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    Why Mary Sue Litmus Tests Suck

    As I've said before Mary Sue tests are as shallow as the people that write them. They test traits, but they do not test reasons (whys and hows) behind the traits. Test: Your character has purple eyes? Sue. Writer: But--! Test: Sue. Writer: But (character A)'s eyes are like that because (logical reason X, Y and Z). Test: It's a damn Sue, so STFU bitch! =D
  2. I wouldn't exactly call it mpreg being as they don't exactly have physical/mental genders (probably just for looks), but it is certainly possibly for them to reproduce with out the All-Spark or Vector Sigma... if written well.
  3. Some people do draw upon real names and stuff and sometimes its just coincidental. I mean the names and places in my lore are some times references to real life. Names should be left of of critiques at least I think.
  4. On a site where you can barely get reviews at all... I'll take even flames damn it.
  5. bitBlackmage

    Calling all computer nerds

    Firstly, how did you put it together? Was the motherboard inside already? I know that I never put anything into the PCI slots (like ethernet cards or other things) until I have the harddrive and the OS setup. One by one things get added and installed cause I don't want to bog down my newborn comp... then again, it may have something to do with your power supply being bad or your CPU over clocking or something.
  6. Personally all rape and child-sex stories happen to be pure crap (shit, feces)—it's a bunch of trivialized crap. There is no no story that can change my mind either. They can write that shit all they want though--freedom of speech and all that crap.
  7. bitBlackmage

    OCs... what do you think of them?

    It depends on the story. For one story, two of my OCs' fates and past lives are tied into the canon character's fate and past life. One OC is aware of his past and makes sure (in an evil sick twisted way) that the canon character is educated on it. The other OC doesn't become aware of his role until he gets his hands on a banned book. In a way they are and aren't that big of a deal any more than the canon character and his canon friends, but often for story purposes I do have to focus on them or I can't move the story and basically explain to readers. -I will finish this thought later-
  8. bitBlackmage

    Popular pairings...

    Short and simple on why popular pairings suck: THEY MAKE IT HARD TO FIND OTHER PAIRINGS!!!1! But only if the writers of pop-pairings fail to put them in their designated spots.
  9. Ah guys don't talk like he's gone! It makes me sad! Personal note: Alzheimer's is stealing my brother-in-law's grandmother... and people are fighting over her estate and money. It makes me mad.
  10. bitBlackmage

    Anime Expo '08

    From the stories I hear... not really my cup of tea.
  11. Some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is borderline stupid and insensitive.
  12. bitBlackmage

    So, how do you prefer your men?

    Effeminate men may be cute to me, but I still like my men to be men.
  13. bitBlackmage

    Anime Expo '08

    Not me... all the crazy anime fans will makeme crazy.
  14. bitBlackmage

    Words that sound alike to each other.

    Age need NOT apply. Seriously. Especially if you simply forget or are dyslexic or anything. It's not like people do it on purose.
  15. bitBlackmage

    Words that sound alike to each other.

    Hmm... sometimes I do make simple mistakes like that. Often enough I'm not really paying attention (see: zoned out), but I usually go back and correct them when I notice them. I like when people tell me I messed up somewhere--it's likehaving an assistant. Here's another: When/win
  16. bitBlackmage

    Deleting Reviews

    I deleted a review that was a garbled and weird flame. Sorry, but I don't speak n00b. Another time a reviewer tried to tell me where to take the story--not your puppet. Sorry again.
  17. bitBlackmage

    Mary Sue

    Not only that but these litmus tests are as shallow as the Mary-Sues they claim to detect. They don't go into motivations or the whys.... my character is human with purple eyes (that's not normal), but the test doesn't know why that is, so that's a point on his Mary Sue record to the test.
  18. bitBlackmage

    I Am...

    I am writing fan fiction....
  19. bitBlackmage

    finaly an actualy FREE porn site!

    Feh. I like better.... because the users get to be pornalicious. There's all kinds of porn there (except the illegal stuff) and NO viruses from where I stand (I don't even have an anti-virus program).
  20. bitBlackmage

    On Human Rights

    I think that the fact that a certain combination of demographics here HAD to be FORCED to give born citizens the same human and civil rights as themselves speaks volumes about our society.
  21. bitBlackmage

    Frustration Times 100

    I do not review often and when I do I tend to either give small concrit or empty the contents of my head which is a bad scene to behold.
  22. bitBlackmage

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    Behold! My newest religion! Jizsm!
  23. bitBlackmage

    The Writer's Ten Commandments

    Number four and five! Damn I see it all the time on fan fiction sites and it annoys me!
  24. ...LINK. I mean no one would really write about a mother cutting off her son's giblets right?
  25. bitBlackmage

    Allowing Fan Fiction

    Hell yeah. Of course I thought it'd be fun to take my stories and stuff in different directions, but why do that when I could let fans do it? People are going to interpret events and characters differently form me what I intended or didn't intend and differently from others. Characters grow and change--just like in real life.