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  1. Ben's slaves challenge Plot: Ben starts to notice that Gwen has gotten curvy and buxom, Ben messes with the Omnitrix until he finds a new feature that can turn any woman into his slave, he gets an idea and uses it on Gwen as well as extra Thick versions of the females of the series. Here is a pic of thick Gwen if you're interested. All girls (Lucy, Kai, Charmcaster, and etc) all have the same body type. Gwen is also 19 and Ben is still 10 in this story, but Ben has a massive 20 inch cock because of the power of the Omnitrix. It can take place in Bellwood and not the rust bucket.
  2. Really cool ideas, love to see someone try the Ben 10 and Adventure Time idea
  3. Any idea when the next chapter for Omniharem? Really can't wait for more
  4. Cool, can't wait to read it.
  5. Also, how is the Ben 10 x Avatar fic going?
  6. I have other ideas for heroes, how about Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6? Don't see many Harems with him.
  7. Would like to see more harem featuring Ben and Rex, but that's just me, not sure on scenarios yet though
  8. Not sure honestly
  9. Any plans for Omniharem?
  10. Yeah, Genderbending seems like the go to, I'll do that then. I also had an idea of a female Peter Parker (or Patty) and AU Ben, with Ben getting the Omnitrix as well as a harem of Patty, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy (she's alive in this universe), a AU Julie Yamamoto, and Black Cat
  11. I'm feeling they should still be around, but I'm not sure about gender bending them, but I think it might work
  12. Yeah, I was thinking of Ben some how getting transported to the HSOTD universe as well as saving everyone from the zombies. Triage X is made by the same guy who did Highschool of the Dead, so it could mix well in that universe.
  13. It's mostly Ben 10 crossovers, like with Highschool of the dead and Triage X, have you heard those anime
  14. That's cool, been coming up with ideas for future harem challenges.
  15. Sorry for not replying, how's it going?