW series. It's very fitting for Duo.
All of the roles fit the characters well. And I think as the story unfolds, it's going to be EPIC. So...that said...get to it! Give us MORE and SOON!

Sue Do-Nim 12/3/12 . chapter 1

I CAN'T Believe it. Three?, only three reviews? I'm in shock this is a AMAZING! People are 'sometimes' - for the sake of TRYING to be optimistic - unbelievingly litigious. PLEASE update soon I REALLY want to see where you take this and it is heart-retching to see this fic be overlooked but like Phoebe said in Season 4, Episode 7 "Oh, my God he's not even appreciated in his own time... I'd give anything not to be appreciated in my own time!." So please Fuck the others who couldn't be assed to review and update... for me at least... please... for Heero...?

And, from the very lady whose story (Incalculable) inspired my Inconceivable:

black.k.kat 5/4/12 . chapter 1

This. THIS. How is this possible? You take my crack-story and turn it into something beautiful and believable and PLAUSIBLE for an AU. It's gorgeous! The characterization is lovely: Kisuke is so utterly perfect with his quirky way of thinking and doing.

"...but Kisuke is a man with a brilliant mind and too much idle time." I think this was one of my favorite parts, because no matter how he seems, you really get the feeling that he isn't infallible, that he has his own set of doubts. And, even if they're not crippling, they're very strong.

His thoughts on Ichigo, too, are lovely. You can just /feel/ how much he cares.

This is incredible, and I cannot wait to see what magic you will weave next.


Yeah, I blushed and had a squee-fest. And then later reviews on later chapters had me thrilled. I, uh, had one of the characters use "sword-sticking" as a reference for sex *cough* and set myself and every reviewer in stitches.

And then this brings me to the reviews on my original works that have made me squee. *cough* I should probably admit that I seriously adore the reviews I get on The Were King's Heir and its accompanying ficlets. Especially when I get praise from people I know, respect and perhaps even have a rapport with already.

pittwitch 2013-03-13 id # 3000204490

Good job with the prompts! I find this to be interesting and rather easy to fall into as an excerpt from your other story. The ending was great foreshadowing of ominous things yet to be.

I still find parenthetical asides to be highly distracting, though. Not so distracting as to shudder in horror, but distracting from the story itself.

Thanks for sharing,

BronxWench 2013-03-13 id # 3000204495 I will confess to not having read the parent story, mostly due to lack of time, but I confess myself duly intrigued now.

This was a wonderful snippet, a lovely little glimpse into your world, and you make it feel very natural and approachable. The use of the prompt words was very imaginative, and I'm even more intrigued by the potential tie-in. Feidreva 2013-03-19 id # 3000204804 I love this flash fic! Imagining the Sire in a decorating spree is priceless. I thought he were the kind to be collected and stern, but this...made me see him in a different way. (And Caimus is always so cute!) I'd love to read more of these short fics. ;)

I know all three of the above reviewers, in one way or another, and I was flattered as can be to get such reviews from them. Thoughtful, concise, and showing what they liked or disliked. PW's had me grinning because it told me good and bad points, what I was doing well and what could maybe be improved on. BW's had me dancing in my seat (and I just can't dance) because she was coming in as a first-time reader of the series, period, and it drew her in and made her curious. Fei's - well, Fei's a friend and has been one of my staunch supporters *bows to Fei* and so for her to tell me that she now sees the Sire in a different light...well, what greater compliment is there?

On the main story line, most of the reviewers have commented on how they love Caimus, the Sire, and Jaden - and I take that as a major compliment, as they're my creations. There was also one reviewer who commented that she (I think?) doesn't usually read stories that don't have romance, but that she likes TWKH so far. Since it's outside what she'd normally read, I take that as high praise.

As a whole, what makes me really enthuse about reviews is when people tell me what they like or dislike and why, and, if possible, make suggestions on how to improve it. And, okay, so I'm a sucker for people who tell me things like, "I was laughing so hard I fell of (the bed, the chair, the couch)! And then So-and-So came in and -" ... I kid you not, I once had a reviewer tell me that a relative walked into her room and asked her why she was laughing; of course she had no good way to answer that.... Maybe it's horrible of me, but I think it's neat that I can make people laugh so hard that they have to answer (or avoid answering) awkward questions. It's cool that I can make them lose that much self-control when they're wrapped up in my stories. To me, it means I'm doing a good job - and isn't that what we all want to do?

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This is one of my newer, favorite reviews to my story Buried. The words in between [ ] are from the actual story itself.

"[Warning: Hints at date rape drugs, rape, murder, and torture.] Lovely.

[Jamie Anderson's head was pounding as she opened her bleary eyes, waking to pitch black darkness, an odd earthy smell, and a piece of hair tickling the tip of her nose.] like I said with “Time loop”, this sentence is brimming with adjectives and it is a mouthful. Try separating it into several smaller ones and you should be good to go

[she frowned shaking her head] try “She frowned and shook her head as she…”

[Drinking is bad] this line made me laugh for quite some time. It’s like the big fire bear coming into your room and shouting “ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT WILDFIRES!”

[she paused, hoping for an answer, "come on, this isn't funny.] try [she paused, hoping for an answer. “Come on, this isn’t funny.”]

