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    I'm happily married with a BFA in Fine Arts. I'm currently in school for an associate's degree in Business Management so I can open my art business. ^^
    I love drawing & painting, reading, writing, video games. The list goes on and on. Basically anything art related. >,<
  1. Sent you an email. XD

  2. I can't wait for the anime con!!

  3. It's taken me about a week but I got my desktop running now. Put another gig of ram in, had to default to CS3 but I have all of the FF .docs from my laptop (now backed up) on it. Now I have to go find my muse. ;(

    1. sumeragichan


      *pokes* Where do we need to start?

    2. yukihimedono


      I'll have to check my email and see what I did with the chapter you sent back to me. XP

    3. sumeragichan
  4. I've got bad, horrible & good news. !st, my harddrive crashed, #2 I lost a ton of stuff (most of which can't be replaced + business stuff + videos of my family), #3 few were FF related. It took me almost a week to get everything off. ;(

    1. sumeragichan


      *cries* I have what you sent me... *hugs* That's not good

    2. DemonGoddess


      man oh man, I've had that happen to me before as well. Reminds me, I need to do a backup...soonish

  5. Thank you so much! I'm getting the same thing and it's driving me crazy. It took me thirty minutes just to login. I swear I'm about to throw my laptop out a window.
  6. Games of Thrones was so F*CKING awesome and yet I'm so F*CKING pissed. I've got to get the second book but I don't want to wait a year for season two. SO UNFAIR! *sobs*

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    2. Daye


      If you've already read the books. you don't have to wait that long for new stuff; Dance With Dragons, the fifth book is out in july. (supposedly, with martin you never know)

    3. DemonGoddess


      I know, I've been waiting for that book for years.

    4. Daye


      still if he doesn't come out with the sixth and seventh books more quickly, the shows going to out pace him. If it survives that long anyway.

  7. I've been in a slump lately. My muse seems to have abandoned me for the moment. Any suggestions? I've tried just about everything.

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    2. Keith Inc.

      Keith Inc.

      Just write.

      I sit and type everything that comes into my mind. After a while, the muse gets tired of 'Is this working i don't konw if this is working it is boaring ah! i said boaring! like screwing a pig into a wall what an image can i use it? naw. God this is boring.

      Then she gets pissed and give me the next chapter.

    3. yukihimedono


      My solution was yard work for three days. I shunned everything else. Got a nice tan thou. XD

    4. yukihimedono


      @ Keith: that's the reason I have tons of have started stories on my hard drive. LOL! Ironically, I came up with three different stories while on my so-called 'break'.

  8. So theme-wise, it would be plays. Are you looking for either original characters or ones from a fandom in as the "characters" from the play?
  9. Does it matter which playwright we draw from? For example, can it be a modern playwright or should it be one that the playwright had passed (after so many years, the play can be used without paying royalty fees and etc.)?
  10. Thanks for the compliment, Jem. I'd love your help. I'm not worried about a time schedule at the moment. I feel that I am far enough along that small delays won't hurt me so your sporadic net activity is not a problem for me. I'll PM you with my private email address.
  11. Chapter 8 is up. Rating: Adult+. Feedback: Yes, please. URL: http://anime.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600051620&chapter=8
  12. Thanks and you did. You're so awesome Dem.
  13. Information on fiction: Fandom: Ruin Explorers (Anime) Title: Ruin Explorers (not original, I know) Pairing: Ihrie / OC / Lyle (other various pairings) Rating: Adult+ Story Link: Ruin Explorers Warnings: Abuse, Angst, H/C, M/F, OC, Tort, UST My personality: I'm laid back, easy going and am not easily offended, which I consider a plus. My desire: This was a work I started over ten years ago and was never finished. I really want to complete this. There is a great lack of fiction from this anime and I loved the OVA (though I was extremely unsatisfied with how it ended). Plus, my writing skills have greatly improved since then. Details about how I write: I started the revision process last month (on the May 15th) and having been steadily pumping out chapters. (I will not post what chapter I am currently working on in the forums.) I don't have a set limit to the chapters but I prefer to keep their length within a 5 to 12 page range - (my average seems to be 8). I think this helps me and it will give my beta an idea of the expected length. Something not too long is easier to "get through" than something 20 pages. I also like to post weekly. Details about the story: The story focuses on Ihrie, one of two of the main characters. She is cursed and I wanted to write about how she might have lifted her curse. I have several original characters since there was a limit to who was introduced through the anime. There are sex scenes and battle scenes that I have already written. {Examples of how I write sex scenes: Indelible (Inuyasha; Sess/Kag) & Rapturous (Ruin Explorers; Ihrie/Lyle), can also be seen as a prologue to this multi-chapter work.} I used several different generators to help me with names and such, which is why some of them look weird (I include pronunciations at the end of the chapters). Note: It's been a long time since I have written battle scenes so I do not have anything I can offer as as example. Everything I have is over two years old. Requirements: I would need someone to bounce ideas off of and offer them. Suggests would always be welcomed, even if you think they are 'out of left field', conversations and ideas evolve so I am willing to discuss even the craziest of ideas though I may not use them. I guess that's where my plot bunnies come from. (If I end up using any ideas, I give credit. So don't worry.) Helping me keep things 'straight' - like details, maybe something I missed/forgot or something seems confusing. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. I do not shy away from that. My feelings aren't going to be hurt and I would prefer someone likewise. If I reject an idea, I am not offending the architect and I would like someone who understands this. The warnings above pertain to what I had already planned for the storyline, which were written/flushed out chapters, and could change (which I'm willing). Please keep this in mind. I am well past that and am beginning to have some difficulties with coming up with plausible ideas. I don't want some 'out of left field' twist that won't make sense within my story (does that make sense?). I do not require prior knowledge since the world and characters were not that well flushed out. I prefer to communicate through email so having a forum account isn't a requirement. Though not required, I would also love advice on my writing. What you think, my details (describing and such), certain scenes (battles and sex), conversations and any other thing that you believe could be improved. Perks: First to read chapters, access to my notes and ideas, harassing or giving me a hard time is completely acceptable. Sometimes you just need a good kick in the ass to get going again. Thank you for reading my post.
  14. I would love feedback. Hope you enjoy. Pen Name: yukihime Title: Accubation - word count 338 * Story link: http://manga.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600000000 Type of fic: Oneshot Rating: Adult+ Fandom: Red River Pairing: Kali/Yuri Warnings: AFFO, ChallengeFic, COMPLETE, Oneshot * added by me.
  15. Prompt four. I decided to do it a little differently, though it's a little late. Prompt: dolcemente - (Italian) sweetly Notes: There is not a set limit of words but it should not be something longer than a oneshot (or what could be passed as one). Sample post taken from rules. Pen Name: Apollo Story link: (Link) Review replies link: (link, if you have one) Type of fic: Drabble, FlashFic, Oneshot Rating: Adult ++ Fandom: Original Pairing: N/A Warnings: M/M, PWP, Oral, Bond I don't plan on closing this thread. I made a change that I forgot to post with the rules. That's what I get for posting hastily. Please see the note above.