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  1. redsliver

    I Have Never....

    I have, I recommend it. I have never paid a hooker.
  2. redsliver

    The Why Game

    because there's fuck else to do, why?
  3. redsliver

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Weird Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
  4. redsliver

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    I doubt it could have been a bad idea. Is it wrong to start sing-a-longs in laboratory settings?
  5. redsliver

    If I Were...

    I'd hold you tight. If I were a bad pick up line...
  6. redsliver

    I Am...

    I am agreeing with Sam on the Heroes front. I am admittedly watching it for Bennet and Sylar.
  7. redsliver

    Person above you game

    ^ makes for a good chaser when drinking SFC
  8. redsliver

    The Three word Story

    the inch. How
  9. redsliver

    The Anything Game

  10. redsliver

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    hey there Teeta?
  11. redsliver

    The People Above And Below You

    ^ can nap with the best of them < best of them V is also invited
  12. redsliver

    I Have Never....

    me neither I have never pressed charges against someone.
  13. redsliver

    I Am No Longer Allowed To...

    I am no longer allowed to go five months without a hair cut.
  14. redsliver

    Person above you game

    ^ overshot scribe
  15. redsliver

    The Glad Game

    Being a male
  16. redsliver

    Alphabet...whoever's A Picks The Theme

    Junior Gorg
  17. redsliver

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    not guilty has caught a few sentences in someone elses conversation and tried to interpret the topic.
  18. redsliver

    Famous Name Game

    Solomon Grundy
  19. redsliver

    I Am...

    I am looking forward to the next episode of heroes tonight. I am excited that I always get so much writing done on mondays. I am hoping I am able to finish off at least this second chapter today. I am hoping to finish off my story by next week.
  20. redsliver

    "If my parents found out I..." -Game-

    Any chance you could write the rules in English? I tend to ignore and glaze over shorthand.
  21. redsliver

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    not quite Darma?
  22. redsliver

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    guilty lies in the forum games.