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  1. If there are any mods hanging around, I have a question. Since the archive has changed to allow co-authors, should I just add whoever takes over my story as a co-author, or do we do this the original way: putting our links up here so DG can transfer the story from one account to the other?
  2. Awesome. I'll send you an email sometime tomorrow and we can work it out.
  3. Just got a job! Finally! Working with animals too! I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it... Fuck. Now I got that song in my head. 

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    2. Melrick


      “I’m about to loose control and I think I like it.”  Nothing wrongwith having that song stuck in your head. lol  And well done, by the way!

    3. CloverReef


      Thanks guys! I’ve always wanted to work at a shelter, so cleaning out kennels in one is a pretty good step towards driving the van around and rescuing animals, right? lol Well… I should probably learn to drive now.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Sounds like a shitty job to me, but to each their own.  Good luck!

  4. Chapter 7 is up! Will be busy this week/weekend starting a new job (fingers crossed), so chapter 8 won’t be posted until Friday the 18th.
  5. Cold Snap Chapter 7 Jaja: Normally I would have written out every traumatizing little detail of Iddy’s ordeal, but I decided this wouldn’t be that kinda story. And I didn’t want Iddy to be defined by one trauma rather than the bunch of everyday traumas combined, if that makes sense. So I’m super glad you’re enjoying it as it is Thank you for the review, Jaja. Athenaa: Yay! Hi! I can't say much, because the forums are giving me a million year delay at the moment (slight exaggeration), but I'm glad you're enjoying the story and I appreciate the review so much! (and it's totally Ben. Just kidding!... Or am I?) Gslinger: Heeey I remember your name! Now it’s gonna drive me crazy all day trying to remember where I know your name from. I’m glad the story is sexy! I worried it wouldn’t be sexy enough! LOL I’m used to writing stories that get fired off, chapter one, scene one, with gratuitous sex. As for writing for a living (thank you for stroking my ego, I needed that today!) I have thought about it, yes. Many, many, many times. Still haven’t decided one way or another. I was thinking about trying to get short stories published first and then move up from there. But while I was trying to come up with short story plots, I got inspired for this. So I guess we’ll see what happens! Thank you for the review!
  6. Cold Snap, Chapter 6 SchattenSpringer: Yeah, that pimp asshole really fucked him over. I appreciate you not spoiling what happens! That was very thoughtful <3 Thank you so much for the review! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
  7. I’m actually very attached to this story. But after 2 years of writing it and writer’s block after writer’s block, I must have put it on hiatus at least half a dozen times because I couldn’t seem to get the scenes the way I wanted them. It was time to let go, and a few months ago, I finally decided to move on. I was going to pull it down entirely because I don’t like having incomplete stories up, but I keep hesitating. So I’m gonna put it up for adoption, see if I can’t get my tale of revenge and depravity into a pair of loving hands. Pen Name in Archive: CloverReef Story Title: Blackbird Genre: Drama Pairing: Original M/M Summary: Blackbird will do anything to snuff out the criminals that raped his brother. Problem is, his best opportunity involves the notorious Malti Arvika. The one man he can neither resist nor trust. Warnings: 3Plus Anal DP M/M MiCD Oral Rape S&M Violence How many chapters posted/written: 14 posted, 16 and a half written. Link to story: Clicky herey Basic plot: There’s a gang who target straight guys and minorities for their snuff porn websites and human trafficking. One of their victims is Blackbird’s brother. He’s raped by seven men, and Blackbird intends to kill every one of them. In his first attempt, he meets a man named Malti, who is a major player in a rival gang, and the two of them develop a tenuous relationship. Blackbird is a very flawed character. He’s pretty jaded about the world in general because it’s treated him like shit. He’s masochistic, self-destructive, and vulgar, but incredibly cocky, relentless, and when he loves, he loves hard. How you would like to be contacted: Here or in a private message.
  8. I do have a schedule as long as I have a back log of chapters ready to go. Currently, 12 chapters are written, so I plan to be posting every monday until I run out. Though I was thinking of switching to friday (If you have a preference, I’d love a tie breaker, lol.). I’m thrilled you’re enjoying it Maya, and I love it when my stories make people think. Thank you for the encouragement <3
  9. Yeah, I could totally dig a rock with a face drawn on it. I’m not being sarcastic either. The underdog (underrock?) is an amazingly sympathetic concept, made all the cuter by things that aren’t supposed to have emotions to begin with. Wall-E anyone? (I mostly just watch animated movies and horror movies so I don’t know any adult examples...) But to make a heinous character ‘redeemable’, you’d need to consider your audience. Some audiences would be more likely to accept a character who raped their ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, while other reader bases would flip out if a writer tried to redeem that character. And maybe that first audience would condemn a murderer while the second audience would totally forgive a murderer who murdered for a horrible selfish reason if he, say, saved a litter of puppies or was a really awesome big brother. I think there are unredeemable characters, but I think what constitutes ‘unredeemable’ varies from group to group and person to person. Hell, some writers might have a reader base that could forgive just about anything when the characters are done right. I used to watch Breaking Bad with my mom. She started out liking Walt but after he betrayed a couple people she liked, she hated him, and the rest of the series, she stayed hating him no matter what he did. I loved him! There were a few things he did that made me cringe and go “aw, Walt! What the fuck?!” but I rooted for him until the very end. Course it wouldn’t help much if your whole audience was mixed like that, as some are, but I think knowing a little about your readers, if at all possible, helps with plotting out the flaws of your villains and heroes. I know, I’m rambling. I do that when I’m half asleep. But I’d like to hear more about these plenty of ways to make characters awful!
  10. Cold Snap chapter 6 MonaMina! IKR, that Pimp fuck and Calaca are assholes. Or worse. What’s worse than an asshole? … An asshat? Anyway, for what it’s worth, you’re not wrong. That monster’s perfectly capable of killing in a split second if that’s what it wants to do. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks for the review <3
  11. Chapter 6 is up! Iddy has a date! With destiny! No, I’m kidding. Well, he does have a date, but his date’s name is definitely not Destiny. Enjoy!
  12. Cold Snap Chapter 5 Thank you Carmenlo! It shouldn’t be a short read. I’ve got about 20 chapters planned, and 11 written so far. You’re pretty sharp to pick up on all those hints! I will neither confirm nor deny them of course, but I get a little excited about it when readers notice the little details like that. You made my day, thanks!
  13. Chapter 5 is up! Finally, some naughty stuff!
  14. Yeah, I get it. The dude who does the voice of the grandma in squidbillies does it well like that too, by not making it a big joke about a man’s voice on a woman. (My sentence structure ran away on me there, hope it still makes sense lol.)
  15. Oh I definitely agree (maybe for different reasons lol). Though I’m fond of the character… What’s her name? Dr. Girlfriend or something? On the Venture Bros. I just find her kinda hot with that deep ass voice. I have strong feelings about that kinda thing in general: using trans identities or implied transness as the butt of a joke, though I tend to put my feelings about social issues and human rights aside with cartoons that go out of their way to be offensive towards all groups, marginalized and otherwise, such as Family Guy. But even when I am putting those feelings aside, things like that just seem… I don’t know. Boring? Does Bob’s Burgers have a character like that too?