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I'm just your average fan fiction writer, working on my Ah!/Oh! My goddess story called The Vain Rose's garden.

The Vain Rose's garden is an Ah!/Oh! My goddess fanfiction that's based on an alternate universe where Peorth grants Keiichi's wish instead of Belldandy. From that point on, it follows the lives of both that couple, as well as the other goddesses and their dealings with their mortal friend. Also, while it does adhere to the same slice of life format that Ah!/Oh! My goddess uses (even with a much more harem like setting), there's a lot more sensual content and interesting situation for the readers to enjoy.


Additionally, you can find my work posted on Hentai Foundry and Archive of our own sites, under the same username. Also, I have a forum thread on both here and  Hentai Foundry.