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  1. I had to go to the post office yesterday. It was surprisingly busy, and it wasn’t easy to keep six feet away from everyone (although there were lines of tape on the floor for the folks standing in line). Ahead of me in line, a white man and a Latina woman got into an argument about one of them (I wasn’t sure who) cutting in front of them, and the guy told the woman to “go back to Mexico.” (Never mind that she spoke with an American accent.) Just overhearing that made me feel awful for the next hour. 

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    2. BronxWench


      There was a similar incident in my local post office a few years ago, where an older woman lashed out at a young Latina woman. To my great joy, I was not the only one telling the older woman that her language and attitude were completely uncalled for, and that she was in the wrong to begin with.

      But right now, I think we should all try to be a bit kinder. We need the kindness.

    3. FairySlayer


      @JayDee I wish you got to write the action for when Bree from Narnia tracks this guy down and punishes him properly  whatever that means. (The guy is a horse’s ass, so it should fit.)

    4. JayDee


      Horses do have a nasty bite to them. And they kick like a...uh… horse.