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  1. On tags I've used by A Writer

    Ok let’s see, tags I’ve used, or might use in the future… this should be hella fun! 3+ Oh yea, I’ve used this one. My latest chapter of Billion Dollar Harem had my first big orgy scene that included 7 characters all having sex was actually kind of a gigantic pain in the ass to write... ABDL: Don’t get this fetish… Can’t imagine I’d ever write something like this... Abortion: Probably not… unless it was just to mention that someone had an abortion but to me a circumstance like that really doesn’t warrant this this tag and I certainly can’t see myself writing an in depth abortion scene… Abuse: I don’ t get the specificity of this tag… Is abuse somehow different that violence or rape or torture… to me those three tags are more descriptive and useful than abuse… I guess unless its habitual… AFFO: Sorry guys, I spread my stories around too much to use this tag... Ageplay: This one seems fun. Haven’t used it yet though. Anal: One of my favs… I’d say at least a third of my chapters/stories have this tag stuck on them Angst: Again, don’t get this tag… I’d probably use a different tag if something like this were being done in a story. Anthro: What like intelligent dog uprisings That could be fun! BDSM: I think I just covered this... Beast: I’ve used this tag in one story… though its on a different site. I might use it again but probably only if I were to venture out of the celebrity fandom... Bi: I guess the main way I’ve explored this tag is by have the celebrities of Billion Dollar Harem who weren’t previously into women be sort of forced or discover that they are into women… I doubt I’d ever play with male bisexuality. I have nothing against some good old dude on dude, just not my thing is all. Bigotry: This isn’t one of my favorite themes. I did use it slightly in a recent story. But since I personally really detest discrimination, I have a hard time including it. However, I wouldn’t rule this out simply because I try to put as much realism into my stories as possible, and bigoted, hateful people exist so... B-Mod: I played with this briefly in a story on another site where I turned a woman into a futanari after impregnating her with alien eggs… that was fun… might have to try it again sometime… Bond: Ropes, stockades, straps and restraints… “give me the duct tape!” Oh yea, love playing with this... BP: Not my thing, doubt I’d ever play with it. CBT: Again… not my thing… can’t see me ever doing this (at least in a story) j/k ChallengeFic: Never played with this… I did recently write a fic based on some ideas given to me by a fan… is that the same thing… COMPLETE: Usually only used when I write a one shot. Contro: I think basically everything I write could technically have this tag... CR: Billion Dollar Harem is technically a story about corruption...don’t know if I’ve used this tag though. But corruption is one of my very favorite themes. Ds: Again, basically covered, see above… Dom: I think almost everything I’ve written features a MDom protagonist of some kind. Don’t know why...just one of the things that gets me going I guess. DP: I’ll take two… or three… I love this tag Exhib: I’ve recently been playing with some voyeurism in Billion Dollar Harem. Though the nature of that story kind of makes outdoor exhibitionism impossible, I do love the idea of putting someone on display… I’m sure I’ll play with this tag at somepoint. FF: Gimme a V! Oh yeah, love me some good ol tongue ‘n cheek. (or is that a different tag...) Fet: Isn’t everything… Fingering: Practically goes hand in hand with FF so yeah been there… Fist: surprisingly no, not yet but likely will play with this at some point. FD- Futanari/Dickgirls: I’m very interested in writing a futa story at some point or maybe just finishing the one I already started… we’ll have to see. GB, GB - Gender Bender (a canon character whose sex is changed for the story) Did I mention the alien impregnation story above… oh right, I did HC,HC - Hurt/Comfort: Some of these tags really seem superfluous… this is one of those... HJ: Yep, been there done that… wait are we talking about story tags? Ok done that too… Herm: I’m guessing this is somehow different that futa... Hum: If it doesn’t have an all alien cast… doesn’t every story need this… weird… Humil: One of my very favorite fetishes… plainly evident if you’ve read...basically anything I’ve ever wrote. Inc,Inc - Incest: Not to long ago, I wrote a pseudo sci/fi fantasy where a guy found an orb that could warp reality. He made two women, who stared on a TV show together as sisters, believe they really were sisters…. does that count? loli: this to me is different than Minor 1 and yes I’d play with it. MBP: Nothing against people with this fetish, but to me its one of the most stomach turning on the list… MC: Yeah, I dig this fetish, I’m sure I’ll play around with it more in the future… MF: Yeah, obviously MM: Again, I don’t think there’s a damn thing wrong with making the penises kiss… its just not my thing. Ms: Basically Ms is the plot of Billion Dollar Harem so… yeah done this… MCD: As pretty much everything I write is in the celebrity fandom I’m not terribly comfortable with this tag… wrote one story (not on this site) that would use it… Don’t know how much, if ever, I’d use it again. MiCD: Don’t mind this tag as long as its not a celebrity I’m killing… Minor1: Again given that I write almost exclusively celebrity fiction this tag just doesn’t work for me… Actually with this tag I doubt I’d ever use it. Just not my thing. Minor2: I might write a story with someone 14-18, but only if it was outside the celebrity domain… I’m a little more comfortable with this… MPreg “Its not a tumor!” Next… Nec: This fetish is one of those things that makes me extremely uncomfortable… but is also sort of like driving by a horrible train crash with bodies and stray dogs strewn everywhere… You know something you just can’t look away from. I’ve used this tag once (again a story that is located elsewhere). And again its something I’m not to fond of using when I’m writing about celebrities… so maybe if I did something else... NonFic: What like history… I don’t get it NoSex: Whats the point of this… I did use this tag once though. In a early intro chapter of Billion Dollar Harem where I just did a lot of set up stuff... OC: In the fan-fiction world this tag probably doesn’t get used alot… Though I suppose Billion Dollar Harem does have a few OCs … a few OGs too for that matter. Oneshot: been there, done that, will likely do it again. Oral: Yes please… Oh the tag… Yeah that too. Other: LOL… next… Parody: What… I mean isn’t all fanfiction a parody of the original or of reality… don’ t get this tag... Peg: Whatever two (or more) consenting adults do in the privacy of their home is none of my business… Just not my thing...sorry. Preg: Is this different than impregnation or does this include impregnation… PWP: I think Porn is the point Racist: Again not my thing I just don’ t have the stomach for a tag like this and most of my stories feature rape… so yeah. Probably won’t ever play with this but as I said I do value realism over basically everything so I guess I can’t rule it out… Rape: This tag isn’t to be taken lightly, but it is one of my dark fantasies so yea, I write about it... Rim: Honestly I’ve never tried it, but I think I’d be into it after a proper cleaning of course. I know its one of my favorites to watch/read/write about SandM: Yeah Sadism and Masochism is basically the plot of all my stories… Scat: I’ve played around very lightly with this fetish in Billion Dollar Harem… light play with light description and I can deal with this, but heavy scat turns my stomach something fierce. SH: Never used this and yet I feel its in like every one of my stories… Shouta: No problem with this fetish, just not my thing and doubt I’d ever write a story with it.. SI: Sorry, I have a really hard time picturing this and honestly it sounds really really painful so… probably not. Slave: I guess in a way I’ve used this. All the celebs in Billion Dollar Harem are prisoners and technically slaves since they are expected to perform or face punishment so yeah. But at the same time I don’t know if I could write this fetish in a hard core kind of way… Solo: When the mood strikes me… Spank: Goes hand in hand with punishment yeah… No I love a good spanking… I mean I like writing about spankings… yeah that’s it. TBDL: Sorry I just don’t get this and probably never will Tent: one of my favorites… I’ll definitely write a tentacles attack fic at some point. TF: See alien impregnation above. Tort: as in like pulling fingernails and water boarding, probably not. Torture as in psychological and or sexual torture, most definitely. Toys: Recently gave one of the celebs in Billion Dollar Harem a feeldoe (look it up if you don’ t know what it is) so yea I love toys. Trans: Again, I have nothing against this lifestyle or against its members I say do what makes you happy and will in turn bring happiness to others… But this just isn’t my thing. UST: I don’ t know, like every one of my chapters ends with this I think... Violence: I’m not into the blood and gore aspects, but I’ve used some physical violence in stories before and likely will again. Voy: Been playing with this and having fun with it recently can’t see why that won’t continue. WAFF: I don’t write anime, but even so I don’t get this… WD: Never played with it… probably won’t… WIP: I feel like all my work is a work in progress… WS: I have played quite heavily with this as a form of degradation and punishment. Using it in that way I enjoy, and is probably the only way I would ever use this. Xeno: I did mention alien egg implantation above there somewhere didn’t I… Well I think that’s all the tags listed on this site, hope you enjoyed my insight on them.
  2. On tags I've used by A Writer

