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  1. Hi. I don’t know if you’ve ever done role playing or seen Kim Possible, but if you want to have some fun, please reply to my RP thread. 

    1. bwm1013


      I can even show you how.

    2. Avaloyuru


      I’ve never done ‘role-playing’ online, only in real-time. 

    3. bwm1013


      Well, it’s kind of the same thing. We act out as different characters in a situation. We simply go back and forth. 

  2. Okay, I have another question LOL  What are the Dragon Prints?

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    2. KassX


      My advice would just be not to stress out about it, haha. 

    3. Mal


      I agree with KassX, sometimes it takes a while to build a following. But if you keep plugging away at it, people will take notice.


    4. Avaloyuru


      @KassX   Thanks!!


  3. So, what does a person have to do around here to lose their virginity?

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    2. WillowDarkling


      you’ve made 12 posts, according to the content count, up there, on the banner… at least I thought that was visible to everyone… 

    3. Avaloyuru


      @WillowDarkling – Thanks!  I discovered that accidentally LOL 

    4. BronxWench


      Just make 8 more posts, and you can change your title yourself, and yes, the games forum counts, totally! :D

  4. Wow!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I joined this site!

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    2. Avaloyuru


      I don’t plan on going anywhere!  I have two stories posted but it’s hard to tell how they’re doing, LOL  There hasn’t been any reviews done on them yet.

    3. JayDee


      Time flies when you’re having fun.

    4. CloverReef


      Happy AFF anniversary! You know the first anniversary is paper, right? I think it’s a sign… The universe wants you to write more. Or buy stationary. Or both. Definitely both.

  5. I’m not sure what I did right this time, but I managed to publish the first chapter of one of my stories “Of Light and Shadow” – very happy :D

    1. Avaloyuru


      WooHoo!!  I think I’ve got the hang of this LOL  I got both stories posted, Of Light & Shadow as well as The Moth & The Flame.  Both are currently only at 8 chapters each, not sure just how far they’ll go. 

  6. About a week ago I finally reached the point where I was comfortable with a story I’ve been working on.  I searched on here how to publish it, but so far it has not been cooperating with me :(

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    2. Avaloyuru


      @CloverReef – Yes I did manage to get everything worked out!!  Apparently when Firefox did its last update some of my browser settings got messed up.  It took me a while to get it figured out because they changed the way things look and how things are done.  I managed to get both of my stories posted, yay!!  But I think I’m going to stick with only publishing completed works or at least only one story at a time.  There is too much pressure to post new chapters in a timely manner where readers don’t lose interest.  Not to mention the fact that the two stories I’ve posted are so completely different from each other that it really takes an effort to get in the right “head space” to jump from one to the other.

    3. CloverReef


      What a relief! Glad you got it sorted – troubleshooting is frustrating at the best of times, but when it keeps you away from something writing related? You must’ve been going crazy! 

      I get you. I’ve gone back and forth between posting complete works and posting every chapter as it comes. Because I tend to drop fics a lot, I came to a compromise with myself. I ‘allow’ myself to post, only when I’ve got a good number of chapters all written and properly edited, and if I’m sure I feel committed to continue at that point. But even then, the pressure absolutely has a way of catching up, and then if I take breaks I feel guilty about it! Trust your instincts and you do you. 

    4. Avaloyuru


      @CloverReef – Thankfully one of the stories is getting close enough that I can write the ending within the next week or two.  But I can already see Part II  :devil:

  7. Character Building

    I already have so many author created characters to choose from that it’s almost ridiculous! Different things can inspire an entire story for me, even reading a simple quote I found on Pinterest can result in a flash commercial in my mind for a storyline. That’s when I sit down and take it from there, fleshing out the story and picking which of my characters I’ll cast as actors. I know, kind of bass ackwards I suppose, but it works for me for the most part. The only real problem I have is being overly critical of myself and my writing. That’s why I create the story outline, kind of like a book report on a book that hasn’t been written yet, and try to stay on target. Unfortunately, that’s why I end up with multiple stories going on at the same time. It’s also the reason it takes me so long to publish a story, I have to feel comfortable enough with where the story is going so I know I’ll stay on target. I know things happen but it’s disappointing when I’m reading a story someone else has posted and I’m really getting into it then it just stops and I’m left hanging. I want to do everything I can to avoid that.
  8. Character Building

    I can totally relate to the comments about overthinking, I’m accused of doing that with everything!! When it comes to character building, however, I kind of treat it the same way as I do when I develop the general plot of the story. I create a Word Doc entitled “Cast of Characters for...” and list what role they play in the story. It is seriously a big help when you’re working on a story that ends up being presented in parts, like what’s going on with a story I’ve been working on for a while. I made the fatal mistake of falling in love with my villain and that took the story in a direction I didn’t want to go.
  9. Hey folks!  Anyone around?

