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Arthur = England

Alfred = America

it's cute

DoC secret ending (aka GENESIS)

that's right. Genesis speaking to Weiss. it's not the voice actor for Crisis Core. It's actually Gackt. They had him act out the whole scene and CGed it. not silly but amazing.

Akatsuki Danjo w/ Englsh translation

look at the words. it's funny XD

"What they were really saying was 'so long and thanks for all the fish'." If you don't laugh you must be broken.

Yes, that's right. Vash sang it. It's hilarious.

It's funny to me. It fits them so well. Yes, even Sokka. He acts like a little white boy.

Saix's Scary Story

Saix as Cartman. Watch it.

The Best Burrito

Kyle and Kenny cosplay to the song The Best Burrito.

Jack and Chase - Barbie Girl

It's hilarious. Best lip synch of them I've ever seen.

VGCats: Relapse

Kadaj makes me laugh.

This is his number one hit too. It's funny! "GTFO while I play DotA!"

5927 MAD


it's just funny! They made a song from their voices!

It's the song Kyle's Mom's a Bitch from SP

Watch them all! They're hilarious!

Holy crap that was long.

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