    I completely get where you’re coming from here, BronxWench. From you’re previous statement I didn’t realize exactly what you meant about BDSM and rape being two different non interchangeable things. Of course rape isn’t interchangeable with BDSM. I’m of the mind set that anytime consent isn’t given, or where both (or more) parties are all portrayed as willing participants, then that scene/chapter must have a rape tag. To me, the whole concept of dubcon is ridiculous. There is either consent or rape period, end of discussion. Even in stories where a character is reluctant, and believe, me reluctance is one of my favorite themes to play around with, but in the end, in a reluctance story, if the character who is reluctant ends up having sex, either it is with consent, or it is rape. I mean, you wouldn’t use a reluctance tag, and then have that reluctant person not give consent, be forced into sex and then not also include the rape tag… To me, its the same thing with BDSM you can have one with out the other, but you can’t have both without using both tags... Also, I totally get that BDSM is about control and that both parties are equally responsible for that control. But I guess what I’m saying, and this goes back also to JayDee’s point: Is that BDSM is about bondage, dominance, and submission… and this may be semantics, but if you add the rape tag to a BDSM tag I think you are inherently removing consent from the equation. Yes, I suppose you could just use the bondage and D/s tags separately but in the end you’re essentially conveying the same level of content. Especially as a rape tag, at least to me, also inherently includes torture. All I think you’re saying when you add a BDSM tag is that this story will include, bondage, domination, discipline and submission and by adding the rape tag you’re indicating those things are being forced upon the person, rather than that person being a willing participant.
  3. On tags I've used by A Writer

    As to the whole BDSM if its not consensual its rape thing, I guess my take on it is… That yes I agree, but that doesn’t mean the tag can’t still be used and used correctly. I mean the term encompasses everything from Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, and yes, its USUALLY a role-playing thing between two (or more I suppose) consenting adults but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a training tool for an unwilling participant especially if the tag is being used in conjunction with the rape tag. I tag BDSM quite often in stories where someone is bound in one way or another and being punished for something they did, said or refused to do. The protagonist in my story often uses bondage, discipline and forced submission as a training tool to break in the women he has imprisoned. If you’re writing a slave training story, which, besides it also being a pseudo psycho romance, is essentially what my story is about, then I think the BDSM tag when used in conjunction with a rape tag makes perfect sense.
  4. Yeah, I discovered this feature not that long ago, and had been eligible to change if for quite a while. All is right now though as I am properly titled: Captain Mal :) 

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      *drools* Speaking of tags, we need one for sexually arousing data :P

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      Hopefully this data never reaches climax, it should just keep climbing and climbing upward :)

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      Agreed: EXCELSIOR!

  5. Billion Dollar Harem

    Just posted a certain One Shot staring Natalie Portman. Be forewarned, this story is not for the feint of heart. Please enjoy!
  6. Billion Dollar Harem

