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  1. True. Though depending on how many of the facts you change, at some point you have to cease calling it historical. I wouldn’t really call abraham lincoln vs vampires ‘historical’ though it’s definitely history-inspired lol.
  2. Oh yeah, the few times I’ve wanted to do history, I’ve ended up going with AU because worrying about facts was too much of a nuisance lol. Well… I call it ‘History-inspired fantasy’.
  3. I love historical, I just find it sooo difficult, mostly for the reason you mentioned. It’s hard to determine where it’s best to take a few artistic liberties and where to go with the research. But it’s soooo much fun.
  4. What genre/categories do you write in and why? Which ones do you avoid because you don’t like them, or avoid because they’re daunting? Seems like a random question, but I’ve been mulling over taking another dip into fantasy. And when I mull, I ask a lot of questions. “Why do people read fantasy?” “Do I want to write campy fantasy, epic fantasy, or dark fantasy?” “What fantasy tropes should I stick with?” “How much fantasy is too much fantasy?” I think most genres come with questions of their own. For me, fantasy is daunting because I have trouble deciding whether something is eyeroll-worthy or suspend-belief worthy when so much of it relies on that belief suspension. I tend to write dramas and thrillers with supernatural elements (or just plain violent), probably because I spent my life reading them. It’s easy to keep them character driven and sometimes fantastical and still pull enough of the real world in that I’m comfortable with the believability factor. So: What genres/categories do you play in? What genres/categories do you avoid? Why?
  5. Depends on the character and how you portray her, really. Some people can’t cum when they’re stressed or feeling embarrassed or exposed (such as in a public place). Some people LOVE it. But from a smut perspective, the danger of doing it in a public place is definitely more fun, so go for it.
  6. Imagine if you were wearing them. What would you notice first? Like imagine you’re her for a moment, close your eyes, and pay attention to the most prominent things. Then quickly jot down what you notice. This is a good exercise to use when you’re unsure how to write something. For example, if you’re trying to write a camping scene, you might notice the heat from the fire, the smoky smell of hot dogs or marshmallows cooking, the feel of the smoke faintly burning your eyes, the crackle. You’d jot those things down, then work them into your scene. If you’ve never used a vibrator, you can still effectively imagine it if you’ve ever had a vibrating game controller or toothbrush. Vibrations can tickle, or make you feel warm or swollen or numb. It gets more numb and hotter the longer you use them, and prolonged use can make you dizzy – maybe even a little nauseated lol.
  7. I'd focus on their reactions to it more than describing the video itself. Maybe describe where their eyes linger or how how hearing their own cries in the throes makes them feel.
  8. Which part of the equation are you uncertain about how to write? The making of the video or the watching of it? I think with the making of it would be fairly simple. Show them setting up the cameras, maybe have a monitor in view for them to pay attention to so they’re aware of the angles and stuff. The watching I imagine would be describing the parts they’re reacting to most? Depending on how much realism you’re going for, maybe a little embarrassment and/or squinting because amateurs making sex tapes don’t always make the best quality lol. If I were writing it, there’d probably be a lot of mistakes. I dunno, I think mistakes can be sexy bonding tools.
  9. So the job program I’m in, that’s been taking up all my time and getting in the way of me writing awesome shit, is going to end in 2 weeks. Right on my birthday. Part of me really hopes I get a job out of this. Nothings more stressful than wondering how you’re going to survive the month. 

    But a huuuuge part of me – the big fat hermit with the mullet and the shotgun that lives in the back of my shoulders – wants to get time to myself again. I miss being able to stay up all night, writing for 10 hours straight, and following that with a 4 hour betaing session for friends. I’ve been a writer for 18 years – more than half my life. I have no idea how the majority of you guys are able to work all day and still have the mental capacity to churn out a page or two. 

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    2. mastershakeme


      Awww! I thought I was being selfish missing your editing :P You miss it too!!! Come back to us! 

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Well, my job’s 40 hr/wk, pays decently that I’m not hurting for funds, and I’m single w/o kids, so yeah, I can devote time to writing  :P


    4. CloverReef


      That’s awesome DP! I’m not even working that much on this program. It’s at most 30 hours a week, but I’m such an introvert, having to smile at people every day is so draining I can’t focus during my alone time lol. I’m happy I’m doing it though! I got another certificate today that’d look good on a resume, so yay! I just miss being in control of what I do with all my time.

  10. Just the thought made the little bloody thing in my chest flutter a little! I’d read the hell out of that shit!
  11. I have to respectfully disagree, good sir. Everyone should be writing solely to appease me.
  12. Hell yeah! Embrace your dark side!
  13. Don’t get me wrong, I like romance too! Tame stuff can be fun (Though what you described didn’t sound tame at all!) It’s just the overly cheesy stuff that makes me uncomfortable lol.
  14. That’s why I like AFF so much too. Like with all the fucked up things I’ve read here, I’ve never genuinely thought “this person has stray cat carcasses under their bed.” I like to think if I read something a real psychopath has written, I’d instinctively know (I’m probably wrong, but I trust my instincts anyway.) But the more twisted your writing, the more human and relatable you seem. The more disturbing your writing, the more I admire you. (I didn’t glance in @JayDee’s direction there, I swear.) Maybe I’m weird, but super vanilla stuff where there’s a lot of overt romance and serenading and “I love you so much let me toss flower petals all over your squishy bits while you act super coy and/or helpless” creeps me out way more than tentacle porn and zombie rape.
  15. Time in the story where I most frequently have existential crises, and question all the skills I’m normally (over)confident of…? The first. Frickin. Sentence.

    And yes. I deleted and redid this status because of a typo. FML. 

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    2. Tcr


      Funny, I kind of do the same thing...  I'll start writing...   Sometimes two, three, half the novel, then I get a scene that I have to write...  And it's much later...  So I stop writing where I am to advance off to the later chapter/scene.  On occasion, I've done what you said, written a scene without writing anything else, because it's detailed, then I work it around…

      And yeah, sometimes, it would be easier to write it backwards...  But then, wouldn't there still have to be a first line?  Whether it's a last line?

    3. mastershakeme


      I’d suggest you totally blow the first line and move on… (haha that sounds silly :P) you can always come back and play with it. you might get ideas about what you really want to do with the first line later. Don’t beat yourself up, just get into the meat of the story!

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Sometimes I’ve found myself writing backwards too.  Of course, those scenes far off will typically be more plot critical (gives me an idea of how it’ll play down), though there’s still frequently a sexual scene, toying with my characters, leaving me to figure out where I’ll put it (because the scene will be good).  I’m sure I’d keep a shrink occupied for their entire career if they ever cared to really analyze it in me.