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    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    Killing off characters has always been a huge problem for me because I do end up getting really attached. I really haven't had any stories (original or otherwise) where I’ve actually done the deed yet, though I know that in certain ones there should realistically be a body count. When I do finally decide to off someone (very reluctantly), I really want there to be a solid reason for it, instead of just doing it for shock value/attention, or because a character is or becomes “boring”, etc. These are reasons I’ve seen characters be bumped off in shows/books/etc, and it’s pretty transparent.
  2. Dirty Unicorn

    Reviews that make you go "hmmm?"

    What’s so bad is about all this that he just goes around posting the same rambles everywhere. Reviews that aren't actually reviews bug me. He’d be better off just getting a blog and posting his deep thoughts on superheroes and comics there. I’m not even sure what this devolved into towards the end there…
  3. Dirty Unicorn

    Reviews that make you go "hmmm?"

    Is it cool to share WTF reviews left on other peoples’ fics? I like reading reviews just to see what’s being said about the story, and oh man have I seen some stuff. For example, there’s this guy who goes around reviewing Marvel/DC superhero fic, and this is his handiwork: This is real, and it’s not the only one he’s posted. There's more, but they’re also very long (and rambling), hence why I just linked to them.
  4. Dirty Unicorn

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    @Desiderius Price Thanks! Yeah, I prefer realism too, to an extent. IE: In a medieval fantasy I'll look the other way if the princess smells like flowers as opposed to b.o. because she hasn’t bathed in days, versus a story where a parent visits a school where his child’s being bullied, finds the kids in question, and threatens them. I certainly understand wanting to smack the bullies, but that is in no way plausible, more so in this case because the parent is an important political figure. I guess I look for realism in how people react to things around them and how the world responds to their behavior. So the whole “the world bends over backwards to accommodate my precious cinnamon roll” stuff annoys me greatly. I admit to be willing to ignore spelling mistakes if the story’s engaging enough and the author’s aware of the problem (“I know about the spelling errors, but I don’t have a beta and I’m trying my best to catch them” – I can sympathize. It can be hard to find a beta, especially if you don’t write in a popular fandom). But if there’s enough of them I will max out. Just haven't run into any that have made me do that.The ones that have a ton of spelling errors also tend to have other problems too, so I don’t really get too far with those. Yes, yes, yes. I see that quite a bit too, and it drives me loco. Joe looked angry. “I am mad, Max.” Then he went home. His dog Bart looked at him and said “Woof.” Joe sat down. Suddenly Mom walked in. “Joe, let’s go to the movies.” That’s not much of an exaggeration of the fics I've seen that are like this. Can I get some more story in my story, please?
  5. Dirty Unicorn


    It was short and it hurt the point that he wanted to get across, I agree completely. “Hey, don’t do this because it’s bad. Kthnxbye!” Okay?...
  6. Dirty Unicorn


    The gentleman who wrote that article made some pretty broad generalizations. I wouldn't draw the conclusion that a writer is lazy or simplistic just because they had an angry character slam a door or whatever, especially if the rest of the story itself is just fine. If I was reading a book where some characters were having a heated argument, then generally I would expect someone to have a physical display of anger of some sort (and sometimes you just don’t want to stick around after a fight). I actually don’t see anything wrong with cliches because you can always put your own twist on them.
  7. Dirty Unicorn

    Insecure connection

    Oh, okay. I never put my personal business in any of my online profiles, so yeah. I feel more comfortable about things now. Thanks guys!
  8. Dirty Unicorn

