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  1. My main computer died. Am stuck with the net hating backup dino until I can get the new machine into the shop and running again. oh well, at least I still have a computer for all the beta/editing stuff I do on the side.

    1. BronxWench


      Ugh, that is the WORST feeling in the world. I have a generally lobotomized laptop I can use if my computer acts up, but it’s sooo slow, and I can barely even write, let alone do anything else on it. I had to use it when my hard drive died earlier this year, until I could run out and get a new hard drive, replace the dead one, reinstall Windows 10 and all its updates, and then migrate all my data over from the old drive, which was readable still if I slaved it to the new drive. :bash:  A week of my life fixing that mess… Note to self: do not buy a computer with a Seagate hard drive. Pay to upgrade to a good Western Digital.

    2. Kurahieiritr


      I hear you, and understand all about crap hard drives.  People give me the side eye for not buying a computer at all unless I know the hard drive company involved.  Frustrating as it is,  I do get a couple messages answered average before I’m kicked off line. Get back on and repeat.  The machine is really cramping my ability as a beta. I have to reboot the email program 5 times to get a meaty message to the writer. :( Still have some connection so I’m not going to bitch too much in the end. Though I am super frustrated at the speed problems.