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  1. Y'know... I live in SC, less than 15 miles from where the Lizard Man supposedly hunts and kills the local pets and cattle. X3 And now that you mention it... it all makes sense. Voldemort must hate us Southern muggles....
  2. Booo, you were supposed to die and give me all your twelve billion frags. u_u;

  3. You probably shouldn't attack me on the days i actually eat my veggies.

  4. =_o One day I can kill you repeatedly... the next day, you keep taking all my damn frags, repeatedly. T.T

  5. XD I can't help being quicker on the draw, partner. *blows smoke off hands* Fastest keyboard in the West. :P

  6. Crap. Here I am trying to attack you and you've already frickin' killed me. >< Damn these slow fingers.

  7. POW! Right in the kisser! X3

  8. *snorts* Don't get too comfortable, a few more lvls and I'll be able to take all your points. *grins*

  9. :P We're getting even on killing each other! o_o Your frags are all tasty, btw...
  10. Yer catching up! Yay!

  11. Valtristus


    I have, like... the most frags in the top ten list, as of... today. o_o; No clue how the hell it happened but hey, a killer can brag, right?
  12. X3 You get nothing from me, silly Cal. Take your wildest guess. <3
  13. Valtristus


    *waves the 100 level achievement banner* Go me. Ra ra ra. :3
  14. Valtristus


    Bleh. It's a game. I don't really care who kills who or who quits the game. *shrug* The one who left has their reasons and it's not got all to do with the game. In any case, I'm perfectly fine with being killed, because I'm dead almost all day... but when it's late in my area and I'm still browsing this place, it seems next to nobody is online and I'm finally alive. So I start knifing those who are sleeping and won't feel a thing.
  15. =_o; Chill out. *Shrug* 'The best books ever written' is also a matter of opinion. I never said I didn't like the stories, nor have I said anything to outright bash the author. I myself happen to be a fan of the series, no matter the flaws or the plot holes or whatever Dumbledore's sexuality happens to be. If I feel it could have been written better, that's just me. Cursing and raising a huge fuss just because people don't share your opinion over something isn't going to get you heard. And this, my friends, is not a flame. It's a fact.