    Hey gang! I thought I’d pop on for a quick update and to respond to all the amazing comments of the past few days. First off, I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Billion Dollar Harem has surpassed 75,000 dragon prints! That is an amazing, utterly unbelievable achievement. I can not express how humbled and amazed I am at the response this little story of mine has generated. I know I’ve said this before, but I do this story as much for you guys, and the response I get from the fans as I do for my own enjoyment, probably more to be honest. I couldn’t have gotten here without you guys my fans, and I certainly wouldn’t still be doing this without your comments and hopes that the next chapter will come soon. You guys absolutely mean the world to me, I sincerely can not thank you enough. Please keep all the comments coming. Believe it or not, they really bolster me to keep working. Next, I wanted you guys to know I’ve been working on a new One Shot story. Its nearly finished, and I hope to post it sometime next week. The story features the ‘talents’ of Natalie Portman, and is overall, pretty dark. I won’t give anything away, but if you’re a fan of the rough, abusive, degrading punishment room scenes, this story will be for you. This story is pretty unique, I actually worked on the plot with a fan I met on a different FanFiction site. I don’t normally do requests, (because I’m typically very busy with BDH, and because I’m kind of picky about what celebs I’ll work with, but this guy had some good ideas and was willing to work with me on celeb choice), so I decided to play with it. After spending a night fooling around with filling out his plot ideas and doing some preliminary writing, I decided to go ahead and devote the time to finish writing it. Bottom line is, next week sometime, I’ll be publishing a new, very dark story with the popular, Natalie Portman. On deck after that, I have two projects brewing. After I publish the Nat story, I’ll spend that week working on BDH 29, and another new story. I’ll play around with working on both of these for a week / ten days or so before I really buckle down to get BDH 29 out by the end of the month. But having said that, I’m hoping to get BDH 29 out either in the second to last week of March, or early in the last week. Then I’ll pour all my focus into my other new story. This story will feature my personal fav, that’s right, Emma Watson is getting her very own One Shot. Again, not going to give anything away, but this story will see Ms. Watson turning into a depraved cum-craving slut. And, as a final tease, it won’t, let me repeat that, WON’T be Non-Con oriented. As such, I think it will be a very interesting story that fans of the darker stuff as well as those who enjoy more Cons style stories will really enjoy. I plan to put a lot of work into this story, and I have very high hopes that it may end up being my very finest work yet! After March however, I’ll have to see how much time I have for writing, and I may have to transition back to barely scraping enough time together to put out a BDH for April… I can’t say for sure yet how things will play out. But I can say, that I’m very excited for chapters 29 and 30. I have some very interesting things planned for both, including the return of Emma to the harem in chapter 30. That chapter will feature a scene I’ve had planed for BDH nearly from the very first chapter, so I’m super excited about working on it. Hopefully by then, I can begin to find a way to work in the fan-selected smut scene with Emma and Cara. I have some ideas about how that scene might come into being, but I can’t say for sure when or how it will fall into place. All I can say for sure is that after 30 I’ll be angling to get that scene into a chapter. Ok, on to you guys, Joe: you said: All I can say is, I laughed out loud for literally a solid thirty to forty-five seconds when I read this. I really appreciate that all the subtle work I put into my profile wasn’t completely wasted. Thank you sir! Rapetile: Thanks for the shout out to my editor! I know he appreciates it! As to Ariana, all I can say is I have some very special things in mind for her sweet little ass… (I wish I could say more but… spoilers...) Relic: Again thanks for the shout out. The guy who does my edits frequents this forum and I know he is grateful that his contributions are noted. Chapter 9, that’s a long time to lurk in the forum Why wait so long to join the fun?!? Anyway, glad to finally have you with us. Please keep the comments coming. I know what you mean about the smut to story ratio, sometimes I get so caught up in the plot I find myself in need of a reminder that the chapter needs some sex! Come for the smut. Stay for the story As to Dove and Ariana, I always imagined (at least once the fans selected her) that I’d be bringing Ari alongside a celebrity she had a connection to in real life. As I said earlier, for the longest time, this person was set in my head. In the end though, I chose Dove because she’s very hot in her own right, a tad more famous, and slightly more age appropriate, especially given the time period BDH takes place. I have some special things in mind for both of these girls, and I think in the end Dove was also just the better fit for those plans. I can’t wait to see how some of the coming scenes with these two play out, as well as how their integration into Alex’s harem falls into place. Thanks for the comments. Sazbi: Thanks to you too for acknowledging my editor’s contributions, I really do appreciate it. I too am very curious to see how the Emma / Chloe / Felicity thing will play out. Having Felicity and Chloe hook up poolside was not my original intention. But I do think it was a natural and surprising way to bring Felicity closer to feeling at home in Alex’s world! It will be interesting to explore these three lady’s feelings given that each are in very different places, not just emotionally but also in their relationship to Alex. I couldn’t honestly say for sure how things will play out, since I had a slightly different scenarios in mind for these three and now they’re sort of tied together. Its just another happy surprise that resulted from the way that I write! (and in this case a helpful nudge from my editor ). As to the idea of a younger girl being the Dom to an older one, We do get some hints of that from the Bella / Taylor relationship. While it is true that Taylor leads that relationship emotionally, in bed with the advent of her feeldoe, I think Bella winds up often being more dominating. It will be interesting to see if the Chloe / Felicity situation deepens how that will take shape, since one is a very solid Sub (Chloe / Toy), while the other is a Voyeur, ( which is in itself a more passive type of fetish)… AH, what an exciting time to be in Alex’s harem Juan: So glad to see you enjoyed the chapter. I was a little worried at first that the chapter might be just a little too heavy on the smut side of things. But I think if there is a chapter or two which focus more on the purely physical its ok, and I totally agree about the triple BJ. The very first thing I wanted to do when I knew I was going to write an orgy was a good ol’ top down three mouths, three tongues, six eyes and loads of drool blow job! To me, that scene is the real highlight of the chapter. Which is kind of sad, cause I wanted the fucking Alex gave Cara to really be the focus since he waited so long to give it to her. And, while I think that moment is great, at least Cara is a part of the triple bj, and the advent of those girls all being mixed into different scenes with different girls in the end really gives me a lot to work with. I mean, now we’ve got Taylor going to have to acknowledge to herself at least, that Margot rocked her world, which further complicates the ‘Love Square.’ We’ve also got Bella now having to reevaluate how she feels about Chloe. After all, she didn’t know Clo was really Toy and was ordered to pleasure her against her will. You’ve also got Cara, who was solidly wanting Taylor, now has to at least consider how Margot made her feel in those early moments of the orgy…. The whole situation is really deliciously complicated. It should be quite fun to see how it plays out. In regards to the level 4 promotion, I can’t really say what will happen (spoilers) but I can say that what I have planned should be fun! Finally, with Emma, I think she will be extremely sad to hear about what she missed out out, especially because, as you said, she feels responsible for everyone coming together. I have a feeling that events of chapter 30 might end up taking her mind off what she missed out on . This Story is Awesome!: Thanks for the kind words, my friend! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy my work and that it brings such a delight to your world! Please don’t be a stranger and continue to add your voice to our little thread here. I love hearing from my fans. As I stated up top, I do this for you guys and your enthusiasm is what helps me carry on. Woofie: Two new people in one day! Amazing. Thanks for the kind words. I too am looking forward to seeing what Alex does with the fiery stuck up diva. As I said, I have some ideas, but it should be quite fun. Its nice to have you, and please continue to speak up. I love hearing from my fans. I’m going to wrap things up here. Just remember, there is a poll going on, so don’t forget to vote if you’ve had yet to do so. Also, since we’ve got some new folks, there is a hand-drawn map of Alex’s underground complex. If you’ve always wondered how the complex is set up, and my descriptions just don’t do it for you, (or even if they do ), please just drop me an email. I’ll be more than happy to pass it along. I’m Back to the Black, Mal
  7. I’m absolutely flabbergasted! Last Night I passed 75,000 dragon prints on my story Billion Dollar Harem! 

