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  1. Not sure, but will it be any battles?
  2. Had ideas of the girls giving Ben private dances at times.(like twerking and lap dances) as well as double (or some smothering) titty fucks I guess
  3. In a alternate universe where the Omnitrix doesn't exist and was never part of Bens life, Ben Tennyson and his family decided to move to Echo Creek Los Angeles, he also had a nasty break up with Julie in this story. Ben tries his best to get use to this new life, but when he meets a strange girl with a weird pair of scissors, things go insane real fast. He also becomes powerful as the story progresses. Requirements: Ben also gains a harem in the story. He also still part alien, but it's up to the writer which kind. (Anodite or Osmosian) Marco doesn't exist in this universe, but you can add him as a female if you like. Story will have sex scenes, but will be more plot centered. You can add other Ben 10 girls such as Elena Validus, Jennifer Nocturn, and so on for example. Tom is also female in this story (Star is Bi) Girls should possibly be more busty and curvy Anal is also a must. Harem members: Star Butterfly Jackie Lynn Thomas Janna Ordonia Hekapoo Fem Tom (Toma, not sure of a feminine name) Elena Jennifer Kelly Marca Diaz (if the writers want to add her) Allowed: 69 position Analingus Cunnilingus Spanking and boob slapping Degrading dirty talk Clothes ripping No-nos: Bashing NTR Blood If you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions or would like to take this challenge up, please leave a reply or PM me.
  4. Cool stuff here
  5. Will Vilgax be transformerd into a female by Ben (possibly using Alien X) or is he a female in the Omniharem universe? Just wondering
  6. That sounds interesting, the accidental dimension hopping that is
  7. Possibly have him sent to a dimension during a fight or something like that or Ben changing the world as Alien X into buxom and horny babes that want his cock even his enemies. Love to hear you Avatar idea
  8. It's Interesting, I like to see a story where Ben is the only male with sexy female versions of his friends and enemies.
  9. Oh, I get you, so like a alternate universe where nothing but women and girls
  10. As much as I love Ben and Rex, I wouldn't mind seeing a different hero like Zak Saturday getting some sexy ladies, but not sure what series he should go into though, maybe a Monster girl universe
  11. I honestly like the Gender Bent Vilgax idea, not many Fem Vilgax stories. Looking forward to Big Hero Six as well.
  12. Any thing on the Ben 10 Omniharem fic yet?
  13. That would be awesome, love the idea of Verdona being a goddess underneath her human form
  14. That would be interesting, never seen a fic with Verdona
  15. This is mostly about Ben though