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    Hairyhaggis reacted to sumeragichan in Is there an point where story content is not accepteble?   
    Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and opinions. Sometimes writing horrid and controversial things is a catharic thing, maybe even symbolic. It doesn't justify the actions in real life or even make them acceptible. That is the difference. I don't expect it to ever be any otherwise.
    Words can hurt yes, but that is the risk you take to be able to speak your own mind as well. I've lived having to watch every word I say for years and I fucking hated it. It wasn't because I was in another country or trying to be nice, no it was out of fear for my mental health and well being. I was put down and degraded for contrary opinions for that period and it was a necessity to bite my tongue and not argue back. Many other people live through simillar conditions if not worse still. That's why I feel so strongly that is a right everyone has. Living without it makes you realize what it really meant.
    If it offends you, well bravo for speaking up about it. I fully support your right to do so. Your reasonings do have some sense, and I can admit there are crueller people than some and even those more sensitive than others. The issue would be where do we draw the line? Do we do it for the majority or a minority that is more sensitive and easily hurt or offended? That would have to be answered.
    Also in fictional writings, how do you determine what is and isn't acceptible. Not everything that has a controversial topic in it is glorifying it. Sometimes it showing an ugly side of it, sometimes even demonizing it. It can be used to show the corruption of a character or even how evil they can be. They do have a legitimate purpose and place still. That's not glorifying or making them seem acceptible, that's using them as a tool to show a down slide or cruelty. How would this figure into some of what you said? I am honestly curious on what you think about this side of it.
    Tl:Dr- Living without freedom of speech sucked and those horrid things can be used to show cruelty and corruption as well as not being used to glorify things. Bravo for speaking your mind, first off. Second off, how would such uses fit in to how you feel?
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    Hairyhaggis got a reaction from Artemis_Lecter in Suggestion?   
    Is there any way that the titles could be alphabetised? I know that there is a manage reading function but when it's a new story that you are looking for being able to simply choose a letter within the genre category would be much easier to use until you have decided to add one to your readings.
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    Hairyhaggis reacted to BronxWench in Flashbacks in Fiction   
    Flashbacks. They can be a wonderful way to bring in some back story, or illuminate a character's motivation or reasons for reacting a certain way. But I need to rant just a teensy bit...
    Flashbacks should not need to be announced. Please. It's disruptive, and drags me right out of the flow of a story. I'm reading along happily, and there it is. The clue-by-four, in all caps and bold lettering. FLASHBACK. Now I've come to a full stop, and I'm yanked right out of my immersion in the story, and that's not fun at all.
    If you've been using a regular font, italics can serve to highlight a flashback. Really. It's how it's generally handled in the books you buy in bookstores. Or set it off another way, if you've already reserved italics for characters talking to themselves and bold lettering for mental telepathy. But please... no great big warnings that we are entering the flashback zone.
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    Hairyhaggis reacted to ApolloImperium in Remember when....   
    Found this on FB, got a kick out of it - I'm not old enough to have done it all, but I remember some of it!
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    Hairyhaggis reacted to ApolloImperium in Stupid Laws still on the books!   
    *giggles* So someone sent me this link and I had to share. What's the stupidest law in your state?
    Stupid Laws
    My fav for my state:
    Crap - I don't think I can take my car apart that quickly!