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      That’s awesome! Grats!

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      Thanks for the kind words and the likes you guys. I really appreciate it. It took me 28 chapters to get this far, I just hope I can keep it going. 

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  8. Billion Dollar Harem

    Hey gang! I’m going to keep it kind of short tonight / morning… I’m very tired after spending the past seven hours working on edits and rewrites for chapter 28… Whats that you say? Chapter 28? That’s right, Chapter 28 is here! I even managed to finish it up a little a head of schedule too. So I’m sure your first question is Pool Party? Is that gonna be hot or what? Well… before I get to that, let me say, 28 starts off with a fun little getting to know you section staring Ms. Ariana Grande. The winner of the fan-selected poll doesn’t disappoint either. I think you all will really love the little section with her, plus it kind of leaves you, at least I think so, wanting more… Now, about that Pool Party. Ok, Chapter 28 was 20 pages in word, so nearly as long as 27 which was by far my longest chapter yet. Of those 20 pages, 15 of those are chalked full of super fantastic, sultry, smokin-hot, pool party smut! That’s right, I wrote a massive orgy that took 15 pages to fill out. Now, you might be asking 15 pages of smut, that must have been fun, why did it take you so long to get this to us? Honestly, the answer is because it wasn’t fun… This was easily the most difficult chapter I’ve written yet. Mostly, this was because of the fact that I felt like I was repeating myself, a lot! It felt a lot like sloughing though the mud. (In the end, I think it came out well and that it wasn’t that repetitive), but while I was writing it, I constantly felt like I was saying the same thing over and over. Also, because I really wanted all the girls and Alex to each have their moments it became quite arduous. I was constantly having to switch perspectives and make sure that the timelines of one group matched up with that of the overall group and with so much going on, it was very tedious writing. I won’t go so far as to say I’ll never write another big orgy, but I doubt I’ll be doing one again anytime soon… That said, I think the final product came out fantastic. BIG PROPS TO MY EDITOR! I’m sure the version I handed him was garbage, and I know he had to have spent several hours working on my rough draft. But, in the end, we got through it and I think this might be one of my best chapters yet. The smut is hot, perhaps some of the best I’ve ever written, and that’s saying something. So, while this was a very difficult chapter for me as far as technical writing, I’m very pleased with how it came out. I really hope you guys enjoy it. If you guys enjoyed this chapter, I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate it, if you would give a shout out to my editor if and when you post again. A simple #THANKS is all I’m asking. I’m sure it would mean a lot to him to know his work is as appreciated as mine. Thanks! My plans for chapter 29 are pretty simple. I WILL start the chapter with the much touted fast-forward. This will speed the timeline to probably the day before Emma is to be released from her exile. I will start off the chapter with some summaries of events that took place during the days that passed, I’ll pass out some promotions, including a new level 4! Make sure you tune in for that! I also plan to do another short section in the adventures of Dove and Ari as they creep closer and closer to living the harem life After that, there will be some furthering of plots already in motion, some new plots will begin to take shape, and I will either announce, or tease who Taylor is going to choose… should be fun! Now, depending on how all of that goes, and the length of the chapter after I’ve added some smut, I might have a short section with Emma and her release. But I also have a very special event planned around that so, if I do something with it, it will probably be only a start or a little tease of what is to come. Gonna take a quick sec to address the comments since I last posted then I’ll wrap this up! Joe: I don’t know if it was you or not, but I’m pretty sure this idea was brought up before. If I remember correctly, I kind of dismissed the idea because, at the time, I didn’t think I would be including Gal. But now that it’s a real possibility, let me give my official answer. If, and I want to underline that word IF. IF Gal gets in, I have an interesting way that I will most likely use to incorporate my other story Felicity’s Fate. AND, so that it doesn’t skew the vote, I’m going to just go ahead and say what I have planned if I bring her in. The way I would incorporate Felicity’s Fate would be as a dream. I’ve already established, multiple times, that before Felicity came to the harem, she never had an experience with a woman, nor had she considered the possibility of doing so. Given that, the events in Felicity’s Fate obviously couldn’t have actually taken place. But I do think its an interesting idea to bring in my other story. So, IF and I do mean IF, IF Gal gets in, I will reference Felicity’s Fate as a dream that Ms. Jones will have once she learns the Wonder Woman star is now living in the harem. I think that will be a fun and sexy way to get Felicity fantasizing about getting with Ms. Gadot. Well: So glad to hear you enjoyed the pool scene. There should be lots more for you to enjoy in the new chapter. Lots of Bella and lots of Taylor, not all of it is them together...that’s all I’ll say As to the gift. I haven’t forgotten that the girls have gifts waiting on them. Like I said, those will be rewards for good behavior. I have considered giving Taylor a guitar, in fact, I can guarantee that a guitar will be one of her gifts. I’m not so sure about the cat suit though… If anyone is getting a sexy little kitty cat suit, Its going to be Ariana Grande Anyway, I hope you continue enjoying the story and please keep the comments coming. Ok gang, I’m out of here. Been staring at this screen for close to ten hours now… My brain is literally mashed potatoes… (Ok, not literally...but you get the idea) I’m Back to the Black, Mal Oh! I had a recent request for the map I drew of Alex’s underground complex. If you are new to the forum, or need it sent to you again, I don’t mind at all. So, if you want a hand-drawn map of Alex’s harem, just drop me an email. You can get my address by clicking on my avatar.
  9. Billion Dollar Harem

