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  1. Saw another specialist today. Beginning to feel like I’m a spud in a very rousing game of Medical Specialist Hot Potato. 

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    2. JayDee


      Yeah, it sucks that you’re getting  passed around so much.

    3. Sinfulwolf


      The glorious medical profession… I ain’t bitter.

      Hope some answers come yer way soon.

    4. CloverReef


      I feel sorry for all the Americans out there who have to go through this shit and then get hit with a bill for the privilege. 

  2. CloverReef

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Well, you did pretty damn good for a ‘fledgling’. And I didn’t see any issues with dialogue. It generally fit the mood of the story and flowed smoothly, so well done.
  3. CloverReef

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Finally got a review in for your story, @Praetor ! Sorry it took me this long to give it a good read. Thank you everyone who contributed! I had fun hosting. So who’s going to take on hosting duties next year?! Too soon?
  4. CloverReef

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Are you referring to the anthology? There is no review process as far as I’m aware. As soon as you put it up, it should show up. If you did put it up and it’s not showing, there might be a problem.
  5. Got my eggnog, got my nutcracker collection surrounding me, got my music playing and my lights off, and a house full of sleeping animals. No responsibilities, no expectations, just me and the silent wintry night. This is Christmas my way. 

    I hope you all get your slice of happiness tonight, in whichever form you demand it. Love you guys <3

    1. Daye


      That sounds super peaceful and relaxing! Enjoy!

    2. BronxWench


      That sounds absolutely perfect! :hug: Merry Christmas! :D


  6. CloverReef

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Excellent timing @Praetor
  7. CloverReef

    Exhaustion and Writing

    Last year I worked during the holidays so I had a terrible writers block. Though I’m not writing nearly as much as I did around Halloween, it’s not for lack of time, and Halloween is special to begin with. I’m drawing a lot more than I have in years and arting in different mediums, though, so I think that still counts as being productive in our world. So I think I’m nicely snug between the two options.
  8. CloverReef

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    @GeorgeGlass Aww shame that it was predictable, lol, but yeah I didn’t really do as much of a feint as I probably could have. I would have liked to do less humanoids. The giant started as something else entirely but the flow was off so he ended up a combination of one of those ‘nord' aliens and a cyclops. And I had to do an Elf. Just had to. Anyway, I’m glad it made you laugh! That was really the intention, so there was a little success there! Thank you for the kind review!
  9. CloverReef

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    @Sinfulwolf I’m glad you had fun with it. Despite that hard turn left that, this story was meant to be exactly that: just kinda stupid and fun, but with atmosphere. To be fair, I understand why someone wouldn’t like Extany. He’s an asshole. A special variety of asshole I adore and find fun to write. Though I try to make them redeemable, ‘redeemable’ is so subjective. Thank you for the review!
  10. I’m so relieved the Christmas anthology is going well. I feel bad for being semi MIA for it last year. You guys are awesome! My gorgeously talented AFF family! 

    Rock on, guys! 

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      This is the second time I’ve submitted two, which is nice :)

    2. BronxWench


      I’m really happy I was able to contribute to both this year myself. I really, really enjoy doing these anthologies! :hug: to you for hosting them, @CloverReef

  11. CloverReef

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    @JayDee Wouldn’t that be awesome if I thought ahead like that and gave Lacuna’s name some stealth reference? I should do that in my stories now. To be honest, I had another story where there was an Orc named Lacuna raiding/saving a noble elf that I wrote ages ago and never got past the first scene, but it was one of those fic starts where you can’t quite get it out of your head yet don’t know what to do with it. So I stole his name. Kinda a wink and a nod to a story that never was. Jeff and Marsha’s wishes are probably the two lines I’m most proud of. I think you are the only one who pointed them out so you get 10 Clover points for that. Thank you so much for the review! @InvidiaRed Ohhhh that’s such a cool theory, I like that. Maybe I should steal that for the next Christmas story. You’re deep, dude. Like abstract deep. Thank you so much for the review!
  12. CloverReef

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Review replies! @Desiderius Price To be honest, I was picturing a khajit too… except bulkier, and better graphics. Thank you for the review! If you ever do decide to do this again, next time my story’s gonna be waaaaaay bloodier than yours, I promise. @BronxWench That’s right, fuck Dickens. He shoulda wrote more gay smut, but shoulda woulda coulda, amirite? I’m so glad you liked Extany. He was the star of the tag challenge I was doing, but I got 4 chapters in and got stumped so it never got posted, but he was so much fun to work with I had to bust him out once more. Thank you so much for the awesome review. You always make me feel like I’m an amazing writer, and I’ll ride that wave of ego well into tomorrow.
  13. Holiday Anthology is up! There’s still plenty of time to write a story and contribute! Everyone is welcome!

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    2. BronxWench


      Yay! My chapter is up, and the WAFF warning is in full effect. :lol: 

    3. JayDee


      When I read it, I’ll make sure to have your Halloween stories open in another window in case it’s too fluffy for me and I need a dose of blood and horror.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @JayDee  It’s good to have fluff after my story :)

  14. CloverReef

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Title says it all. A nice little nook in the forums for review replies for the annual Holiday Anthology. You’ll find the anthology here:
  15. CloverReef

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Awesome thanks. I'll add your deets soon as I get to a comp