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  1. Yeah I guess this would also be me proudly announcing that I am a published writer too. Lol. Anyway, yes for any interested readers you can purchase it on paperback (book format) here or if you have a CS account, you can also purchase it from here as well. If anyone wishes to buy and read my tale, I sincerely hope you guys enjoy it as much as I've had writing it.
  2. hath-a-applecore2

    Count To Infinity

  3. hath-a-applecore2

    I am finally Self-Published!

    Congratulations, hon! That's awesome! Wishing you the best with however many future publications you make!
  4. hath-a-applecore2

    Count To Infinity

  5. No more fanfic updates, y'alls. This published authoress is going to pursue the rest of her own series. :D (yes, I've already cleared my old fics out)

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      Thanks! The Amazon store link for it can be found in my profile site link. :)

    3. BronxWench


      Congratulations! :D

    4. hath-a-applecore2
  6. hath-a-applecore2

    The People Above And Below You

    ^ ...xD huh, I'll have to get back to you on that ;3 < Is elatedly waiting for the weekend to arrive =) V Has been having better weather wherever they are...?
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Armageddon It ~ Def Leppard
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    Count To Infinity

  9. A little over a week to go... :)

  10. Overtime really taxes on you. Funny how you get paid extra, and then your stress pays as well. Really looking forward to next month. Sigh.

  11. Chapter Two of "Lock Constricting Her Heart" has been posted! :)

  12. What the Hell kind of pharmacy sells expired medicine anyway? Thanks, I bought myself a huge migraine this morning. Morons.

  13. It certainly has been awhile since I was here last. My how time flies. Been sucked into RL, had a few job promotions and other matters to sort out, but I did miss this place...:3

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      Thanks, BW! Great to see you again, hon! :)

  14. -plays cuddletime with Fang- I'm head over tails for a fictional dog superstar. I know, I'm that weird lol

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    Count To Infinity

    ^lmfao 21152