    Well I’m back again, Back from the Black! Its that time again, time for a new chapter! Chapter 28 is here and wowzers is it hot! After a brief getting to know you with one of the new ladies, we jump right in the action. Alex’s super hot, all-star, pool party orgy kicks off right away! This chapter is just chalked full of smut, smut and more smut. This chapter was twenty pages long in word, and I’m not joking when I say that the smut section of this chapter takes up roughly fifteen of those pages! I can however, say that writing this was no picnic. You might think writing fifteen pages of smut would be easy, or a lot of fun, but it was actually quite arduous. Mostly this was because of the fact that I felt like I was repeating myself a lot, (in the end I don’t feel that way, but I did while writing). Also, because of the sheer number of people involved, and the fact that I wanted to make sure that all the girls and Alex, of course got their moments it became quite tedious. A lot of switching perspectives and making sure that I kept the timeline of what was happening with one group more or less in sync with the overall group was harder than it sounds. I’m sure my editor wasn’t thanking me when I handed him the first draft of this chapter… I’m very sure it was a mess. But, never fear, we got it sorted out and I think the final product is quite simply amazing. Perhaps the hottest smut I’ve yet written. Anyway, I can’t say much more about it without spoilers so...go read it for yourself! Chapter 29 WILL begin with the much touted fast-forward. I’ll spend a few pages filling in the events that happen during those days, including furthering the transport of our two new ladies. After that, I plan to work on furthering some of the plots which are currently in motion, handing out a promotion or two and (I haven’t decided for sure yet), but I’ll either hint at or announce Taylor’s choice. Depending on how all that goes, and the length once I’ve added some smut, I may or may not have a small section with Emma and her release from exile. I have a very special event planned around this, so likely if I do get to it, it will only be the start or a teasing of what is to come. As always, I love to hear from you guys! Your feedback, comments and criticisms are important to me, so please let me know what you think of this story. I’d love for you all to join the conversation on my thread. It’s located in the Het-Male/Female section of the Celebrity Fiction heading in the All Other Subdomains group. Or you can always just put a review in the review section of the story itself. I want to again thank you all for your continued support. You guys are important to me and I couldn’t do this without you! I’m Back to the Black, Mal
  10. Billion Dollar Harem

    Greetings from the Black! Hey guys, I know its been a while since I replied. I’ve been busy with work, writing and a few other personal things in my RL. I just wanted to pop on real quick for a quick update, and to address the comments left since I last posted. So here goes. I spent some time editing and doing a little rewriting of an older story because I was asked to post it on a different fiction site. I finished that last week though, and am well on my way into working on chapter 28. I’m about seven pages into primary writing which I’m estimating to be about half way through. So far the pool orgy is shaping up quite nicely. I won’t divulge anything else about the chapter other than to say there will be a short but very interesting scene with one of the two new newbies! As I said, I think I’m about half way through the chapter. I’m hoping it’ll be ready for publishing by the first of March. Anyway, I obviously can’t say for sure that’ll it’ll be ready by the first. But I”m hoping to have it ready for my editor early in the last week of February, once I get it back it generally takes a day or two to implement those edits then it will go up. As I said, hopefully around the first of March. Ok, now on to you guys. lazyninjas: Thanks for the compliment bud. I don’t know if I’d agree that its a masterpiece, but I’m very glad you’ve been enjoying how the story has taken shape. I’m also very happy that you and most everyone else so far have been please by the addition of the surprise girl. It was always my intention to pair Ariana up with someone she’s familiar with in real life. I went back and forth in my head for a very long time between two girls. I won’t mention them because I don’t want to announce who I picked here yet (for those who’ve not yet read 27), and I don’t want to disappoint anyone who might have preferred the second girl. (I suppose those who are very interested in the identity of the girl I didn’t pick could email me). Anyway, thanks as always for your support lazyninjas, I really appreciate it. Ambien: Thanks for continuing to update the poll. As I said before there have been some email voting, but I think your work helps keep the forum goers updated, and helps me to see where the poll is without the email votes. Please keep up the good work and as always I appreciate all your comments, questions and criticisms. Bill Friese: Thanks for the votes. I’m really glad you enjoyed the chapter and the new additions as well. As I stated above, I hope to have chapter 28 out by the first of March. I appreciate your comments, please keep them coming. Sazbi: I agree that depending on how things play out with Margot’s discovery of the Cara / Taylor thing it could have quite a dramatic effect on her. I haven’t yet figured out the exact specifics of how she’s going to discover it. But I will say I think the events of the pool party might effect how she deals with that knowledge. However, I don’t know that she would break quite so far as to turn Cara into a Toy. But it certainly could effect how her future interactions with Emma go. It will certainly be interesting to see how everything plays out. I also think it will be interesting to see how Alex uses Toy posing as Chloe during the pool orgy scene. He could subtly issue her commands where the others can’t hear to make her do things to someone else… Definitely some interesting possibilities. Though I don’ t if anything she says while acting as Chloe could be held against her, unless its divulging some secret… Anyway, I’m really glad you enjoyed the chapter, and I hope you like the next just as well. Juan: Honestly, I haven’t yet decided how the Emma / Cara BDSM scene will come together, so its a little hard to answer your question. But I will say this. Its not my intention for this to be a NC / force kind of scene. Mostly because rape was an option in the poll but BDSM won. However, I won’t rule out something like NC turning into Con as the scene progresses. It will mostly depend on the circumstances of how these two girls get put together in a BDSM environment. But I certainly don’t anticipate it being a fully on chapter 22 type of scene… As to the possibility of Felicity or Chloe enjoying watching I will say the possibilities are there, especially for Felicity. Chloe would enjoy it I think only if Toy has been triggered. I’m very interested in seeing how this ultimately plays out. I do want to assure everyone that i have not forgotten the poll scene, I’m just still working on a way for it to come into being. This is made especially difficult, of course, while Emma is grounded. So this scene will not be happening till that comes to an end. Thanks again, Juan for the questions and your participation on the forum. I really appreciate it. Steel: I believe this idea was brought up before and I said I’d be open to trying it. I’m not sure there has been a good opportunity to put this to use yet. But I’m very glad you brought it up again. Perhaps I’ll have an opportunity to use this very soon. We’ll just have to see. Thanks again for the comment. Please don’t hesitate to ask any more questions I’m always open to answering. Thanks again for your participation, I really appreciate it. Ok, that’s it for now. I’m taking off. I’ve got quite a few things to do before I go see Black Panther tonight. But I will say, I do plan to spend a couple hours working on the chapter tonight. Thanks again for everything you guys do. I really can’t thank you guys enough for reading along and commenting on the story. You guys are what keep me going! I’m Back to the Black, Mal
  11. Billion Dollar Harem

