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  1. Quick question: Which of these three sentences do you find most readable? Assume that the speaker has only one boyfriend and one daughter, and that Randy also has only one daughter.

    "This is my boyfriend Randy, my daughter Evie, and Randy's daughter Rose."

    "This is my boyfriend, Randy, my daughter, Evie, and Randy's daughter, Rose."

    "This is my boyfriend, Randy; my daughter, Evie; and Randy's daughter, Rose.

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    2. Melrick


      I’ve had a cup of tea and a nice lie down since my rant, and now I’m feeling more calm. lol  Basically, whatever feels right for you is what you should go with.

    3. JayDee


      The worst thing is a colon in the wrong place. Such as in your lunch.

    4. Maxsteele1986


      I think the 2nd one is the best one.