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Favorite pairing in LotR?

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8 minutes ago, pippychick said:

lol! If you write that one, I promise to review it. I know your stories, you’re more than capable. Maybe she can mindspeak to the horse or something… that would be fun, especially if Shadowfax was all: “You want to what?! Are you insane?” and then threatens to tell Gandalf or something, and she has to convince him not to... *giggles*


*waits to see what happens*

Honestly, it would be hilarious. Please do it!

I second this! You MUST do it… ::makes pleading eyes::

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Folks, I have to apologise. I saw the thread title on the front of the forum as last updated and didn’t look closely enough at the subforum, or twig on reading previous posts somehow, that this topic was posted in the LOTR slash subforum. My post was therefore unforgivably off topic and so I apologise. I am however laughing at Pippychick’s plot suggestion with a very odd mental image of a confused Shadowfax. Confused horse faces are the best. I don’t know that I’ll ever write much again.

Getting back onto topic:

For my slash OTP I am pretty traditional with the Legolas/Gimli pairing and all the fine old dwarf tossing activity it undoubtedly entails.

A brief search of the archive does show a Shadowfax slash pairing for any interested – The Rider of Rohan – though as I’ve not had chance to read it myself yet I cannot say how good it is.

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