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  1. Published my book and now working on another. Think I need to work out a schedule so I don't work 16-18 hours a day. The joys of working from home ;)

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    2. BronxWench


      ::points:: You can promo it here, because we'd all love to know more! :D


    3. She Writes

      She Writes

      Congrats on publishing your book :)

    4. W.D.Lady


      Congrats to you! Publishing a book is a great accomplishment. :3

  2. Taking some time out from formatting the book as it's driving me crazy, and got a nice review on Siren Song today, was such a nice surprise.

    1. Danyealle


      it was well deserved. Awesome story!

    2. Hairyhaggis
  3. Being kept busy with the book. Hopefully will find time soon to update my stories.

  4. Gay male/yaoi - pretty standard 1 lesbian sex/yuri - again pretty standard 1 BDSM - 1 possibly 2 depending on the method used. Double Penetration - 2 pretty standard in both mediums. Tranny - also one of mine so I'd put that at 2 - who doesn't love Tim Curry dressed up (enough said ) should specify, if by tranny you mean transsexual rather than crossdresser (since not all have undergone full procedure) then 4 bit more unusual. Threesomes - 1 it's pretty standard though as you say some people can get a bit psycho Non Con - hard one to rate. Provided it is with adults 2. Can't rate for non adult as I have very strong opinions against that. Voyeurism - 1 just look at True Blood stats. Says it all. Daimonophilia - 1 who doesn't? Wonders if there is anything nowadays that really stands out as being an unusual fetish. Was surprised the anemophilia was ranked high as I always considered that to be standard. Another of mine is growling.(human) - It's completely ordinary but a deep, sexy growl and I'm putty.
  5. I'm a female who prefers transvestites and I'm straight. It's the look, the feel of the clothes on the guy and it's a little naughty. There are some guys that go way overboard in my opinion with makeup that resembles pat butcher which do nothing for me but the ones that are clearly guys (that I find attractive) I prefer dressed up.
  6. cuppa coffee then finish the chapter

  7. gonna catch up on fringe before getting some writing done

  8. should be writing but can barely see straight tonight guess that's my cue to go to bed

  9. great brainstorming session and now got 3 scripts ready to write

  10. finally got my website up :)

  11. I seriously need to stop watching the Kirby Dancing video, it is soo addictive and I'm finding him very sexy hahaha

  12. Hopebringer Jem exactly. I do think something has to be done about bullying but it comes down to the parents and how they raise the children. Unfortunately, too many children are either spoiled or neglected and don't have someone teaching them how to behave as a decent human being. If the parents don't step up and take responsibility, how are the children to learn?
  13. Not a bad night. Managed to get a couple chapters of the book done and wrote a bit more of Into the dark. I had planned to end it where it had but Niggly McNigglepants rose up once again

  14. The UK is very much a nanny state. I hate it. I grew up when it was acceptable for a policeman to kick you up the ass if you spoke out of line let alone the wallopings your parents would give you. There was more discipline and the kids generally behaved better. We still had bullying and fighting but you would seldom hear a child cussing. I refuse to let anyone other than myself teach my daughter what is right for her and her moral code. I set up boundaries of acceptability and she follows them. I'm a very liberal mother (and single parent) but my daughter rarely drinks, doesn't sleep around (she's 16 and in uk that is rare), she doesn't swear in front of me, she says her manners and is polite to strangers. She doesn't bully or have racist or prejudiced views. She's not perfect but I think she is one damn fine daughter. If I left it up to the government to teach her, I dread to think how she would turn out. Not only would she have no individuality, she would have a warped sense of right and wrong. As for the hidden meanings inside works of literature and art, I think sadly many people skip over them when there is something erotic that appeals to them. Personally, I like finding the hidden meaning in things (3 little pigs, big bad wolf, one could say that it refers to the holy trinity and the devil.)
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