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    Men, manga, reading, writing, yaoi, het, painting, drawing, sleeping, meeting different kinds of people, watching scary movies, watching funny movies, The Sims 3 and loads of other nerdy stuff.

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  1. Hi! A pleasure to meet you! Thank you for all you do to help the site!!

  2. Just stopped in to introduce myself, I'm Rose. ^_^

  3. AmberRose

    Weird Fears

    Caterpillars. Nothing should have that many legs, it's just unnatural. Vomiting. I don't know why but it seriously gives me the willies. If you look like you're even thinking about puking I'm running for the hills.
  4. Random hi and belated happy birthday! :)

  5. XD I can't help being quicker on the draw, partner. *blows smoke off hands* Fastest keyboard in the West. :P

  6. Crap. Here I am trying to attack you and you've already frickin' killed me. >< Damn these slow fingers.

  7. AmberRose

    This has got to be a troll...

    Definitely a troll but it's been taken care of.
  8. AmberRose

    The Writer's Ten Commandments

    Amen to numbers 2 and 5 but I'm terribly guilty of #6 .
  9. AmberRose

    Troll In The Lotr Section

    Taken care of. And yeah....ew. Thanks for reporting it Maiafay.
  10. Did you look under the Het category? The specific couple listings are still there.
  11. AmberRose

    The Reader's Ten Commandments

    Thou shalt not pimp your fics and/or your friends' fics in the review. Please don't comment just to tell someone to go read something else. That in no way tells what you did or didn't like about the author's story. Thou shalt not threaten/annoy authors in an effort to get them to update sooner. Really. You wouldn't believe the stuff people do when they want an update. I agree with greenwizard about the simple reviews, just a sentence or two telling me what did or didn't suck (without being rude or hateful of course) is plenty for me.
  12. AmberRose

    Create A Story!

    LMAO. That was utter genius.
  13. AmberRose

    Personal limits

    Hm... I don't really have any limits either. :/ Nothing really squicks me so I"ll read anything if it's thought out and well written and I'll write about anything as long as I feel like I have a point to make and a story to tell. The only thing I think I probably wouldn't write is bestiality and not because of the subject matter but because I need to tell some kind of story and not have a fic that's just controversial for the sake of controversy or kinky for the sake of kink. But If I suddenly figured out a way to write an angsty, gripping, drama filled love story between Sasuke and, like, his ninja cats or something I'd write that shit in a second.
  14. AmberRose

    Rare Or Crack Yaoi Pairings

    I could not agree more about the Naruto/Gaara pairing! They're my OTP And the sandcest! I look forward to your Kankuro/Kiba fic, it's hard to find muti-chapter fics about those two.