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  1. Since my first reply, a friend introduced me to Trello, app and site. It’s very portable, so you shouldn't lose things. It allows you to invite people to work on the board with you, so it’s great for collaborations, especially in different areas, and it has both free and paid options. Personally, I’ve been satisfied with it so far. The background image choices for the free version aren’t precisely what I want most of the time, but it’s free. All in all, I’ve found it very useful.
  2. Finding out you're pregnant and already halfway done with a bare minimum of signs, despite suspicions and at home tests saying negative. It's surprising how much I take after my mother in the odd things - strange allergies, talking to animals and children like there's no doubt they'll understand me, pregnancy with very few signs and the baby tending to lay near my back....

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    2. Cuzosu


      Well, I won't say there's not a certain amount of irony in the timeline here, but all in all, it could have been much worse. So far, I'm pretty happy. Husband freaked out for a bit - "OH GOD, the things we'll have to buy!" - but I stopped him cold on that and pointed out just how many people would be giving us stuff for the baby. (And it turns out I underestimated the number, which surprised me.)

    3. Cuzosu


      He's happy, too, although we both wanted to smack his mom and grandma for thinking we weren't happy about it. We're very pragmatic and tend to take things as they come, and for some reason they thought the lack of giddy enthusiasm meant we were unhappy about it. Sitting there thinking, "Gee, didn't know our every emotion had to be visible." I thought they'd at least appreciate the relative lack of hormonal pregnant mood swings, but....

    4. Cuzosu


      Meanwhile, we're both concerned by the imminent spoiling. There are already four boys in this generation; this will be the first girl. Okay, might actually still be twins, considering the half-assed ultrasound, but I still have to have an echo done to check for heart murmurs (runs in the family), and twins often hide from ultrasounds anyway. *shrug* Twins is actually what most of us were at least half expecting me to end up with, so.... Not that it'll lessen the love for a single chil...

  3. I'm of the opinion that, as long as the differences are logical under the circumstances, and hopefully I see the character as IC at least once in the story, then it's fine. Not all readers share my opinion. Still, I think the furthest OoC I've ever been able to stand reading (and it still makes me uneasy at times) is Clara Barton's OoC Heero Yuy in her Gundam Wing AU, "Deviant" (on She made him a prostitute. *wince* But I trust her sense of his character and she intends to turn him into the Perfect Soldier that he is in canon. It's just that she's not there yet. *sigh*
  4. Checked the author's profile and found no way to contact her. I was rather enamored of the story as well. Would you ask if she'd be willing to talk to me? You can give her my email if she'd rather go that route. I'd try to chat with her here on the forum but I didn't find her name when I did a quick search of the members list.
  5. Guilty. Not always because I'm mad, but sometimes. Ever been utterly mesmerized by someone's singing? I'm realizing that I can't hear Christian Kane sing even a relatively slow song without having to stop and just listen to every little nuance of his voice. My vision goes fuzzy, seriously. It's kind of scary, but at the same time: holy hell, the man can sing. And I just can't resist that southern accent crooning. His faster songs are great fun, but his slower songs hypnotize me via the ears. *happy sigh*
  6. "Tough" Kellie Pickler and "I Want My Goodbye Back" Ty Herndon
  7. *nods* Black Blood Brothers is like that and I love it. All the friends I've introduced to it think it's awesome, but the lack of fics and art is a sad, sad thing. I started a fic in that category, but my muse abandoned me and, as I haven't seen hide nor hair of it since, I believe something ate it. I'm struggling with the story, trying to lure another muse in. *sigh*
  8. Hi to all the new people I haven't greeted yet!
  9. "Genuine Rednecks" David Lee Murphy
  10. Rufus' Inauguration Ceremony theme from Final Fantasy VII; it's also my alarm tone because it wakes me up.
  11. Mom's breaded garlic chicken recipe: smash hit the night before Thanksgiving. No one else was thinking about dinner, so it's a good thing I made 3 pans.

    1. Cuzosu


      Also, his grandmother gets up in the middle of the night and eats the breaded garlic chicken as a snack. Figured I'd better make a lot just to be safe. As it was, I think only seven pieces got put up, so we basically ate 2 of 3 cookie sheets worth of "midnight snacks"....