    1. CloverReef


      Well I wasn’t when you posted this, but I am now! But I won’t be in five minutes… Hi!

    2. Tcr


      Like CR, I wasn’t when you posted, but I’m here now…  Probably doesn’t work too well nine hours later, does it?

  10. OMG! OMG! OMG!  Mind totally blown!!

    I just watched the movie “Soldier’s Girl” and I am like totally excited!!!

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    2. Avaloyuru


      If I offended anyone with my post about the movie ‘Soldier’s Girl’, I sincerely apologize.  I do not deny that I watched it because Lee Pace was in a lead role.  The fact that it is based on a true event, is horrific in itself.

      I realize that we write fan-fiction, we take other people’s work and rewrite it to our own ends.  As I am sure others have experienced this as well, I have been ridiculed for using Tolkien for this type of writing.  There are people out there who do not understand, particularly when we as writers go the way of adult material.

      No, I have not yet published anything on this site (yet).  I have written many fan-fiction stories based on other writers works.  Particularly the author Mercedes Lackey and her series on the Heralds of Valdimar.  I love her works because she created this wonderful fantasy world that actually mirrors our own real world when it comes to social and cultural problems.  The main character in her first trilogy ‘Vanyel Ashkeveron’ is gay, and lesbians in her series ‘The Oathbreakers’

      Watching movies of all types, including actual porn, helps me develop my own characters that are believable, where readers can (hopefully) relate to them.

      I watched 'Soldier's Girl' for reasons other than Lee Pace.  I do not have transgender characters because they do not fit into the fantasy worlds I write about, the concept does not exist.  Yet at the same time, I feel the ‘psychological mindset’ of a transgender person would make for an awesome character that some readers could identify with.

    3. Avaloyuru


      We all have our reasons for writing.  I think the primary reason stated in one of the forums was that we do it for ourselves.

      I have been digging through boxes of old writings that I did years ago that are based on other authors works.  I cannot describe how happy I am to have found this particular site to ‘technically’ publish my stories.  No matter how much we write or how good we think our stories are constructive criticism is essential in my opinion.  I believe I will get that here.

      I will never be another Tolkien, nobody will in my mind.  However, that does not stop me from pursuing the idea of actually finishing a book and getting it published.

      For every character in the LOTR stories I write, I have created an 'alter' character that differs enough that it is not a copy.

      I also have the greatest respect for the fact that this site actually cares about plagiarism!  Making it another reason I have not yet published on this site yet.  I spend three times as much time researching Tolkien’s writings to get my facts straight because those facts are the building blocks of the events I write about.  I feel this effort helps reduce if not eliminate plagiarizing other fan-fiction writers.

      Unfortunately, there are only so many to describe the physical act of a sexual encounter, regardless of the participants.

    4. Avaloyuru


      I did not intend to actually rant here and I apologize.

  11. It’s been an adventure these last couple of weeks!!  I realize that Fan-Fic doesn’t have to (and usually doesn’t) follow the original script put forth by their chosen author.

    However, in my situation with Tolkien, there are so many gaps which create an exceptionally fertile ground to go whatever direction I choose, especially when the main character is Thranduil.

    Not to mention that I’m incorporating some ancient ‘original works’ of mine into this entire storyline.  I should call it “The Saga of Thranduil”  LOL  I need my head examined!!

    When I hit my wall in the story and started working on another one, I actually created more work for myself.  The new one I started was supposed to be a OneShot PWP that ended up being a 6 Chapter back-story on the 3 chapters I had already written.

    The extra work comes in because now I need to rewrite a few sections in the first story to incorporate this new back-story because I absolutely love the direction the back-story took!