    Hello again everyone, I’m happy to announce that Chapter 27 was finished ahead of schedule. My editor returned it to me this morning, and I’m posting it now. I was able to finish early, most because of the fact that I have wildly varied writing time. This time, that helped me to finish it early, but it won’t always be the case. If my work schedule breaks on the side where I have more time to write, I can actually get quite a bit of work done. If not, I can get practically no work done… It really just depends. Anyway, Chapter 27 is a big chapter, its by far the longest yet at 21 pages in Word. This chapter sees us getting a little more insight into the new Cara / Taylor thing. We also get a bit more intel on how things could end up proceeding between Emma and Margot. The down side to it being so long was that I essentially had to cut the big pool scene in two so that I could fit in the descriptions of the new area (the pool area itself), and to add some much needed detail to the VIP room which was previously ambiguously described at best. Finally, at the end, you guys will get to learn who the two new celebs to enter Alex’s harem will be. One of which you all should know, the fan selected celeb Ariana Grande. The other, I hope is a pleasant surprise. I can’t say for sure what Chapter 28 will bring, other than to say the relationships and events which were set in motion in 25 and 26 will continue to develop, and that I hope at some point to fit in a fast forward which will hasten both the end of Emma’s exile, and the entry of the two new girls. Aside from that, 28 will be big, for reasons you’ll just have to wait to see . I’m keeping this entry short, as I just posted a couple days ago, but I will say thank you to Ambien for keeping the vote tally up to date. I will just point out, that as of yet I haven’t had any votes cast via email. But in the last poll I received several. Rest assured, I am keeping diligent track of all votes, and will post the results once I call the poll closed. Ambien, if you wish to keep the tally up to date, I certainly won’t stop you. I think its a good thing that will keep the interest in the poll high and may encourage others to vote. Ok, that’s it for now. Please keep the votes, the comments and the questions coming. You guys are the main reason I do this, and its your encouragement that continues to bolster my desire to write. Thanks as always, I’m Back to the Black, Mal
  12. Billion Dollar Harem

    Hello again everyone, Its that time again. New chapter time! Chapter 27 is up and ready for viewing. I finished it earlier than I was planning, mostly due to my wildly varied writing times. I think this will be how this tends to go. Either I’ll have the chapter in earlier than my estimate, or later. It will just depend on how much time I have to work, and what my job schedule is like. So, Chapter 27 picks up right where 26 left off, I won’t ruin it, but pretty much, we pick up right where we left off. This is a big chapter. My longest yet at almost 21 pages in Word. The major reason for the length of the chapter has to do with how much new stuff I introduce. Not only do we get a taste for how the Taylor / Cara situation from the previous chapter will develop, we also get some more insight into how things will proceed with Margot and Emma. There is also the fact, that I introduce an entirely new area, and fill in more detail about the VIP area that was previously more or less skimmed over. I was forced to cut the pool party chapter into two parts because of this length. Finally, at the end, there will be a much anticipated teaser that answers the question: “Who will be the next celebrities to enter Alex’s little harem. Chapter 28 will see some very exciting events happen, as the pool party continues. There will be the furthering of story lines between characters who been interacting, as well as Alex’s further efforts to integrate the newest members. With the breaking up of this pool party chapter, I can’t say for sure just how many chapters it will be until Emma returns, but I can say there will be a fast forward which will speed along her exile at least some. As always, I love to hear your feedback, comments, and any criticisms you might have to offer. Please feel free to join in the conversation on my thread. It’s located in the Het-Male/Female section of the Celebrity Fiction heading in the All Other Subdomains group. Or you can always just put a review in the review section of the story itself. Thanks as always for your support. I really appreciate you guys reading along and telling me what you think of my story! I’m Back to the Black, Mal
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    Hey Gang, time for a little progress report. But first off let me say thanks to everyone who has voted so far in the poll. I’ve tabulated all votes up to this point, so if you’ve cast a vote, it has been heard and counted. I’m sure you all can see now why I was having such a tough time deciding who the final two members would be considering how close the voting has been so far. In both sections, two ladies have received virtually all the votes, and those votes have been split pretty much right down the middle. there is still a long way yet to go in the poll, and till those ladies are brought in so anything can of course still happen. I’m very excited to see who will come out ahead, as I hope it will finally help me decide which ladies I want for those last two spots. On to writing. Primary writing for chapter 27 is more than half way done at this point. I got a little side tracked editing an old story for a different site, so I’m not quite as far along as I would have liked. But I hope to finish writing by the end of the week, or early next. At that point I’ll pass it along to my editor for refinement. Once I get it back it usually only takes me 1-2 days before I’m ready to post, which still puts me right on track to post it by the middle of the month. As I said before, this chapter should be quite fun, and will easily be my longest yet. The scene at the pool party should be new and interesting, and there will also be some fun surprises in store. Now, on to you guys. I’m not planning to directly address people who only voted, but I will say again thank you so much for doing so, and for including your reasons why. It is very much appreciated, and I think will be helpful in deciding those last two spots. Bill Friese: Thank you so much for reading! I love it when a new reader joins in and enjoys the story so much that they want to tell me all about it. It really makes me feel like all the work I put into the story is well worth it. Thanks for adding your voice to the thread, and please feel free to vote in the poll and continue making your presence here known. As to your question. Its a little hard for me to answer. Right now in chapter 27 we are basically just into the second day of Emma’s week long exile. Add to that, that 27 is long enough and has enough going on that only one day will pass in that chapter, and it makes me a little uncertain as to how long it will be. However, that being said. It is very much my intention to do a fast forward at some point here very soon, perhaps in 28. So I”m hoping I can have her back in the harem by chapter 29 or perhaps 30 at the latest. I hope that answers your questions, and I hope you’ll keep them coming. Well: I’m glad you’re looking forward to the pool party. This is a chapter I had in mind for quite some time, and I can say I’m very happy about finally getting to write it. I think in the end, you’ll be very happy with how it comes out. As to Taylor, I don’t know if she’s the biggest slut at this point, but she has certainly transformed from unwilling prude to zealous tramp over the course of the story. I have some really fun things planned for her in the next few chapters, so I hope you’ll stay turned and get yourself ready for some interesting things. I’m not sure about Alex giving the girls some disappearing swim ware… but I’m sure the alcohol, music and fun he’s providing might cause their swim suits to vanish Guest NR: Glad you’re enjoying the newest chapter. When I first broke Emma and Margot up, oh so many chapters ago, I always imagined they might get back together, at least for purposes of ‘ruling’ the harem. If you’ve read other posts I’ve made, you’ll know that things don’t always come out exactly as I have planned. This is one of those things I really did my best to bring back around. I think it makes for a very interesting power dynamic, and also should begin to beg the question of whether or not they get back together sexually…. I personally can’t wait to see how it all plays out. You should also know that your comment about choosing between Alexandra and Gal made me laugh out loud, literally. I know its a tough choice. Why do you think I needed to put it in a poll? All the babes in this poll have so many good things going on, ways they could add to the story it makes choosing really really tough. Anyway, its been real fun seeing all your votes, and especially your reasons for choosing whichever babe you selected. Please keep those votes coming. And just for the sake of keeping the poll on the active page, I’m going to repost it here: Thanks as always for participating in this little story I’m Back to the Black, Mal
  14. Billion Dollar Harem

