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  1. CloverReef

    Title Help

    Jeez, you put a lot of thought into this, @InvidiaRed Next time I need to name a story, Imma steal your brain for an hour.
  2. CloverReef

    Title Help

    The Sibling Predicament A Steamy Solution Hug It Out Though I do like “Tension” because it’s nice and simple. So if you don’t really like it you can just use the word, or the word ‘tense’ combined with something else.
  3. CloverReef

    CloverReef's Review Centre

    Review For The Captain’s Cabin @Tcr Well that’s good. I didn’t want to do the burp porn in a super predictable way. It was short but I was aiming for some semblance of ambiance lol. I’m glad it was still kinda funny though, because… well, it’s fucking burp porn. Thanks for the review. Review for Dying for the Devil @InvidiaRed Man I would have totally watched that movie till the end instead of wandering off randomly halfway through the climax if there were more tentacles in it. TY for the review!
  4. CloverReef

    CloverReef's Review Centre

    Yeah, he was awesome! Pretty sure he took off with my wallet though… or my soul… Either way, something feels a little light. Hey, you look a little familiar...
  5. It’s so damn nice to be writing again after such a long-assed drought. 

    1. Tcr


      You and me both.  Now the internet writing sites won't know what hit them again ;) .  Lol. (And the trophy is for a win, not so much thanks ;) .)

  6. CloverReef

    Dying for the Devil - M/M Original

    Chapter 2 is up! Right here!
  7. Author: PlagueClover Title: The Captain’s Cabin Summary: Written for the two challenges: Pirate porn and “Burp” porn. When Itzcali woke up that morning, he didn’t think he’d live to see the sunset. Playing the sacrificial lamb was his price to pay to keep the invading Europeans from slaughtering his tribe. But when a cavalier British pirate shows up, Itzcali’s life is forever changed. Feedback: Always appreciated Fandom: Original Pairing: M/M Warnings: Bodily functions, fetish, anal, challengefic, humil Solo or chaptered: Oneshot URL: Review Reply Thread:
  8. CloverReef

    CloverReef's Review Centre

    LOL I was wondering since my story has zero resemblance to GoT but I’ll take all the ego stroking I can get, even if it is a miscommunication!
  9. CloverReef

    CloverReef's Review Centre

    Review for Dying for the Devil Chapter 1 @InvidiaRed First of all, thank you for the review. You’re the first review on this story! Yay! That deserves a prize! Second of all, I have no clue what you meant by that, or if that was just a typo, but since I love GoT sooo much it made me blush anyway. Thank you <3
  10. Author: PlagueClover Title: Dying for the Devil Summary: Liam’s early release from prison comes way earlier than he expected, but he’s not thrilled when he finds out his Christian Republican father’s behind it. Thought he’d get a little taste of freedom, but instead he gets hidden away in some backwoods town because daddy doesn’t want him stirring up trouble during his campaign. Problem is, this time it’s not Liam stirring up the trouble. There’s something wrong with that town, and something extra wrong with that lake and them tentacles coming out of it. Feedback: If you enjoy the story, please let me know! Fandom: Original Horror Pairing: M/M Warnings: Masochism, tent, anal, rape, violence, bigotry Solo or chaptered: Chaptered! Updated Weekly. URL: Review Reply:
  11. Wooo! I hit the 5 chapter mark! Since that’s my I-Got-This-Far-So-Pretty-sure-I-Won’t-Drop-This-fic-Like-I-Did-The-Last-Fifty-Yay line in he sand, you know what that means, don’t you? Tiiime to unleash this porny beast upon the world!!!! Mwahahahaahaha! 

    Well… Soon as I edit and wrangle me a beta… BEWARE and so forth. 

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    2. InBrightestDay



      that’s my I-Got-This-Far-So-Pretty-sure-I-Won’t-Drop-This-fic-Like-I-Did-The-Last-Fifty-Yay line in he sand

      :lol: It’s always good to have a line like that.


      Oh crap I gotta write the summary. :no:

      I know how you feel.  It’s a surprisingly tricky thing to do.

    3. CloverReef


      Ha! I did decide on a title, thanks to Melrick. 

      But yeah, summaries. Who needs em? From now on I’m just going to load the summary field with top secret mind control words that force everyone who’d enjoy the story to read it and review. Those words exist! I’m sure of it! We just gotta make them harry potter writers tell us what they are! 

    4. JayDee



  12. Sometimes I just wanna name my story what it is. Fuck nuance and creativity, this one shall henceforth be called “Porny Monster Fic with Maybe a Cult Too, If I Feel Like It.”

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      I vote for InvidiaRed’s idea. :)

    3. CloverReef


      Sounds like a self-help book that I absolutely need in my life. 

    4. InvidiaRed


      A self-help book that enables you to bump into things man was not supposed to know….

      And more importantly, bump uglies with.

      Cause deep space and or a ton of other dimensions tend to be awfully lonely.

      *Warning Author is not responsible for any mishaps and or misunderstandings with unknowable entities. Please do not read if you are pregnant and or nursing. If you are a sex that cannot be pregnant please consult with the nearest available physician.

      Primary side effects include Xenophilia. unnatural growths. Sudden markings in dead or unknown languages on sensitive flesh. New orifices. tentacular genitalia. Ocular genitalia.Sapient genitalia.  Scales. bruises. Smelling colors. hearing textures. Speaking in tongues. Sudden new organs of undetermined purpose. Weight loss, Weight gain. Height gain. Height loss. Alternating sexes. Inability to understand modern language. Inability to understand any language. Unexplained smells. Bills and proof of residence of the following places.

      R’yleh, Carcosa, Lake Hali.

      Missing pets. Sudden new pets. Unknown suddenly interested family from Innsmouth. Cults with an inornate fondness for kidnapping. mundane ancient artifacts bearing your likeness. Sudden new discovery of your ancient burial place. Etc.. 

  13. CloverReef

    How to avoid giving away gender?

    There are genderless nouns that could be used in place of a name if the name is unknown. “The stranger”, “The figure”, or for example, using a nickname, like if she described them as ghostlike, then calling them the ‘phantom’, or something more in line with the narrator’s personality. Sorry, I’m sticking my nose in late to the convo but I do love to hear myself type!
  14. CloverReef

    what do you call it?

    We use homestead still up here, but generally for a single family’s place. I’d go with hamlet. I think we have another word for it but I forget!
  15. I got the internet today! What did I miss?

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    2. InBrightestDay



      I don’t know why I thought that said ‘cat porn’.

      I mean, it’s the internet.  I guarantee you there’s cat porn out there.

    3. JayDee


      Khajiit has porn if you have coin.

    4. InBrightestDay



      Khajiit has porn if you have coin.

      I’m now imagining a Duke Weaselton-style Khajiit with a big coat full of off-brand DVDs.