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  1. Food shopping commenced at 0700 hours. Food shopping completed at 0900 hours.

    A dog ate my mince pies while I was putting the shopping away.

    *tries to wrap things*



    Status at 1100 hours: Panic.

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    2. pippychick


      Yes… unfortunately, I have never been the kind of person who knows where their towel is. And I should… I went to church today, and the vicar was kind of hot with his intense scrutiny, which means I’m probably going straight to Hell. A towel would definitely come in useful there.

      Thank God there’s no God.

    3. BronxWench


      There is something intrinsically unfair about hot vicars. On the other hand, Hell has potential. :)


    4. JayDee


      “Hey come on Vicar, I’m already on my knees. Make with the come unto me already.”