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  1. yukihimedono

    Character's job title

    What about “Curator” or “Concierge”?
  2. yukihimedono


    In regards to the article, I agree with Desiderius and Dirty. It was only 187 words with no real explanation of how to use Histrionics other than to say “don’t use it”. (And yes, I actually checked his word count.) Honestly, in my opinion, that article was a joke. Just telling others that such devices shouldn’t be used is a little presumptuous considering there is no context to the advice being given. The author does not know the degree of writing experience of his audience and does nothing to exaggerate on the meaning he is trying to convey, which leaves the readers confused and unsure of how or whether to use this literary device. That would be like having a gay character not be flamboyant in any way or having a surfer not use any beach slang. It also constrains the character and his/her actions within the work and, if a writer is attempting to create a realistic situation with real characters, then such actions like slamming a door or punching a wall or throwing a book would be necessary as they are real-life actions taken by real-life people. Okay, I’m done ranting now.
  3. Feedback use to effect me and how I would write a story. I had one work called ‘The Gates of Heaven and Hell’ and it ended up with two split timelines – one that the readers seemed to like then the one that I originally envisioned. Needless to say that the “favorite” version was never finished. I lost interest even though readers seemed to like it because I wasn’t as invested in that storyline as I was in my original one. That taught me an important lesson. I think it’s a Catch-22. It’s hard to find a balance between what you enjoy writing and what readers will enjoy. If you aren’t happy then chances are the work won’t see a conclusion. Plus, you have those readers who are ardent followers of a writer and will read anything and everything said writer publishes. My process is different now. I tend to write several chapters before I consider posting any work, and most of the time it doesn’t see the light of the internet. LOL. Saying all that, I do have one work where I have had lots of reviews and that has encouraged me to continue writing, though things don’t get put out there as much. And I do work collaboratively with other writers and readers. There have also been suggestions (some in reviews and some emailed to me) that I have taken into consideration and even implemented into the work. I believe that it’s based on a “case by case” scenario. There are some stories that you create and don’t want to see major changes and then there are some that you feel free enough to take those risks. I think it depends on how you feel about a work as to how it progresses, whether that is the pace of your writing or the plot of your story.
  4. Sent you an email. XD

  5. I can't wait for the anime con!!

  6. It's taken me about a week but I got my desktop running now. Put another gig of ram in, had to default to CS3 but I have all of the FF .docs from my laptop (now backed up) on it. Now I have to go find my muse. ;(

    1. sumeragichan


      *pokes* Where do we need to start?

    2. yukihimedono


      I'll have to check my email and see what I did with the chapter you sent back to me. XP

    3. sumeragichan
  7. I've got bad, horrible & good news. !st, my harddrive crashed, #2 I lost a ton of stuff (most of which can't be replaced + business stuff + videos of my family), #3 few were FF related. It took me almost a week to get everything off. ;(

    1. sumeragichan


      *cries* I have what you sent me... *hugs* That's not good

    2. DemonGoddess


      man oh man, I've had that happen to me before as well. Reminds me, I need to do a backup...soonish

  8. yukihimedono

    Attack site

    Thank you so much! I'm getting the same thing and it's driving me crazy. It took me thirty minutes just to login. I swear I'm about to throw my laptop out a window.
  9. Games of Thrones was so F*CKING awesome and yet I'm so F*CKING pissed. I've got to get the second book but I don't want to wait a year for season two. SO UNFAIR! *sobs*

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    2. Daye


      If you've already read the books. you don't have to wait that long for new stuff; Dance With Dragons, the fifth book is out in july. (supposedly, with martin you never know)

    3. DemonGoddess


      I know, I've been waiting for that book for years.

    4. Daye


      still if he doesn't come out with the sixth and seventh books more quickly, the shows going to out pace him. If it survives that long anyway.

  10. I've been in a slump lately. My muse seems to have abandoned me for the moment. Any suggestions? I've tried just about everything.

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    2. Keith Inc.

      Keith Inc.

      Just write.

      I sit and type everything that comes into my mind. After a while, the muse gets tired of 'Is this working i don't konw if this is working it is boaring ah! i said boaring! like screwing a pig into a wall what an image can i use it? naw. God this is boring.

      Then she gets pissed and give me the next chapter.

    3. yukihimedono


      My solution was yard work for three days. I shunned everything else. Got a nice tan thou. XD

    4. yukihimedono


      @ Keith: that's the reason I have tons of have started stories on my hard drive. LOL! Ironically, I came up with three different stories while on my so-called 'break'.

  11. yukihimedono

    Hopebringer Jem's challenge to all!

    So theme-wise, it would be plays. Are you looking for either original characters or ones from a fandom in as the "characters" from the play?
  12. yukihimedono

    Hopebringer Jem's challenge to all!

    Does it matter which playwright we draw from? For example, can it be a modern playwright or should it be one that the playwright had passed (after so many years, the play can be used without paying royalty fees and etc.)?
  13. yukihimedono

    Beta and Brainstorming

    Thanks for the compliment, Jem. I'd love your help. I'm not worried about a time schedule at the moment. I feel that I am far enough along that small delays won't hurt me so your sporadic net activity is not a problem for me. I'll PM you with my private email address.
  14. yukihimedono

    Ruin Explorers

    Chapter 8 is up. Rating: Adult+. Feedback: Yes, please. URL: http://anime.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600051620&chapter=8
  15. yukihimedono

    New category (Manga)

    Thanks and you did. You're so awesome Dem.