[she drew in a deep, shaky breath as her eyelids started blinking rapidly over her blue eyes, blew out, took another breath, and repeated before responding. "Who is this?] It’s Jigsaw. Welcome to Saw Fifteen, bitch. I like how you explain things about Jamie’s personality and backstory in dialog, like how she asks “is this some kind of senior prank?”

["No, you stupid bitch! Get the fucking lighter."] I laughed here too XD I like this unknown asshole

[Little whores are so predictable.] story of my life -_- I need a drink. Oh wait, I can’t have a drink, because according to Jamie, underage drinking is the devil’s hobby…I have to ask myself why this guy hasn’t raped Jamie already if he already raped her friend. Or did he rape her friend? {The reviewer asks this because I do NOT write detailed rape scenes--just mentions of the actual word rape--it's sole purpose is for the benefit of the killer and the plot}

[some real Hostel shit] laughed here too. Is that the movie that inspired this scene? Interesting. Haven’t seen it. Don’t plan to.

Okay so this story is pretty fuckin amazing, and I do NOT say that a lot. The ending totally floored me. I did NOT see Jamie’s death coming because it seriously seemed like she would be the main character. Excellent, EXCELLENT job switching it up. Just…wow. I’m speechless."

I would consider this a pretty perfect review. I get some constructive criticism and the reader clearly enjoyed it.

This is to my more recent story Macabre: The Gothic Boutique. Just my favorite parts though, it was a very long review that had some constructive criticism involved (which I have everything fixed that was suggested now):

“Let me just say before I get into the review, that when I read the summary to this story I immediately thought it sounded like such a badass idea. So I can't wait to see how you handle it. Also, since you say this is a really rough draft, I'll try to point out typos and technical stuff to help you in the editing process. {Which was done and that’s what I cut out}

I think what really shines the most in this chapter is the relationship between Annabelle and Maggie. I particularly enjoy how you give them each their own quirks and habits, like Maggie's cleanliness, or Annabelle's obsession with Halloween. The whole thing about the credit card was done really nicely, too. I love how they have these little inside jokes between them, like "the big one." That not only shows how close they are, but it also shows the reader that there's much more to their relationship than what we see on the surface. One thing my creative writing professor told me was that it's not really important to show the reader 100% of everything about a given character or a situation, but to just convince them that 100% exists. So only showing them 10% of a character isn't necessarily bad, so long as it feels like there's an existing 90% that we might never even see. This is done by, like I mentioned above, giving really specific examples and quirks to your characters - like the kitty litter in Annabelle's apartment, and Maggie's rich father who's a total tightwad. Very good job with that; you explore their relationship really well.

I also think you provide enough plot and character to make the reader want to keep reading, and this definitely doesn't give off the impression that this will be a dense story. Seems like it'll be a pretty easy, light read, which I think is effective and makes sense, and it will most likely appeal to your audience. You don't bog the narration down with backstory or info-dumping either, which I appreciated. You build on Annabelle and Maggie's characters very gradually, helping me ease into things without a wall of information I'll have to digest first. So thank you for that. ;)

Here’s another one from my story Time Loop:

“Well, this wasn't what I was expecting at all! I loved it though, it made me feel all weird and tingly at the back of my neck while I was reading it. The atmosphere you created was really fantastic I thought, it made me really feel cold, as though I was being watched. Your really good at creating an emotive response from the reader, I think (from me, at least) and I'm glad you didn't reveal whatever it was that killed them all in the end. It made it a lot darker and thrilling to not really know. It gives the reader the opportunity to cook up something horrific in their own mind, and that's clever of you, because everyone is afraid of different things. It would be something different for everyone.

I know a few of your reviewers have said they felt the characters and their relationships were a bit bland, and to begin with I felt Dani was very cold to everyone. As the story progressed, however, I felt like that was deliberate on your part. Her feelings towards them altered accordingly with each time loop, which I think is right considering the ending. They needed her to grow so they could all move on, and you handled that really well. The relationships were bland in the beginning, but that was because Dani was trying to stay distant. I felt like this was best illustrated by her relationship with Tommy, which became more and more important to her as the story went on.

Reading it a second time, I felt that this bit was really clever of you:

"Dani, this is not your fault. Accept it so we can move on. We all need to move on," Anna continued. "We need to get out of this-this purgatory and move to a better place. Please can't you understand that this is not your fault? None of us have ever blamed you for this."

"Anna!" Tommy scolded, glaring at her so intensely that Dani looked startled at the exchange.

When I first read it, I very vaguely thought to myself, 'What's he shouting at her for?' but it was such a passing blip, I didn't think much of it at first. The second time I read through though, it made a lot more sense, and I felt that it was great writing for you to hide that, something that seems so obvious to me now, and bury it in such a way that the reader doesn't necessarily notice the strange exchange right away. Very clever!

The story itself was really original, and I really enjoyed it. I had no clue what to expect at the beginning, but I was pleasantly surprised by how you decided to end it. It's not often you get to read such a well rounded story with such a limited word count. You're really good at trimming the fat when you write, I think. You tell us what we need to know and it's always very on point. Good stuff! Looking forward to reading more of your work!”

Those are my favorite, more recent ones.

Edited by gossamersilverglow

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