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    Looking for a Vincen X Cid fic

    im looking for a fan fic I read a while back I cant remember where I read it or who wroteit It was a Vincent X Cid fic Shera was trying to kill Cid and Vincent of course was trying to save him Cid kept trying to keep Vincent away cuz Shera promised she would kill Vincent if Cid made any fuss It was a really good fic and id like to read it again but I cant for the life of me remember where I read it- any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. animefreakandgeek

    Pairings that you want to see but can never find

    I wouldnt say not worth it- Im really interested in doing the one im thinking about I just know going into it there will be a lot of work and not many people will read it but that is not why i write my stories Im gonna write this one eventually because I love to write and i find the idea interesting
  3. animefreakandgeek

    First-hand experience

    You dont have to have first hand expereince for everything- but you have to at least have a good undertsnading and basic knowledge. Ive never been in a gang but ive written stories about someone in a gang- I had to do a lot of research on gangs, the fighting, the drugs and what not to make the story believable. Experience always helps but it is not manditory - you can write a good story about something you have never experienced- you just have to do a lot more work to make sure it is worth reading!
  4. animefreakandgeek

    Song lyrics?

    Ive only see this done well once The story was set in a bar The main character was was watching the man he loved on the dance floor dancing with someone else while he tried to get the courage to go to him The way this author did it was -One line from the song that was playing- "a snippet of what the character was thinking" -the next line- "character's thoughts" and they only did this like 3 maybe 4 times and then it was over and he was on his feet heading for the dance floor. They only used the chours from the song so it wanst over powering and they did a good job and showing how the lysrics were impacting what the character was doing.
  5. animefreakandgeek

    Sex Scenes Too Long?

    If its well written it shouldnt matter... Ive read sex scenes that were half a page that were really good and Ive read ones that went on for 5 or so pages that were good. Personaly most of mine never reach 5 pages- I run out of things to say without sounding redundant and boring LOL I HAVE written longer ones but that was with a lot of dialouge and what the characters were thinking in their minds. So relaly it depends on the story. It would be a turn off to me to read a 10 page sex scene in the first 1 or 2 chapters of the story- Im bad about fics that rush to the sex too fast. If you are going to have an actual plot and story line at least try to make it believable.
  6. animefreakandgeek

    Writing Chapter Stories? How many and how long?

    I have 2 stories that fit the long chapter story category One is sitting at 13 chapters right now- writers block set in *bangs head on desk* Each chapter is probably about 3,000-4,000 words maybe 5,000 tops The other story is at 6 chapters and the first few were 2,000ish words somewhere around chapter 4 or 5 it hit about 4,000 and now im sitting at around 5,000 wordds per chapter. It seems to be working so far. I also found that for the longer chapters, spacing is vital! Space between paragraphs, between dialouge. It makes it so much easier to read than a big block of text.
  7. animefreakandgeek

    What is in a Flame?

    I look at it as this: Tell me what I did wrong, even if i dont like it and think it MIGHT be insulting- but for gosh sakes give me ideas on how to fix it! THAT is constructive criticism Example: "The scenen with Harry and Draco arguing in the Great Hall seemed a little rush. There was a lack of detail and life that would draw the reader into the story. Key emotions were left out and the reader has a hard time relating to the characters in this scene. Suggestions: Try to work in some emotions from both Harry and Draco- anger, frustration, depression, questions, betrayal, ect. Describe the setting a little more- were they alone in the hall, were others there listening and watching... these small details can really add to the story and help it come alive to the reader. Good luck and happy writing!" THAT is a good constructive criticism review. "That scene with Harry adn Draco, when they are arguing in the Great Hall is terrible! Where's the emotions? Where's the details? Where's the life and feelings of these two characters? Add more thought and details- otherwise this story wont be much good." THAT I would classify as a border-line Flame- add some helpful friendly advice and you will be safe with it "The story sucks. How can you even be called a writer? This is just pittiful! I could write this story so much better than you!" THAT is obviously a flame and I dont think we have any disagreement on that.
  8. animefreakandgeek

    The Curi Guide To Responsible Authorship

    I would agree with these for the most part- thanks for posting this. I hope it helps some people!
  9. animefreakandgeek

    Can Someone Be This Desperate For Attention?

    If someone writes only for the reviews then they are not really writers Sure all of us love to get reviews and it can be aggrivating when we get 500 hits and no reviews... But i value the good honest reviews I do get. Writing for reviews is being a sell-out. I write because i love the story and characters i am working on and because writing for me is a type of therapy and helps me relax. Writing for reviews is just pittiful.
  10. animefreakandgeek

    Writer's Block

    If its just a matter of wanting to write in general I have found that writing drabbles and little 1-2 page onehsots can help get me back into the flow I suffer more from writers block when it comes to a particular story. Im suffering that right now. I have a story sitting on my computer. Its 13 chapters long and Im at a serrious block. So ive stepped away from it- been about a month now- and have been slowly reading the story from the start to remember what i was thinking when i wrote it and the ideas I had for it. Writers Block is a pain and is different for every author so you really just have to work with it work around it and work through it until you get your muse back!
  11. animefreakandgeek

    How Much Is Enough

    I've always thought that what makes something in the erotica category is not how frequent the sex is - though that can play into it- but rather the lvl of detail and what not that goes into it. It can happen once every three or four chapters and be a chaper all on its own each time and depending on the way it is written it would be erotica. Ive seen stories where its basically sex without a plot but it never went as far as to be called erotica. Anyways thats my thought on it.
  12. animefreakandgeek

    Pairings that you want to see but can never find

    I think there is one big main reason there are not more crossover fics- There is even less room for error and poor writing witha c rossover fic than any other. You got to make sure you explaine the hows and whys in a believable way or no one will read it You got to make sure you make the characters compatible in some way or theres no reason to read it You got to make sure you have the right ballance from both charactrers without totaly changing them You got to make sure you know the characters and the setting you are placeing them into inside and out You got to make sure you let the reader have some freedom to imagine parts of the story but also cant leave big gaps and holes I for one have never done crossover fics. And honestly there are very few I can find that I can read all the way through. I would like to try my hand at on thats a Bleach / Kingdom Heart's crossover. But again, everything I mentioned above are things I have to deal with
  13. animefreakandgeek

    Other people's FF7 yaoi

    Shameless plug here I too am a big RenoXRufus Fan This is the story Im currently working on for them I dont think it is cliche or anything like that- I try to avoid all the things you listed that you didnt want in a RnR story. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it if you are still looking.
  14. animefreakandgeek

    Beta needed for FF VII fic

    I need someone whose familar with Final Fantasy VII- game, movies, whatever I need someone whose a fan or tollerated the pairing on Reno and Rufus I need someone whose honest but gives constructive criticism- tell me how to fix whats wrong If you are interested let me know!
  15. animefreakandgeek

    Beta Services Open

    Ok Peeps Samara has it! I will be Beta for her story- I will let you all know when we finish and when I am available again!