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  1. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the visual on Amazon Position, and yeah, I’m fine with it too. My only concern regarding it would be the tiredness of the legs, thighs, and hips after a while if they went at it a while. As for Nursing Handjob, I’m guessing that it involves the female getting breast-suckled by the male while she gives him a hand job? And yeah, I understand what you mean about the implications of using the word sodomy. Probably better for us if we just refer to the action as Anal, which Doggystyle allows for better positioning in doing than others, in my opinion.
  2. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    You know, the ones you mentioned, I actually had to look those up, and the Lotus Blossom position was the only one that had any visual example to it, whereas the Amazon Position was only described, and I couldn’t find anything for the Nursing Handjob. I guess that makes two of us with the Doggystyle position, although the picture doubles as that for sodomy, AKA anal. I’m sure the majority of us here know that already, but I’m just saying it on the off-chance someone sees this and doesn’t know what the word means. And yeah, I’ve always found it to be very stimulating to see. Something about seeing girls/women with big butts and boobs getting plowed from behind just really gets me off, though I honestly can’t pin down why.
  3. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    You probably know by now which one interests me the most, but which do you guys like? Just out of curiosity, of course.
  4. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Hey guys. I’ve been playing a game online called “Harem Heroes/Hentai Heroes” where you go into a fantasy world with loads and loads of anime, cartoon and game references, and collect girls as part of your harem. During one their updates a while back, they gave a list of positions, one that we could probably find useful for when writing our stories if need be. Here’s the list along with visuals:
  5. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Glad you like it. Plus, as the American Gods version of Odin, Mr. Wednesday, put it, “I have as many names as there are ways to die.” So there’s probably quite a lot choose from.
  6. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I suppose you could look at it that way. Maybe Grimnr, another name for Odin?
  7. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Or maybe Ignis, the Latin word for fire?
  8. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I don’t know. That kind of reminds me of “Damn it!” So if someone heard that, they’d probably just think somebody was cursing.
  9. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Not sure.
  10. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Yeah, and the Greek gods were real assholes. Glad you like it. Dracognis?
  11. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I was just curious if you knew. Most people seem to treat the Minotaur as though it’s just one member of a race of beings like the centaurs when it’s actually the monster’s the product of bestiality.
  12. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Okay then.
  13. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    That so?
  14. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Actually, the version I heard said it was that the king of Crete, Minos, thought his sacrificial bull was so beautiful that he could bear to part with it, and so sacrificed a lesser bull in its place. Poseidon didn’t like this, and so in revenge, put Minos’ wife in a crazed lust that led her to fuck the same bull. Then the minotaur came into existence. But essentially, yeah, it’s what you said. Plus, “Minotaur” means “the bull of Minos”.
  15. Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    True. BTW, you guys know how the original minotaur myth went, right?