    Hey guys, just checking in to give you guys a quick progress update. First off, I don’t know if you all noticed, but BDH is nearly at 70,000 Dragon Prints! I just find that simply amazing, since when I published chapter 25 it was sitting at just over 52k. Which means in just a couple of months with no updates helping it along, BDH was viewed nearly 18,000 times! I am so humbled and and blown away by the support and success this little fantasy story has garnered. When I first began this, it was more of a way for me to write down a few of my own dark fantasies and to practice writing. (FYI, I’m a big believer in fantasy. Human beings can’t control what they fantasize about. But they can control their actions. If you can use a story like mine to get a taste of your own fantasy in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody, then I think that’s a great thing). But, now, in so many ways BDH has grown into something that I now do more for you guys, the fans, than for myself (don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy doing it). Anyway, I digress. The bottom line is, I want to thank all of you fans for getting me, us this far and I hope you all keep reading. I have no idea how much longer BDH will go on, but I hope its a good long while and I hope you all will continue to follow along as the story and the characters grow, suffer and well...have naughty things happen to them =) Thank you all so much, I could never have gotten this far without you. Now, on to the juicy stuff. Sazbi: thanks for the welcome back. I too can’t wait for the next chapter . I’ve actually been pretty hard at work on it. Its coming along nicely. That said, I have still have highly varied writing time which means I really can’t commit to a firm release date. So for now, I’m going to stick to my previous statement that it should be ready by mid-February. I don’t want to give anything away, but it should be a fun chapter with a few twists. I’m very much looking forward to writing the pool party scene. Its one of those moments I’ve had sort of had a inkling of doing since about chapter 11 or 12. Back then I thought it would happen in the underground pool area. But then I got the idea for the solar reflective dome and decided to move it outside. To give the girls a little fun, sun and fun in the sun, wink, wink . Anyway, I”m really looking forward to getting it done, but it honestly might be several weeks still. Thanks again, Sazbi for the welcome back. I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. lazyninjas: Glad you like the chapter, bud. I put a lot of work into it, and I think it works really well as a continuation of the action from Chapter 25. In part that made it hard to write since I went through such a long period where I didn’t write anything. I had to go back and familiarize myself with what had happened in the previous chapter. Thanks as well for the welcome back, I hope my return is for a good long while. As long as I have some time to write, I don’t plan on having to drop off the world again . Juan: I’m really glad you enjoyed the twist. Personally, I think there are a few little twists in 26. Everything from seeing how Margot dealt with Emma’s threat, to Alex’s big pool party announcement, to, of course, the big moment with Taylor and Cara. I hope that you’ll be just as pleasantly surprised by how that event plays out in 26 . I think it is interesting to consider how Alex might go about punishing the ladies who have devolved into debauched sluts. He can’t really punish them with sex, if they’re getting off on it. I think there are still things at this point he could use to punish any of the ladies, even those who have sort of gone off the deep end. I have several rather heinous ideas in mind for when the time comes to punish someone like Taylor who would now likely enjoy most of what Alex or the guards could sexually throw her way. You’ll just have to wait to see . I’m really glad you enjoyed the voyeurism. Its my hope that you weren’t the only one. Either way, its a theme I plan to use at least here and there to help bring Felicity into the fold, so to speak. If it seems like something people want more of, I could see it being used more often. Especially as the harem beings to fill up. After all, we still have four more girls to bring in. Having said that: I really want to talk to you guys about the next four ladies to enter into Alex’s little world. I’ve already decided on the next two. One of which will be Ariana Grande, the winner of the fan selected poll. The other… well you’ll just have to read along to find out . I plan to do a little teaser at the end of 27, and for them to be brought in by chapter 32 or so at the latest. I’m really excited to see these newbies interact with the original five, who have basically come to accept their fate, and also see how they deal with the two newer ladies who have only begun to fall from grace. It should be a pretty interesting ride. Now, as promised, the poll. I’ve decided that this is going to be more of an opinion poll, (i.e. the results of the poll will not definitely decide who I select). But I do plan to heavily weigh the winners in my decision of who I ultimately bring in. Also, because these final two girls are so far off in terms of entry. (I don’t see it happening before chapter 40) This will be a long running poll. I’ll likely give it 4 or 5 months before I announce a winner. Also, as always, I’ll accept your votes in three ways. 1st you can vote right here in the forum. Just please, please please do follow the format I’ve set up, and please don’t cast votes for ladies who aren’t listed. Any vote for a girl not on this list will be discounted out of hand. 2nd you can vote if you like by leaving a review in the story itself. Finally, as always if you don’t feel comfortable making your opinion publicly known, please drop me an email. To get my address, just click on my avatar next to this, or any of my posts. I’m always happy to hear from you guys, even if its not to vote . The poll will have two sections, one for each open spot in the harem. Please only vote for one girl from each section. Pulling two girls from one section will disqualify your vote. Also, please provide the reason you selected the girl. Its not mandatory, but your reason for wanting one girl over the other could be the difference in my selecting her over someone else. The first section is for the 3rd spot, or the 10th girl who will enter Alex’s harem. For this spot, I’ve selected a few of my most favorite brunettes. I think the harem really needs one more girl with dark hair. As currently the Harem only has 2 brunettes, (3 if you count Ariana). Here is the list, remember please select only one: 1) Alexandra Daddario: I She's amazing. She adds some much needed curves, has long dark hair and amazing blue eyes. My only reservation about her is trying to deal with having 2 people named Alex in the story. 2) Megan Fox: She's sexy, curvy, has long dark hair and blue eyes... She's super famous, everyone knows who she is. I think she'd be a busty, spunky addition who would add some sultry fire to the harem. 3) Kendall Jenner: She too is wow sexy, long slinky legs and sexy dark hair and eyes. She has more than 86 million Instagram followers! Add to that, she's friends with both Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift which could be used to add all sorts of drama to the harem. 4) Gal Gadot: This tall sexy former Israeli Soldier would certainly be a great addition. Long legs, sexy dark hair and eyes, plus she's skyrocketing up the fame ladder with her role in Wonder Woman. Besides that, she would most definitely cause Alex a great deal of problems with her integration. The next section is for the 4th remaining spot, and she will be the 11th and final girl to enter Alex’s harem. For this spot I was kind of torn. I really would like another redhead. Bella is currently our only one and I think it would be a damn shame if we only had one. However, the ladies on my redhead list really aren’t as famous as I might like for this last spot. Besides that, I realized Alex’s harem is missing something else, a super model. Cara sort of counts, but she’s more of an actress now than a model… Anyway because I would like to see a model in, and this is the last spot. I’ve included a few of my favorite supermodels, all of who are a secret kept by Victoria . Anyway, here’s the list. Remember to please select only one. 1) Rose Leslie: She's ridiculously hot and famous for being on Game of Thrones. I think she'd be a great addition, however, I wonder how much 'fight' she'd put up at her integration. (Not everyone needs to put up a fight, but in some ways its really great when they do). 2) Karen Gillian: Tall, leggy, long red hair and a great Scottish accent, I think she'd be another great choice. She has an amazing body, is famous for being on Dr. Who, and with a few big movies that she recently did, is becoming more famous by the day. 3) Alexina Graham: Another tall leggy red head with green eyes. She is a Victoria Secret Model, and I think would be a great choice. She isn't as famous as the other 2 red heads on the list, and also has the same problem as Ms. Daddario... adding another Alex to the harem. In her case though, I think it would be easier to force a nick name on her. (Daddario is known for using Alex as her nick name) 4) Elsa Hosk: This tall Swedish Model is most famous for being a Victoria Secret Model. She's blonde, has gorgeous blue eyes and is quite simply hot as hell. Being purely a model, she isn't as famous as most of the others on this list though. 5) Stella Maxwell: She too is a tall, leggy supermodel, famous for being a Victoria Secret Model. She's blonde, has blue eyes, and is a bi-sexual known for dating Kristen Steward. Again, she isn't as famous as most of the others on the list, but she is really hot. Ok, those are the choices. I’ve put a lot of work into this list and a lot of time considering who I would like in and why. For that reason, I won’t accept any votes that vary from this list. Please format your vote like this: 3rd spot: (insert name) (then offer your reason for selecting her, if you like) 4th spot: (insert name) (then offer your reason for selecting her, if you like) Any votes that wildly vary from this format, include girls not on the list or if both girls come from the same section WILL BE DISCOUNTED. Again, this poll is not definitive, but will strongly influence my final selection. I’ll also be accepting votes for the foreseeable future as this will be a long running poll. Thanks again guys, for your support, I look forward to hearing from you all real soon. I’ve gone on long enough. I’m Back to the Black, Mal
  15. Billion Dollar Harem

