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  1. CloverReef

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Yes, and that drives me bonkers
  2. CloverReef

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    I finally read and reviewed your story a couple days ago @BronxWench. Sorry I was a little late with it. To everyone else, I'm going to disable contributions in a couple days, so if anyone else wants to put a story up, you can let me know and I'll wait for you or you can save it for next year's anthology. Awesome job everybody! Hope to see you in the Holidays one where the theme will be... Drumroll please... Holidays! I know, I'm surprised too. Any holiday centered around december/January. Have fun!
  3. Dogsitting over, time to get back to the important shit: writing smut. Soon as I get a good idea. … … *Crickets* … … Fuck it, I’ll just work on my Christmas fic. 

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Dog shitting?  Hmm… might make for a crappy Christmas story, just saying….

    2. JayDee


      A Dogshitter is what Sean Connery hires to look after his pet.

    3. InvidiaRed
  4. CloverReef

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    @BronxWench did someone else post a story, or was that last review for ‘chapter 8’ a dig at your own?
  5. CloverReef

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    There usually is. People tend to be busier around Christmas so there might not be as many participants but I'm in.
  6. It’s 6 am. I’m sad that the sun’s not up yet to see me off to dreamland. I miss summer already. 

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Visit @Melrick  It’s summer there.

    2. Melrick


      Actually it’s still Spring.  Summer starts in December.

    3. InvidiaRed


      Summer never really leaves AZ. So I assume there are other seasons not consisting of Hot, Really Hot, Living here is an act of hubris and slightly hot?

  7. CloverReef

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    I always love your reviews. With your specificity and encouragement, you really know how to make a writer blush. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t do ‘feminine’ women often, so it was extra important for me, given the ‘femininity’ unfairly attributed to victimhood and pregnancy, to give her a spark. I’m glad she turned out fierce and fiery, and not just, you know, broken. Also, don’t tell anyone, but being a m/m writer where men are always the heroes of my tales and women are usually relegated to support roles if they appear at all, it was fun to do a little men-bashing in this one. The very word ‘nautical’ makes me smile. Finally hearing it attached to one of my stories is awesome. I wish I wrote more nautical shit. I’m so glad Concha’s feistyness felt real. I really wanted her to be the primary hook in this story and to do that, she had to have that shred of fight left in her. Thank you so much for the review. I’m glad the rapes were decently written. I wanted to make them super brief to hit that note of ‘numb bitterness’ you mentioned, and make them a statement of both her psyche and the times in which she lives, rather than a pivotal event of the story. (Also I hate writing M/F sex scenes, so there’s that too lol.) And I’m sooo relieved, you have no idea, that the F/F scene went over well. Thank you for commenting on that. Like of course the same pacing and flow would work as with M/M scenes, but the issue for me is word choice. I haven’t read nearly enough F/F to know which words are cheesy and which are too clinical, you know? Thank you for the tips and thank you for the thoughtful review. Thank you, InvidiaRed! Morbid is my middle name, after all. Well, Actually it’s Dawn, but… Chloe Morbid would be much more fun.
  8. CloverReef

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    I'm trying not to think of my Christmas oneshot until Halloween is over but I'm definitely already thinking about it.
  9. CloverReef

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    We should read them to each other. You bring the marshmallows, I’ll bring the flamethrower to cook said marshmallows.
  10. CloverReef

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Yay! Updated the table of contents! I’ll try to find time to read this and Synth tonight. I’m excited!
  11. Finally read Apprentice and did my review replies. Now back to Hannibal for me! 

    1. Desiderius Price
    2. BronxWench


      Now why did this make me think of you, m’dear Clover?



    3. CloverReef


      @BronxWench oh good you found my house

  12. CloverReef

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    Yes. Definitely a sign. Thanks for the review! Thank you for pointing those out. That’s what happens when I continue to edit after it’s been betaed. I’m glad the F/F smut bit went well enough. I think that was what I was most worried about, especially with the awkward boob grab. Still not entirely sure why I didn’t rewrite that bit, lol. Thank you for the review!
  13. It’s a mature, television thriller. I wanted more of it, I wanted to see it go places the tv producers couldn’t take it, so I thought I’d check out the fandom. I thought “Oh, the fans of this show will be mature”, “I’ll totally find some dark and angsty fanfics on this one!”

    You fooled me again, internet. Well done. I’d better go to bed as soon as I can stop cry-laughing. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CloverReef


      Lol my problem wasnt that there were fics like that, it was that all the hannibal fics on that particular site were like that. 

    3. JayDee


      Fair enough! I hope you find what you’re looking for elsewhere. I think a lot of Friday the 13th fics have much the same issue.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @CloverReef Hannibal with an eating disorder, right?  

  14. CloverReef

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    BTW that Riggs & Mortis thing made me laugh
  15. CloverReef

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    The anthology is up!