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  1. So who is the sexiest cartoon character?

    I haven't seen any rules against thread necromancy, so I hope posting here is cool. There aren't too many cartoon characters out there that I personally find sexy. There's plenty that I think are cute or attractive though. Gambit, Esmeralda, and Jessica Rabbit are the only ones off my head that I apply the word sexy to.
  2. New? Introduce Yourself!

    I should've did this first, but I've never been confident when it comes to introducing myself. I'm new to the forum, but not writing fanfiction. Some of my fandoms include Disney, Sonic The Hedgehog, Digimon, and some more obscure cartoons like Road Rovers. I also love crossovers. While I find anthromorphic characters fascinating to write and speculate about (what kind of culture would humanoid animals have? How would they interact with the world around them?), I don't consider myself a furry, though I don't have any issues with the normal, non-obnoxious ones. Most of my fics that'll get posted on AFF will either be slash or het. I also sketch, and have started branching out into doing steamier fan art, so I might post some of it here. I'm on dA, Fur Affinity, and and a few other fanfiction sites, most prominently Fanfiction.net as One Lucky Unicorn. Let's see... I love animals, reading, and movies. l have an interest in true crime and cryptozoology, though currently I'm just an armchair enthusiast (and far more discerning and skeptical about the latter then I was as a teen).
  3. Writing a "first time" scenario

    @BronxWench: Thanks! *nods* The first sex scene you ever write probably isn't going to turn out absolutely perfect (much like a person's real first time, lol). Also, I'm big on characterization and staying true to the characters' core personalities, so I hear ya there. @CL: That makes a lot of sense. It does seem easier for guys to get off. The virgin in fact actually gets caught masturbating by his would-be partner, and he's done it before even though he considers it shameful (he's pretty old-fashioned). At this point, I'm not super-worried about the beta issue. I actually really dislike the other smutfic I've seen done for this fandom, and in general finding a good beta is like pulling teeth, so those factors lower my chances at finding a good one. Hopefully if I get any reviews, they'll throw out some feedback. Oh definitely -- having fun is partly why I got interested in trying my hand at erotica. XD @dafdes: I'll keep that in mind. The characters have been besties since they were little, so they're comfortable with each other for the most part. Why didn't I register for the forums here sooner? You guys have been way more helpful then some of the other forums I've been at before.
  4. Writing a "first time" scenario

    Ooo, these links will be very handy indeed. Thank you, Bronx Wench!
  5. Writing a "first time" scenario

    Sorry, I didn't see your reply until after I posted just now. Good advice that I will definitely take into consideration! I didn't consider taking guides on writing het erotica and applying the tips in them to slash. I'd love a beta, but unfortunately my writer friends stick to clean material and I'm pretty sure Sonic rule 34 isn't their thing, so for now I'm beta-less. Thank you! So far everybody here seems pretty chill, which is a relief.
  6. Writing a "first time" scenario

    Funny thing about my first time -- there has yet to be one, since I'm asexual. But yeah, that's a very good point about their experience not exactly going smoothly. XD True, true... In that case, guess I should aim for a mix of realism and fantasy. I did see someone else saying that a virgin wouldn't be able to bring their partner to orgasm, yet funnily enough, I've seen this in quite a few first time stories. A part of me wants to go that route too, since the fandom I'm writing in always portrays this particular character as a uke because of his personality and nationality. I really want to buck that trend. LOL! I'm guess I'm just paranoid about being one of those writers people laugh at because they're obviously a virgin trying to write porn and failing. XD Thanks for replying! Your answer gave me some stuff to think about.
  7. Writing a "first time" scenario

    I'm nearly done with this one-shot I've been working on, but the sex scene (something I've never written before until now) is what keeps on tripping me up. It's between two young men. One is a virgin, and the other, while not a virgin, has never been intimate with another man before. I'm just worried about it looking silly or being unbelievable. One bit of advice I've seen around is to see how other writers tackle the subject, which I've been doing, but I was wondering if anyone had anymore advice or tips to share?