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  1. yuuya26

    God of Sex

    caulifla from db super as monkey
  2. yuuya26

    The Beach Bitch! [Kushina's Fuck-ventures 3]

    Say just to know, will u continue your old stories?
  3. yuuya26

    Kushina Slut

    You mean this http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600104591
  4. yuuya26

    Drugged and Abused

    This challenge is inspired from a story i read on fanfiction.net and a doujinshi .After the war is over Harry gets many marriage contracts some with lewd pictures, he refuses all of them but decides that he wants to date one of them (you can choose the girl but i would prefer no Ginny or Hermione), after some months of dating when she returns home for the christmas vacation her father who only wants to use her to elevate his house tells her that he chose a husband for her from outside the country many years her senior and a major pervert though she doesnt know it yet. She refused so he made her drink love and lust potion without her knowledge every day so her future husband could sample the “goods”. After Harry fails to stop the wedding she gets married and her husband uses her for anything perverted he could think of using drugs and anything else he can think of. If anyone is intrested tell me so i can send the links.
  5. yuuya26

    Feminized Ron

    who wrote that story?
  6. yuuya26

    The Lone Wanderer - Discussion and Stuff

    How about a Danzo enslaves the women of the world one by one and have them do his biding while he stays in the shadows?
  7. yuuya26

    The Lone Wanderer - Discussion and Stuff

    How about Highschool DxD?
  8. yuuya26

    The Lone Wanderer - Discussion and Stuff

    Say BigE2955, just a question will you write fics with other anime or only naruto?
  9. yuuya26

    Manipulated Lily

    Ok, fine by me! Hope more will be interested in this.
  10. yuuya26

    Manipulated Lily

    Anyone interested in this challenge??
  11. After their parents died Lightning was ready to start taking care of her sister by herself but Amodar ( LIghtnings superior officer ) a friend of the family took them to live with him. Lightning accepted because she trusted him and because she wanted to study under him so she could later join the Guardian Corps. After some time ( you can choose how long) Amodar started lusting after Lightning and Serah (she doesnt know Snow), so by using some aphrodisiacs he found in a raid some time ago he decided to start with Lightning by drugging her drinks. Little by little Lightning started having erotic dreams and thoughts about the only man she trusted and she thought it was because of puberty and because he was the only man she had positive thoughts. Slowly the aphrodisiacs made Lightning so horny she asked Amodar for relief, he gave her what she wanted but instead of taking the lust away it made her want it everyday. After many days of fucking her and making her take aphrodisiacs with her drinks she became his little slut who would listen to his every order and he thought it was time to take Serah for himself, so with Lightnings help he started to plan for Serahs breaking. (you can add whatever you want or you can ask me if you want a second opinion)
  12. yuuya26

    Manipulated Lily

    I would really like to read stories where Lily survived the attack on her home by Voldemort and after the death of her husband is manipulated by someone. Not the usual people like Severus but people that havent been used at all, like : Fudge ( one idea is that Lily works as a secretary for him ) Slughorn ( after the death of her husband he invites her to stay with him, so she is not alone ) Vernon Dursley (Petunia is not jealous of Lily and still loves her and takes her but Vernon starts lusting after her ) and many more. I know there arent many details in here but if anyone is interested in this then he can contact me to share ideas in yuuya26@hotmail.com
  13. yuuya26

    Kotoamatsukami [Responses to Reviews]

    I mean some of the missions that we saw on the anime like the Wave arc. For example Tazuna asks Kushina (if she is Hokage by that time) to give him a team so they can escort him to Wave never saying anything about the people that are after him, but Kushina already knows about the situation in Wave country and she reveal that, Tazuna seeing that he cant lie anymore starts begging her to help him saying that he will do anything. There Kushina sees an opportunity so she seduce him so he will ally his country with Konoha and give all the missions to them (or whatever you can think). On the other hand if you do that mission before Kushina becomes the Hokage then you can send her with Tazuna and her mission from Danzo would be to seduce Gato so they can take over his business and wealth. There are other arcs but i dont remember all of them.
  14. yuuya26

    Kushina needs money to raise Naruto

    Nice idea, if you want to write it like that then go ahead.
  15. yuuya26

    Lily: slave of the Boltons

    Game of Thrones and Harry Potter crossover have many stories, but not even one with Lily so my challenge is this: When Voldemort attacked Harrys home he killed his father but when he tried to kill his mother, a ritual Lily used so Harry could be protected, protected both Harry and her but because she was close to the point where the killing curse struck with the different magic in the air the ritual opened a hole between dimensions and sent her to the Game of Thrones universe where Roose Bolton found her (the Boltons are the same bastards as in the series except they are not torturing whoever and whenever they want only their enemies).The stress of the night, the death of her husband and the realisation that she will never see her son, weakend her both physically and mentally and made her unable to use magic for sometime, so when Roose found her and became captivated by her beauty he decided that he wanted her. When they arrived in the Bolton household and the doctors told him that she was only exhausted Roose decided to take advantage of her exhaustion and make her his by using sexual torture. In the following days Lily tried to withstand the torture but with her mental exhaustion and her multiple orgasms her mind broke and she swore herself to Roose. After that you can do whatever you want, you can even make her the mother of Ramsay if you send her before he was born. You can even have her regain her magic after sometime and Roose knowing about it using her so maybe in the future he could take the throne. (noone but the boltons will know about Lily not even Varys)