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  1. I personally think so! I belong to a few forums with that system and it's pretty fun.
  2. Well, I still think you're totally bonkers for putting up with a girl like her, Dark. 0: I don't know you or her, but I know her type. All I can say is while I can say I hope things work out.. xD I don't really want them to. It'll only ever be half fixed with her and she'll be the only one getting anything out of the relationship while you keep telling yourself ' I'm happy if she's happy. ' I know that feeling from experience. *pats* c: Hopefully when you realize what's going on, you won't take it as badly as I did.
  3. Well, it's the thought that counts, I guess. c: I'm not big on het or yuri myself, so I understand the feeling.
  4. xD Yuh, it's male on male. *patpat* Thanks anyhow, Dark. The offer was sweet at least.
  5. Disclaimer: I'm really not trying to offend anyone with this and I'm not really targeting anyone to make them feel bad, but if the mods feel this is rude towards betas, please feel free to lock it/delete it. c: I don't mind. I've been thinking about starting a new story lately, but since I'm a roleplayer and I've gotten into the habit of working with someone, I'd like a beta/someone to brainstorm with. Now, the problem with this is that most of the betas that have in applications have totally disappeared altogether. Few of them seem to do mxm and the ones I've sent messages to have either never logged back into the forums or have no other means of contact listed. I'm not going to go hound them just so they'll beta me by like, posting a comment on one of their stories or something since I can't find a messenger name or email, you know? But I don't get why they ask to be betas and then *poof*. Where are you, MIA mxm betas? T_T
  6. o.o I think in some ways it could work very well. While my characters don't count as real people, I once ended up writing about three characters that had somehow tangled themselves into being a happy couple of three. There was plenty of jealousy on some days, but in general, since all of them loved each other despite the awkwardness.. things pretty much worked out. There were a few ' I was first! ' arguments, but they smoothed out. So, while fictional, who's to say such a situation couldn't really exist? Some people just love a little more than others and if that third person can worm their way into both peoples' hearts, I don't see why they shouldn't all be allowed to be happy together.
  7. o.o; I've always found it strange that some haters go out of their way to wander into slash subsections just to bash. I mean.. wouldn't their time here be better spent reading something they enjoy instead? These things ARE clearly marked, after all. That aside, I personally love malexmale couples and most things yaoi related. ( I can do without the mpreg, thanks! ) I don't think I -ever- really wrote about hetero couples simply because they didn't appeal to me and most of the female characters I knew at the time I started writing annoying the fucking shit out of me. I found an alternative with pairing guys together, though, and I eventually ended up branching off into original works from there and haven't gotten bored of yaoi yet. c: I've matured, of course, and I do include mentions of het relationships and add in female characters, but all of my sex scenes are yaoi only. There's so much to do with yaoi couples and there's a lot of boundaries to toy with while writing, so it makes it a lot more fun that other types of stories. 8D That's just how it is for me, though. Reading, writing and reviewing yaoi is just what I do. <3
  8. Scottish and Irish. I can rarely understand a damn word they're saying, but I could listen to them all day. @_@
  9. xD Kehehe. Nope, but I don't really care what gender you think of me as. Girl, guy, 'tis all the same for the most part.
  10. ._.; Eesh. Someone is PMSing today. I very rarely write shota, not to get off on it, but because I enjoy the CHARACTER ( not REAL PEOPLE! CHARACTER! ) interaction. It's a very complex situation to deal with and in a way, it's fun to try to make something that ISN'T rape work. Yes, I know you said that you think it's sick that some of these children are depicted as enjoying it, but what if I said that maybe one could write it so it wasn't the physical things they were enjoying so much as the emotional bonding? Yes, in real life that'd be just as taboo as a subject, but it's just.a.story. People that read rape fics don't go out and rape people because they have issues, people that read torture fics don't go out and lock someone in their basement to torture because they have problems, and people that read shota/loli fics don't go out and rape little kids or try to have a relationship with them because of it. Trust me, if they had those sort of deep rooted problems, anyone that's taken a basic psychology lesson will know that those sort of habits are build into the person and will act how they want to, when they want to.. and generally it's spontaneous. Very, very few rapists or murders act on premeditated plans, so I can guarantee you that one of our fics won't be what pushes them to that edge. If they plan on doing it, they'll do it without help. As for labeling all minor fics with pedophilia, I think that's kind of harsh. :\ I don't ask rape fics to be labeled ' CRUELTY AND SETTING WOMEN'S RIGHTS BACK 40 YEARS ', do I? Rape fics are nothing but abusing women and the power they've slowly gained, so if I felt that was upsetting, would it be fair if I made you label your stories that way? Would it be fair if I asked you to label all of the slash fics as ' GOING AGAINST THE MORALS OF 90% OF ALL RELIGIONS '? I'm not a feminist or religious, but if I was, could I ask that of you? Simply because you're against a fictional depiction of something you dislike despite the fact there are other equally unmoral stories out there?
  11. Here I am being a total dork for my friend saying Sailor Moon's battle intro.. in Japanese. I sound horridly young, but don't be fooled!
  12. o.o I'd like to add my own two cents in, actually. I've written shota before ( boy sex for those of you that aren't familiar with the word ) and I can safely say while I enjoy the writing, I've never even thought about a real child that way. Not about any part of them, really. So if I enjoy fiction depicting underage sex, am I a pedophile? And for those saying it's immoral.. o_o I'd have to agree with the other guy. Is writing about an enslaved woman or someone being raped any more moral than a fictional child having sex with someone? Is it more moral than writing about a man with a dog's knot in his ass? We can't really control what people do or what they enjoy, but I have enough faith in the AFF community to understand fiction from real life. Just because we write about something questionable, I doubt there's any real chance we'll act on it.
  13. xD Wait.. Why pair them with a female, aldatariel? This IS the yaoi forum, silly~ And a general reply to all of the other replying people! Shota is good when used in small doses, I think. I got burnt out on it after doing one roleplay that -sorta- involved it. -_o It's just.. not fun. Clueless is cute sometimes but.. @_@ I can understand about not wanting your guys Ai no Kusabi like, though. But I think that was more that art style than anything. They weren't TOO big, it's just that the lines and shading were very defined so it seemed more defined and muscly than it really might have been. B: I have to admit, though.. I still giggle watching that sex scene in Kusabi. Something about it is just.. awkward. xD