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  1. Is anyone really surprised that Trump doesn’t like (or even understand) intelligence? After all, they’ve got nothing in common. It’s like a bad match up on a dating website. This is the guy who probably still thinks he can “turn off” the internet. The guy who’d have more money now if he’d just saved the loan his father gave him, instead of fannying about with it, making as many people miserable as possible.

    Much as I dislike certain aspects of US Intelligence services, if I was about to be President, I’m still damn sure I’d trust them over Putin. What a complete and utter wazzock… I wonder if he’ll be able to bring himself to trust the intelligence services the first time they say: “Get down!”

    I must stop watching the lunchtime news.

    1. DemonGoddess


      Nope.  The orange shitgibbon has a “great brain” according to … HIMSELF! :rofl:

      Mind you, when you have all SEVENTEEN intel agencies telling you the same thing, there’s obviously something afoot.