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  1. Well, you're one of the few players with enough hit points that i get more than one EXP for killing you. Everyone under Laaerie is too small to be worth my time.

    Except every tenth level, when i just HAVE to see that 'you have reached your limit of 90 kills' message.

  2. Well, there's a long, lovely period there where your number of attacks and the number of opponents available mean that you go up a level about every time you play. Then you rise above the mortals....

  3. Hey, you learned me something good. Now i add 'you won' to the message line of the fight reports i send.


  4. Yeah, you won.

    I don't bother to send 'i won' messages to fill up a person's inbox. But if someone manages to beat me, i figure they might enjoy knowing that.

  5. Grudge? You? For winning a duel i started?

    Well, that's refreshingly random...

  6. You probably shouldn't attack me on the days i actually eat my veggies.

  7. "you are /quite/ the little hentai. so shocking... :) "

    Um...i don't even know what that is supposed to mean.

    I LIKE it, but i don't understand it.

  8. Yes. Statistical analysis of my success rate overall compared to my inability to do more than make you stumble slightly to the side reveals that you have probably sold your soul to Cheney...

  9. I'm an error?

    Seems likely, really.

    I wonder if you timed the attempt to perfectly match my own resurrection?

    Wel, thanx.

  10. Business trip involved a complete and surprising cessation of internet activity.


    Have to travel again tomorrow.


  11. Um...are you on purpose now guildless?

  12. Oh, sure. Jump the guy as he reels back from my attack.

    Glad to know SOMETHING good came from that butterfingered trip of mine...

  13. Hey, feel free. I have the memory of a goldfish, so it's not like you'll be EXTRA threatened when you catch up...