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    What's Your Style?

    POV is just one element of style. I think description plot and characterization is all separate from style, yet other aspects of the voice color the rest of it so that you have "gothic", dark novels or as someone pointed out, lots of description, or lots of dialogue (a play is a much more different read than a novel for instance). I was really struggling with what "style" actually is when I began making writing a passion of mine. So, as an exercise, I once wrote a piece using a different language (nearly the type used on PotC) wherein I would relate the story. For instance, bringing in an archaic word, yet one that is still understood, or using a word in a different way. "meet" for instance. As an erotic piece, it was quite a challenge, and chapter 14 is burning on my hard drive, languishing there, awaiting my attention. It's almost like taking on a persona. It certainly comes down to what you are capable of feeling, how capable you are in conveying that feeling, and what sort of success you will have doing it. Reading the work of others, I can almost see into their souls, for they bare them so sweetly, and sometimes so blatantly. Others you can tell are more intellectual 2nd person makes me sound kinda preachy, doesn't it? I've got to remember to avoid that one. Anyway, I guess that my point it, style is tied up with the personality of the author. If you are a hippie type person, or emo, or romantic, or rock and roll, it all has a certain appeal, right? I don't know. maybe I'm wrong. Style was always an elusive subject for me. I don't think I ever understood it properly.
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    aaaaagggghhh!!! My virgin ears!
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    No, I agree. This is the way of the publisher. you post it, they allow you to post it, ergo. If you had to go through RL publishing, this is what would happen, except....and here's the kicker....without an agent to stick up for you, you won't get any royalties or commisions or percentages. It's all part of the game. I thought this site also had that. All material posted belongs to the publisher, et al. It's pretty much a given. If you delete it and ask them to do so, (I'd have to look it up) I think they reliquish all copies to you as well, and have to not promote it or gain anything from it. That is why you can't publish the same work on different sites either. If you read the fine print, I'm sure its there. Infringement and all that. *Later* Hmm. Looks like the old TOS has been changed. I could a sworn....meh, oh, well. Publishers!
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    Jesus Mary and Joseph

    Petition to stop child exectutions I cannot imagine grown men facing this, let alone teenage girls! Is there no end to the madness? Article here Please sign the petition because, fuck, if even one signature can stop the madness, let it be yours. As much as soul-reaping may excite me, this is not the way. not the way.
  5. now you two. no squabbling. I can spank through the internet, and I have ectrae's soul. I may do something to it. the other article was about female genitalia mutilation, which, kind of makes me want to puke, but this is, I think, about having something done to something you think is unsightly. I suppose that this is the effect of increased incidence of oral sex in the population, or some guy, (like Bob Hope), saying something: "Man, I thought that was just a crappy set of balls!" when he saw a photo of labia that were rather...hangy. I mean, if a guy is going to criticize something like that, or a woman sees that in the mirror for the first time and thinks: "ew, that looks gross" (and people do), they want to change something on their bodies, it's like removing a mole as far as I can see. If it's done because their parents make them, and the clit is removed, I think I'd protest like it was 1969.
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    The People Above And Below You

    ^ observant < same here, although I did think that was a coincidence, since I also began drinking lots and lots of coffee V no skin complaints whatsoever.
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    Count To Infinity

    7569 eh hhehe..
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    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    Yaoi writers ought to be spanked. But good. Red?
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    Alphabet...whoever's A Picks The Theme

    Tobias (only the sexiest guy in the bible!)
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    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    meh. but that's about the stupidest answer I could think of at the moment Any other sage advice?
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    Author Offended?

    did that site remove itself of the said material? maybe they had no disclaimer or something. I mean, even if I send out an invoice, and it doesn't say "2.4% per annum interest will be charged after 30 days" at the bottom, and the customer doesn't pay within that time period, and I charge him interest, he is not obligated to pay it, and it won't stand up in court if I take him to court about it. (Not that I would, sheesh, but its all legalese) Disclaimers mean a lot
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    The People Above And Below You

    ^ deals with idiots everyday < I do know I do v Hasn't crossed the border since requirement changes.
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    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    well, or 19 The age of reason is 7 isn't it?
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    How do you review?

    My reviews could be reviewed in and of themselves. Kee hee hee. If there were a reward for reviews, I'd win LOL (It's my one weakness, and I will burn for it)] Pride cometh before a fall. I'm doomed.
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    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    Just the evil soul taker...MUAHAHAHAHA...(checks soul-bag) oh, I've already got yours Daz?
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    Famous Name Game

    Artie Johnson
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    Word Association Game evil players you!
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    Megan Consoer

    I really like this thread alot. Can you post more?
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    I Have Never....

    I sat on one and pretended. I've never been much good with a driver. (golf reference)
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    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    probably seeking ectrae's soul seriously, why?
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    Megan Consoer

    same here in originals...not that I've done anything of note lately anyway, but wouldn't you all be sheepish if it turns out she's like quadraplegic or something like that and that's all she can do to let people know she's read and liked the story! it's a possibility Looks like she dropped the "Consoer" part.
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    I Am...

    I am going to the bathroom I am sure I will lose no souls on the way.
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    I Am No Longer Allowed To...

    I am no longer allowed to spank ethereal things. Like souls.
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    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    Is there such a thing as a rising sun? Are souls addicting?
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    Are We Friends Yet?....

    Um...I've been using this forum since about it began and FoeoftheLance invited me here to begin with to talk about Serenity of all people. That was ... wow...way over a year ago now. I guess I'm just posting this as a whim, but hey, I think I interact with you guys more often than with family members, and it just struck me, I just had to ask. Too weird, huh?