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  1. Thanks. Could I also request that the story in question please be moved into the new section?
  2. Category name:Kill la Kill Section catagory to be in: Anime Do you have any stories for it?: One currently sitting in Misc. Anime and several others planned.
  3. I have a story in the anime section under Pokemon titled Solaceon Daycare's Secrets. I uploaded a chapter stating I was discontinuing it, and received a warning that author's not chapters weren't allowed. To fix that, I immediately uploaded, in the same chapter, the left-unfinished next chapter, which was around 2,000 words of story and, I thought, sufficient to justify it as a chapter. However, my story has been hidden now when I heeded the warning and changed it from an author's note chapter to have actual story content.
  4. I got an email earlier about a review I left on a Pokemon story called Stupid Sexy Kamitsure accusing the author of plagiarism; not sure why I didn't post here originally. The original story was written by infinite_absol and can be found here. It was added to the site on October 5th, and as site staff and a friend of the author, I can attest to it being written before the story appeared on AFF, and that she never posted it herself.
  5. Alright, thanks for clearing matters up.
  6. I'd assume resubmitting it is off the table, but if I were to rewrite the stories from scratch and submit the new versions, would it be acceptable? A lot of it is stuff I was thinking of redoing anyway.
  7. At least ten stories I've written have vanished from the site. I don't know when or how, and I don't think I ever got any notification for them. In addition, my join date is radically different than I remember it being, since this account pre-dates my fanfiction.net account and it states something earlier. The author is megadeth425. Any explanation?
  8. Catagory name: Final Fantasy XIII Section catagory to be in: Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy Games Do you have any stories for it?: One already on the site, another in progress --added
  9. The Doors - When the Music's Over. I've got a whole playlist of this stuff, just for writing smut.
  10. Nobody close to me knows about what I write, save for someone online who's like a little sister to me, and that's more because she used to write it as well and it was easier to talk to her about it. Friends and family would pretty much definitely either roll their eyes or scoff, especially some of my earlier, sort of insane work involving tentacles and stuff that acts as sort of an old shame, but not enough of a shame to disown it and remove it from the internet.
  11. megadeth425

    Deleting Reviews

    The way I see it, if it's a flame, then it's not worth really bothering with. Aside from the fact people can drum up a shitstorm if they feel really hurt by the fact you deleted a review (with few ways to prove it was a flame unless you screencap it), what's said is said. I get email alerts from reviews across all the places I submit my work, which entails getting the review in my inbox. Once I've seen it, it won't hurt too much by keeping it there, and generally people who check reviews before reading will disregard flames anyway.
  12. Writing sleaze, so I've got a live version of The Jack by AC/DC. Ugly, raw, sexual rock & roll helps the smut writing process.
  13. I've used pictures to help me pick up the slack, but the only time I ever looked at a picture and thought, 'I need to write this', was this Fire Emblem picture. Because of it, I wrote one of my personal favorite fics and even had one of my favorite writers on the site tell me it was a good story, so I consider the derivative-ness well worth it. Funny enough, someone even asked me on FF.net if the story was based on the picture or vice versa, so at least I got the image across.
  14. Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus. Not quite romantic, but the kind of music that goes well with writing smut scenes. I have a whole playlist of this kind of stuff. Helps drown distracting background noises and sort of moods the room up so that the writing flows a little better.
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