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Don’t you just love those plot bunnies?  :)


  12. Sending out a big thanks to everyone who offered suggestions about my writer’s block last week!  The main problem I was having was that the story was going in the wrong direction and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back on track.

    The answer thanks to all of you was basically simple!  Just run with it!  Go with the flow in my head just to get it!  Then go back with the edit and rewrite once it was out of my system.

    I chose not to delete the ‘wayward’ sections, but rather copy/paste to another document and file in a folder called ‘Snippets’ because I can use them later on in another story.

    So once again!!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thanks You! :D

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    2. Avaloyuru


      @CloverReef  Thanks!  I think you nailed it!  :D

    3. marley_station


      I am glad it's worked out for you.  I know what being blocked is like, and don't wish it on anyone.  

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Sometimes weird/offbeat news articles can help, or even listening around you as you shop, etc, can give some nice tidbits too.


  13. I think a break is order.  I’m trying to force this story and it is just not working :mellow:

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    2. SesshomaruFreak


      Me too; I’ve got a ridiculous amount of notebooks full of stories, but across all fan sites, I only have 4 specific stories of my own posted yet. I have a collaborative work in progress as well.

      Ahh Tolkien. Nice. Love Middle Earth, fascinating. Though my writing centers on anime lol
      I admire when authors keep characters IC, but I’m known for writing them OOC (at least I make sure they have a reason :) )
      I agree- I make sure I’m not unintentionally pulling off other stories. If there’s something I wanna pull, I always ask author.

      Hehehe I have gotten creative with my erotic scenes. I write yaoi/slash and finally found me a bisexual guy that I can ask about m/m relations.

      Don’t worry, secrets are safe ;) except it’s written on your update :D

      Hmm, that does sound like an issue. Sorry I don’t have much help for that :( I’m not much of a suspense writer, and though I love LotR I haven’t read any fics for that fandom.
      But I sincerely hope you either think of a way, or find someone who can help.

    3. CloverReef


      I find starting a new story as the others suggest can sometimes shake shit loose (Or make you completely abandon that story if you’re anywhere as fickle as I am.) So I’ve found writing short stories when I’m stuck helps. Because short stories are a temporary distraction, they’re less likely to tempt you to abandon your current project. Especially if you kill off all the chars in the short story! lol… But sometimes breaks from writing in general can help too. Or drive you completely insane… Unless you’re already crazy. Then, I guess, drive you completely sane? Oh no!  

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I’ll just point to my attempt to write a holiday fic last winter.  It became the holiday fic, the sequel “Dale’s Game”, and there’s another story after that (barely started).   And this last halloween story is a spinoff from Dale’s Game, with one of those characters slated to return in that other story.

  14. WooHoo!  Three chapters down and hopefully only three more to go!  But I’m not restricting myself :D

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    2. Avaloyuru


      @Desiderius Price  The only reason I’m waiting until I have a certain amount of chapters is to avoid the potential added stress of having to produce another chapter on demand.  That is of course if the reviews turn out to be good (crossing fingers!)

    3. Avaloyuru


      For so many years I have written solely for my personal pleasure without concern for what anyone thought because I never shared them with anyone.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @Avaloyuru  Here’s one response I had to somebody wanting me to go faster (channel your inner Yoda)… 


      Rushing leads to scat … suffering.

      I’ve been trying to balance the hold-them-back vs faster-posting myself for a while.  For the repair guy, I’m going a bit faster/looser, but still sticking to my about one chapter buffer because that gives me a chance to combine chapters if needed, adjust, and/or the basic proofreading.  (If I have a glut of chapters, then I’ll post daily until it’s back to the one chapter)

  15. I also have a question :lol: How do you delete images from your profile?  I added two images because I couldn’t send them in a message. I don’t want them there anymore :unsure:

    1. WillowDarkling


      If you mean your forum profile, then you just click edit profile, and the little trash can symbol to delete the pictures. For the cover photo you just click the cover photo button and chose “remove photo” 

      I can’t help you with the archive profile, though. 

    2. Avaloyuru


      Oh Duh!!!  Thank you!!!   (((((HUGS)))))  I looked at that like 10 times last night I never saw the trash can image LOL  All I saw was the plus sign!

      In my own defense, I started trying to do that during a break after 17 straight hours trying to write LOL