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  1. Here’s a good piece of article on how to write character flaws.
  2. devoid

    Questions about OOC

    So this is something I noticed in many of those fanfic "pet peeve" threads, and complaints about characterization OOC-ness (particularly if it involves character bashing) is one of the most prevalent complaints. But sometimes, the premise or setting of the fic does require the character to be somewhat OOC (e.g. a character is demonized to justify a pairing or angst, another is dumbed down for the sake of comedy, etc). What I want to ask is, how far can one stretch the characterization and justification before the character becomes completely alien this OOC-ness become unbearable?
  3. devoid

    Plot bunnies must die

    I think I can sympathize. Ideas for Frozen fanfics keep on popping in my head despite not actually liking the movie (or any of the characters).
  4. I am rather disappointed that most of the fandoms I like are very obscure that very few, if any, people actually bothers to make a fanfic/fanart about it.
  5. devoid

    Archive listings

    Just asking why the stuffs listed in the Archives toolbar in the left panel, and the one listed in the header tab is slightly different. For example, the "Games" archives can't be found on the header tab, while the "Myth, Legends and Folklore" archive can't be accessed from the left toolbar.
  6. devoid

    Count To Infinity

  7. devoid

    Count To Infinity

  8. devoid

    Count To Infinity

  9. devoid

    The Why Game

    because we hate everything and everything hates us Why?
  10. devoid

    Count To Infinity

  11. devoid

    You know what burns my ass?

    My ass is almost literally burning after trying to cycle up some very steep terrains.
  12. devoid

    Count To Infinity

  13. devoid

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    "Sweet Devil" Hatsune Miku
  14. devoid

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Not guilty. Most of my friends are well-behaved. Ever fainted for whatever reason?
  15. devoid

    Count To Infinity