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  1. Adopted a dog on Monday. He is such a sweety. 3yr chocolate old min pin we call Loki.

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    2. BronxWench


      Aaww, a little'un! Congratulations on the new fur-baby. :D

    3. DemonsAngel
    4. BronxWench


      I resisted on all cylinders, but we've had our little girl for a year now, and I'm so attached to her. I can't imagine not having her here. :D

  2. I got straight A's in my classes and on my finals! *is so proud of herself*

  3. I just got two of the syllabus' I need for my classes. My head nearly exploaded reading one of them, let alone the second XD

  4. Just sent in my collage application and am working on my fafsa! So excited!!!

  5. The dog doesn't care that it is 11 at night, that the ground is frozen with a layer of snow and it is only 17 degrees out. She wants to go outside and play with the laser pointer.

  6. I passed my math compass!!! Tested into the college level courses!

  7. Hold your loved ones close, treasure them always...I almost lost my sister today. Her friends car hit black ice, flipped and would have gone into the river if not for a guard rail. Had it been the van, I'm sure it would have gone over.

  8. Have you voted yet? If not, go do so!

  9. My story got a feature yesterday in a group on deviant art! I nearly cried when I found out!

  10. DemonsAngel

    15 minute approximate down time for server tonight

    Thanks for telling us!
  11. This person says in the summery that they are posting for a friend because the friend "can't"'s been a couple days so I thought I would mention it...
  12. OK, went back and left reviews on all 8 of the stories I read today. Thank you apollo for reminding us we need to take the time to review more ^^

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    2. RogueMudblood


      * shameless plug for Reviewer's Association inserted here *

  13. RIP Michael Clarke Duncan.

  14. Back from Seattle, had a great trip and got over 900 pictures! Not bad for only 3 days ^^

    1. sumeragichan


      Sounds like you had fun. XD

    2. DemonsAngel
  15. DemonsAngel

    Count To Infinity

  16. DemonsAngel

    AN as chapter. chapter 11.
  17. DemonsAngel

    Snape/Hermione Fic - Medical Treatment

    CryingCinderella mentioned a fic that inspired her to write the one she did in her first chapter. Maybe that is the one you are thinking of? She listed the name and the author, I just can't remember it. If you go check her fic you will find it.
  18. Just got invited to join a new free math class, more advanced then the math 2 class I took. Starts Sept 11. Can't wait!

  19. 104. If I could melt I probably would...Looks like our cool summer has ended.

  20. DemonsAngel

    Wrong Area This story was put into the Resident Evil section under games. But it is for the Resident Evil movies section.
  21. Hurray for happy endings! We were able to locate the dogs owner and he is on his way home.

  22. Got some great shots of the solar eclipse today and got them posted. Also found a lost dog. Not a bad day all in all.

    1. kagome26isawsome


      I want to see your pictures of the eclipse..where did you post them

  23. Well that was "fun." Nana tried to be helplfull again, so we had to go through all the clean dishes to find the dirty and re-wash them. And she wasted detergent doing about 5 pieces of laundry and now my clothes are covere in tissue because she forgot to check her pockets. I just hope we found all the dirty dishes >.<

  24. Got through my first math class and it was great. Took me 4 hours on the 2 sided hw but with help from friends I got it done!