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  1. Had ideas of Ben becoming a teacher their (Ben is at least 20 years old) and the girls are all 18/17 years old. The girls are also stacked and big butted (Nikki Minaj booties and huge Kayla Kleevage tits), story Ben still faces his enemies, but also develop realtionships with the girls as well as sex happening. I was thinking of Julie being with Ben, but not sure.
  2. Yeah
  3. Also, I had another idea, Ben 10 x Ghoul School. I always that the girls where cute, love to see them as bimbo monster babes
  4. I have some ideas, but it might be a tough one, not sure, but maybe Julie gets her body back, but not sure how. I love to hear your ideas if you have any. It's obvious that Ship/Julie will be super submissive to Ben calling him master as well as lots of kinky sex. Honestly don't mind a one shot story
  5. I love to see a fan fiction based on this comic to be honest.
  6. Yeah, but this version is different, honestly just like to see someone do it.
  7. Also, what if Vilgax was female? I honestly think she should be a Amazon with curves and massive tits. Also she would have a obsession to mate with Ben instead of wanting the Omnitrix (she's still evil, but wants a king to rule the Galaxy along side her)
  8. Great idea for having Ben have Kaa's powers and like the whole girls becoming buxom and sex hungry, as for girls how about adding Emily (one of Ben's ex girlfriends), Jennifer Nocturn, and Drew Saturday (appeared in Ben 10 Omniverse) As for Disney girls how about Princess Jazmine, Arial, Marida, Elsa, Annie, and Moana. Possibly are Gwen's friends or something like that. Also does Ben get a huge cock as well? Really love to read this to be honest
  9. Had an idea of Hiro getting with all the marvel chicks, but not sure.
  10. How about adding Disney females or something like that Also, like to see Hiro Hamada get some ladies. Possibly have him grow up to be a badass with new armor and gadgets. As for girls maybe Gogo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Cass Hamada, and Abigail Callaghan. Not many girls, but hope for some waifus to appear in the new series and future sequels.
  11. Yeah, but it's just an idea, she might not be apart of it.
  12. It's a really interesting idea, I think everything is fine, I have no suggestions. Also, I have a idea of Generator Rex getting a new power to make every woman fall for him, possibly making the nanites in every womans body go crazy for his cock. Ladies in his harem Rebecca Holiday Circe Cricket Kenwyn Jones Five Breach (possibly) Black Knight Claire Bowman Annie Beverley Holiday Valentina Diane Farrah That's all the girls I have in mind.
  13. Really cool idea there,
  14. Two heroes into one? I'm cool with that idea, makes the hero more epic in my opinion.
  15. That sounds interesting, maybe a science experiment gone wrong or something and he eventually lives with it, just a suggestion Love to hear your superhero idea of yours