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    So, so true. What about the reverse of this? One time this other writer approached me to beta her fic with the promise of fan art for me. I accepted because hey, fan art, plus the plot was centered around a character I love. But then the more it progressed the more I began to dislike it due in part to how she approached the cast. I wasn’t sure if that was enough for me to critique, because it seemed to be a case of differing interpretations. She winds up not even finishing it and leaves for another site altogether without a word. I only discovered that she set up shop elsewhere when I happened to stumble across her account on the second site. Haven’t heard anything from her since. Anyways, I agree with a lot of things a bunch if people have said here already , but I have some of my own to add: Character bashing. I refuse to support stories that do this. What’s so bad is that the term character bashing itself is so misused now that people don’t even understand what it actually refers to. There are people who literally think if you do anything to a character that isn’t making life daises and sunshine for them, you must be bashing them. The character gets sick? You’re bashing them. Another character dislikes another character for perfectly valid reasons? That’s perfectly normal, happens all the time in real life. Nope! You’re a character basher. I remember this one girl who was trying to defend bashing Twilight characters by saying that critics bash characters all the time when they give negative film/book/etc reviews. That’s… no. I don’t even like Twilight and it’s clear to me you don’t understand what you’re talking about. Badly-written romance. And the funny thing is, when I once stated how awful many shipfics are (I’ll call them shipfics to differentiate them from a good romance story), this one person now thinks I hate romance. No, I hate stories where we get stuff like this: Mature grownups suddenly start behaving like dumb kids in middle school or characters in a CW show when it comes to love. People who write about children (when I say “children”, this character can only be 8-11 years old) having sex with adults and teens and having the older party be so impressed by their maturity/or physical attributes. Yeah, that’s realistic. Unhealthy relationships being treated like they’re normal. At least have the self-awareness to point out that one or both characters are bad for one another. There are romances that have made me tear up or feel joy that the couple’s finally gotten together. The crap I just described made me tear up, but not from happiness. Also it’s just annoying to see the exact same ships be written about the same basic way over and over again. Can we mix it up please? Writers who can’t make characters act like real people. This is a big issue with several canons I like. It’s not just OOCness, it straight-up feels like the cast exists purely to be the writer’s mouthpieces/tools. If it’s a character(s) the writer likes, then they’re always depicted as Good, Honest, and Noble, even though more though more often than not they act like complete turds instead. Any character who challenges the author’s pets (especially if they’ve clashed with them in the source material) exists to be an obstacle that must be demonized and humiliated at every turn. Whether it’s a villain or a good-aligned character who committed the crime of simply disagreeing with the pet character in the original material, under the fanboy/girl’s pen they’re transformed into vile monsters that do everything from abusing animals to committing rape. Look, I don’t care about what characters you wanna project yourself onto or date. I just want to read a normal story.
  9. Dirty Unicorn

    Insecure connection

    I have antivirus software myself (Avira -- used to be AVG, but it fell down on the job). Do you think my computer would be safe if I went ahead and logged in?
  10. Dirty Unicorn

    Insecure connection

    I looked around to see if anyone else was having this same issue. Not finding anything, I decided to go and do this. Right before I log into my archive account, a message appears saying “Connection is not secure. Login could be compromised.” So I type https before the site URL in the address bar and then log in, since that’s worked for me before on other sites where I've received that same warning. Here though it doesn't work, only taking me to a page which states the “connection is (still) insecure” instead. (If you’re curious, I’m using Firefox.)
  11. Dirty Unicorn

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    Uh… *thinks* If I count everything, four stories that are actually posted online, as well as three that haven’t been and which I’ve been working on on the side off and on. Did I say the word “on” enough times? I wasn’t sure if I should count all the Word docs I have in which I've jotted down some scene or bit of dialogue that I needed to get down.
  12. Dirty Unicorn

    So who is the sexiest cartoon character?

    I haven't seen any rules against thread necromancy, so I hope posting here is cool. There aren't too many cartoon characters out there that I personally find sexy. There's plenty that I think are cute or attractive though. Gambit, Esmeralda, and Jessica Rabbit are the only ones off my head that I apply the word sexy to.
  13. Dirty Unicorn

    New? Introduce Yourself!

    I should've did this first, but I've never been confident when it comes to introducing myself. I'm new to the forum, but not writing fanfiction. Some of my fandoms include Disney, Sonic The Hedgehog, Digimon, and some more obscure cartoons like Road Rovers. I also love crossovers. While I find anthromorphic characters fascinating to write and speculate about (what kind of culture would humanoid animals have? How would they interact with the world around them?), I don't consider myself a furry, though I don't have any issues with the normal, non-obnoxious ones. Most of my fics that'll get posted on AFF will either be slash or het. I also sketch, and have started branching out into doing steamier fan art, so I might post some of it here. I'm on dA, Fur Affinity, and and a few other fanfiction sites, most prominently Fanfiction.net as One Lucky Unicorn. Let's see... I love animals, reading, and movies. l have an interest in true crime and cryptozoology, though currently I'm just an armchair enthusiast (and far more discerning and skeptical about the latter then I was as a teen).
  14. Dirty Unicorn

    Writing a "first time" scenario

    @BronxWench: Thanks! *nods* The first sex scene you ever write probably isn't going to turn out absolutely perfect (much like a person's real first time, lol). Also, I'm big on characterization and staying true to the characters' core personalities, so I hear ya there. @CL: That makes a lot of sense. It does seem easier for guys to get off. The virgin in fact actually gets caught masturbating by his would-be partner, and he's done it before even though he considers it shameful (he's pretty old-fashioned). At this point, I'm not super-worried about the beta issue. I actually really dislike the other smutfic I've seen done for this fandom, and in general finding a good beta is like pulling teeth, so those factors lower my chances at finding a good one. Hopefully if I get any reviews, they'll throw out some feedback. Oh definitely -- having fun is partly why I got interested in trying my hand at erotica. XD @dafdes: I'll keep that in mind. The characters have been besties since they were little, so they're comfortable with each other for the most part. Why didn't I register for the forums here sooner? You guys have been way more helpful then some of the other forums I've been at before.
  15. Dirty Unicorn

    Writing a "first time" scenario

    Ooo, these links will be very handy indeed. Thank you, Bronx Wench!