  12. "Girl in a Country Song" Maddie and Tae
  13. I don't do drugs at all if I can help it - I'll go for homeopathics or vitamins if at all possible and avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs. The smell of illegal drugs - and marijuana, as that's now legal where I live - offends my nose, makes me nauseous, and gives me a migraine, so I've never even been tempted. I do, however, drink, and I have some hereditary immunities from alcoholics and heavy drinkers in my family in previous generations, so there are some alcoholic things I can drink and be almost unaffected by. (Rum is lovely but doesn't do much to me; Crown hits me hard and fast. Just as an example.) I don't see a problem with teasing people - in my family, it's how we show that we care. We're very canine/feline in our interpersonal relationships, by which I mean that we're wary around people we don't know or don't trust, very formal with people we don't like, but we play with the people we like and enjoy spending time with. Our teasing gets out of hand sometimes, but we're only human and we're pretty good about backing off if we know we've offended someone. But we need that outlet of play with people we care for, because it's stress relief from the daily grind with people who know not to be offended. I can't play with anyone I don't feel comfortable with, won't play with (for example) my dad's wife. Used to be, I could only play very carefully with my own mother, but I knew she needed that outlet, the fun, so I kept at it and she's in a much better place mentally than she was for at least a decade or two. (Not saying I'm the only reason - one of my brothers moved out and that helped, and one of my aunts quit taking most of the meds that were causing her serious problems, etc. - but play is very important to us and if it can't be out in the woods, it has to include teasing.) Also, we all have a love of snark and sarcasm and irony, and so a well-timed remark can have us all dying of laughter, which is sometimes the only fun some of us get on a given day. Our family pets seem to have our kind of humor, as well. One of my dad's dogs, for example, was protective inside the house, but if she didn't protest when the person first came in, they were safe unless they got violent. Her looks - eye color, fur pattern - scared a number of people, though, and she was an ornery dog with my family's sense of she'd stalk them. Every time she was called out on it ("Mokkie!" in a chiding tone), she'd raise her head, lift her ears, drop her jaw and let her tongue loll out, wag her tail and pant doggy laughter - basically admit that she was teasing them. Most of the people eventually realized she was no threat at all to them, despite the stalking. She only really objected to one person that I heard of and I had to explain that one to my dad, because he didn't get it, but the man she tried to keep out of the house was abusive to his dog and, from what I could see, probably to his daughter as well. Like jelad, I've had people try to bully me, though with me it's never worked - apparently my large family and utter confidence that they'll have my back if I have trouble with someone discourages even bullies who have ties to people of authority in the school. *shrug* Had a bully going after a lesbian friend of mine in high school at a dance; I dragged him away from her and spun him away again every time he tried to go back to her, our friends gathered around her, he tried to swing me around, I braced myself and he ended up knocking over a column and in trouble with the teachers.... It made us all laugh a bit despite the anger (the irony of him causing himself problems while trying to cause problems for our friend), and he left her alone after that. Possibly because she stayed in a group of no less than three to avoid him. Possibly because I was there and watching him, too. Most guys don't take well to being made a fool of by a female they're not interested in or friends with. About the animals and the world, yeah, I'm with you on that.
  14. "I'm Thinking Country" Frankie Ballard CD: Sunshine & Whiskey
  15. "Sober Me Up" Frankie Ballard CD: Sunshine & Whiskey *dances happily, and horribly*
  16. Guilty. Pepsi through the sinuses is painful. Ever had coworkers laugh when your spouse says you got him/her hooked on a series? (I have hooked him on several book series, a few TV series, and, uh, yeah. *sweatdrop*)
  17. Guilty of that today, actually. Well, tipsy - not really drunk. But drinking on an empty stomach. Ever had a drinking party long distance with friends? *rueful smile* Kind of what I'm doing now with friends in other states. And countries. Fun, though, and a lot of laughs after!
  18. "Genuine Rednecks" David Lee Murphy
  19. Not guilty. After, yeah, but not during. If we're too tired, we're way too tired. Ever experiment while cooking your food? By which I mean actual cooking, not just microwaving. (Chocolate fried rice, honey baked pork tenderloin chunks, etc. on my end - and my husband's. Though I'm guilty of the lazy versions of food experimentation, too - like ranch and Chex, which tastes like salad croutons.)
  20. "Defenestrated. It means getting thrown out of a window--a high one, usually. It doesn't accomplish very much to push somebody out of a ground floor window." -from David Eddings' novel, "The Shining Ones" if I remember right. Definitely the Tamuli series.
  21. Some days I wish I wasn't such a "light" sleeper. By which I mean I wish I could sleep better without darkness, as night shifts and long hours wear on anyone after a while.

  22. Guilty as hell. And not always here. Ever been about to have a kinky night alone with your spouse...when work calls one of you in? *did not get laid, did not get kinky, is more than grumpy about it*
  23. Yes. I suspect my entire family has. Of course, unless there's an odor to it, we don't mind...Grandma's long since gotten us used to discussing bodily functions at the dinner table. Ever had paranoid people fall asleep while you're driving?