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  1. AquaTonic

    Snatched--SM/DBZ Crossover

    Chapter 8 uploaded:
  2. AquaTonic


    It’s definitely an ego thing for me. I unhealthily used to measure myself by that number and would be disappointed when others would have double to reviews. It made me doubt my ability to write a summary or how good my writing was in general. Now it’s about the number of hits that makes me happy.
  3. Yes. As a fellow “Moonie”, I have written SM fanfics for a long time. It got to a point where my characters were starting to be OOC and the plot lines were becoming more intense that I stepped back and decided I needed to charge the direction of my work. While I enjoy working with the canons I grew to love, sometimes it’s nice to leave the nest and fly. If you’re still around, I’d love to know how your development continued and if you’re going to start a magic girl series.
  4. AquaTonic

    Excuse me while I gush a bit

    Bump bump. It’s one of the reasons I came back after time away from writing in general. I really enjoy the atmosphere here too!
  5. I feel you, I have to write myself a full-on summary of what I’d like to see the direction of my fic going or else I’ll lose my intended vision/ending I had planned. I use notepad to just sit and write out the summary including whatever little details or scene/dialogue comes to mind while I’m inspired. Then, when I’m working on it I’ll add/retract and continue working those ideas/main plot points. I think it’s a great way to stay organized and would love to take a peek at the desks/notes of famous writers of large book series. I wish I could give you some ideas that could help with what to add in but it’s not my genre of fan fiction. Wishing you the best on your writing!
  6. AquaTonic

    Learn to Submit the Wrong Way!

    This was a great read, I’m in love with the sarcasm!
  7. With those odds, I’ll be sure to increase my life insurance policy first! xD
  8. Well, there goes Australia from my “vacation destinations” list. A “burn it with fire” meme would be appropriate.
  9. AquaTonic


    I’m a big numbers person and wouldn’t delete reviews even if they were flames because hey, at least they reviewed! My first flame was on my first Sailor Moon/Dragonball Z crossover that I co-wrote with an old friend in 2002 when I was 14. If I recall correctly, fans of my fic messaged the flamer endlessly until they apologized. Later on, they came back (probably 6 months later) and gave a constructive feedback review that outlined how I could improve, what was wrong, and areas that I needed to work on. I appreciate that this person did come back later and give me constructive feedback. It’s probably one of my most memorable flames and later constructive feedback reviews.
  10. AquaTonic

    How Did You Find Fanfiction?

    I’m reviving an old topic but I’m enjoying reading how others found fanfiction. When I was in elementary school around 5th grade-ish, one of my teachers introduced us to looking at a picture and making up a story to go with it. I fell in love with doing that. My friend and I around that same time discovered anime so it evolved from looking at a picture and thinking of a story to watching a show and creating a story involving the characters we liked. My BFF and I would write stories together on notebook paper and then eventually found FFN, started reading stories, and writing/publishing our stories on there. It’s been a great creative outline and I will be forever grateful to that one teacher (whom I remember his name) for introducing me, without knowing it, to fanfiction and creative writing.
  11. AquaTonic

    Snatched--SM/DBZ Crossover

    I rewrote this story and recently posted a new update. Original post updated with new URL information and summary.
  12. Name: AquaTonic Fandom: Any Preferred Program: MS Word Experience: I've beta-ed before for about 5 other authors through the years on another website. I have experience in editing dating back to being an editor in high school on my school's newspaper for 3 years. I continue to edit on the side for friends and family. I prefer to use MS Word because of the comment system to highlight sections of text, and correct spelling errors. The system I have in place is to highlight words in red where I've corrected spelling so an author can see the changes made. On a personal side, I am married (spouse is military), volunteer, going to college online, and currently pregnant (due Feb). There may be points in time where I will be unavailable due to my spouse's career (moving, social events, volunteering, preparing to deploy, etc.), newborn coming, or studying for an exam. I will notify you if an event comes up where I may be unavailable but I do like to reply within a day or two with corrections. I do write, so please feel free to take a look at my work before deciding.
  13. Have you talked to your professor? If you set an appointment and bring in your same paper with the Works Cited page attached/notated (not sure which format you're using), it will alleviate your worry. This will show your professor that you're taking responsibility for a mistake and trying to make it right (instead of the he/she assuming plagiarism). I wish you luck on this issue!
  14. AquaTonic

    [Original]Gossamer's Island

    Author: AquaTonic Title: Gossamer's Island Summary: Small town bookstore owner Camille receives an invitation hard to refuse: meet her mother's side of the family. That is, if she can make it there in one piece! Chaptered story. Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism much appreciated. Fandom: Original/Paranormal/Supernatural Warnings: Angst, Anthro, Beast, D/s, H/C, M/F, Oral, SH, Solo, Toys, WIP URL: This is my first original fic and I would appreciate any feedback on character/story/plot development. Thank you for taking your time and I will post here when a new chapter is available.