    Friends, Readers, Celebrity Fanfictioners, lend me your ear, I don’t know, that sounded cool in my head…. Hey everyone, I’m back...again...I know I said it would be the end of the month, but I got so excited about writing and posting again that I just couldn’t put the ‘ol quill and ink down. (Yes, that’s right, I draft my stories on parchment paper using old school ink and quill) I’m not sure what’s wrong with me right now, I’m in a quirky mood, maybe its cause I’m about to post my first new chapter in over two months! That’s right, you weren’t mistaken, Chapter 26 of BDH is now live! I really had a blast writing this chapter. It picks up literally right where chapter 25 left off, with Margot in Emma’s quarters. (If you don’t remember just where we left off, I’d recommend reading that last section of 25, its not too long). This chapter focuses a lot on Margot and the continuation of her indoctrination into the harem. She’s still trying to learn her place, and find someone to take that journey with her. We get to see a lot of her internal thoughts about what she wants from her life down in Alex’s world. There is also of course some pretty hot sex. I don’t want to give anything away, but I think there’s at least a couple of unexpected moments, including my first real attempt at writing voyeurism. This scene was very fun and different for me, and I’m really excited to see what you all thought about it, and whether or not you all would like to see more scenes like it. If so, I might try to include this fetish a little more. Twenty-six also promises to reveal an entirely new area of Alex’s compound coming up right away in chapter 27. I think that should be a very fun scene as well, as I’m sure you’ll all see. Coming up, I plan to get to work on 27 right away. Given my highly varied writing times, I can’t really promise when it’ll be out, but I can tell you I’m super excited about writing it. With that said, its my hope to have it out by mid-February or so. Emma’s exile will continue through 27 with only a few snippets of interaction. As the next few chapters unfold, I hope to slip in a short fast forward, so that she will be back in the harem by chapter 29 or so. So the next few chapters will mostly revolve around Margot trying to hold the harem together in her absence, and dealing with the aftermath of one of my favorite scenes in 26 (no spoilers =) I think over all the next few chapters will be very fun. Because, also in an upcoming chapter (I haven’t decided if it’ll be in 27 or 28) but I plan to announce the next two entries into Alex’s harem. One of these will be the fan selected celeb, Ariana Grande, the other should be a surprise to everyone, (hopefully a pleasant one). With the next two entries soon to be announced, I plan in the next week or so, (after you guys have had a chance to read and hopefully post some comments about 26), to post a new poll. This poll will be about the final two entries into the harem. This poll will be a long running poll and I haven’t yet decided if it will be something I’ll use to help me decide who I’ll pick, or if the winners of the poll will be the ladies I select. As it won’t go up for at least a week, I’ll think about it. But I can promise you a decent list of ladies whom I’m considering to fill out the last two spots as well as my reasons for selecting those particular babes. Anyway, I hope you guys all like chapter 26. I put a lot of work into it. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you all again, and reading your comments on my work. Thanks as always for being there for me, even when I was gone, I’m Back to the Black, Mal