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  1. Aerawyn

    Looking for LOst FF7 time travel Slash Story

    Ooooo I don't think I've ever seen one of those groupings with Vincent included. I must admit I have a silly fondness for the AGSZC thing (or however you want to organize that acronym) and I'm curious to see Vin in the mix. I'll shoot you an email in a bit!
  2. Does anyone know where I can find this story? I'd really like to reread it.
  3. I believe this story was a one-shot (if not it's still quite short). It's rather dark. Reeve contacts Cloud about a new materia he discovers that has the ability to send the user back in time. Though Reeve warns him not to, Cloud activates the materia and goes back to the time when he and Zack escape from Hojo's lab in the hopes of changing his and everyone's fate. Unfortunately, Cloud is incapable of altering the events at all and has to relive the entire plot knowing what will happen and being powerless to prevent it. It's implied that Cloud repeats this attempt to change history every time he reaches the point in the storyline where Reeve gives him the materia. I swear I read it here on AFFnet not that long ago, but I've been digging through the FF7 section and haven't been able to find it yet. It's possible I read it on FFnet. Google is failing me; I'm hoping it didn't get pulled down as it was one of the most interesting stories I've read in a long while. Hopefully it's just older than I remember; years of reading fanfiction do tend to blend together, as I'm sure many others have experienced. Please let me know if you know the title, author, or have a link. Many thanks.
  4. Surprised to hear you have trouble finding stories in this category. There are so, so, so many with varying degrees of emotional investment, including dozens in which Sephiroth is possessive, abusive, manipulative, or crazed. Browse the site, I promise you'll find things. My favorite Seph/Cloud fic is without a doubt A Long, Hard Road by Twig. It's quite long, well written (albeit a little wanting for an editor), engaging, and, as an added bonus, it's actually complete unlike so, so many of the well-written stories. You can't get it here on AFF, but google never fails to pull up the NS posting. I'm rather fond of Blond Ambition, too, but it's probably not what you're looking for. It's utterly ridiculous in that the characters are completely rewritten and the 'verse is absolutely unlike the canon, but it's fun, funny, and interesting. You can find that one here on AFF. Finally, there are several other time travel / flashback / do over fics that focus on a Seph/Cloud pairing, but off the top of my head, the only one that actually makes it to sexual interaction before the author went on hiatus is The Little Guy. I'm sure there are others that get into the relationship before the authors gave up on them, but I just can't think of another one at the moment. Hope that helps... like two years later. >_>
  5. Aerawyn

    Care to Share?

    I would absolutely love to participate in this interview. I have been reading fanfiction for 10 years, wrote a couple of stories several years ago, and currently edit for three authors. I have a Bachelor's in English--Professional Writing with a minor in Creative Writing. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that fanfiction is creative, is art, is relevant. I have so many good things to say about fanfiction! Please, please afford me this opportunity to say on a more public scale what I have already told my English professors: fanfiction is an amazing outlet for creative persons, an opporuntunity for writers to grow, and an inspiring source of entertainment that, in some cases, rivals some of the best modern writing. Some of my absolute favorite authors are fanfiction authors. Contact me at
  6. Aerawyn

    10th Anniversary Logo Images

    I really like 4 except that all the figures are female... it's probably the best design, but it's incredibly sexist :-/
  7. Aerawyn

    LF two Seifer/Squall AU fics!

    I found them both! with the aid of the wonderful fanfiction community!! The artist fic is "A World Apart" by Zencreation: Thanks to Chemotaxis ( for finding it and also Sukunami ( for responding to the same thread that Chem did on the forums. I read this one the other day and was pretty disappointed by the story telling. I remember Squall's paintings being incredible, and they still are, but the rest of the story is rushed and over-simplified (plus, too much telling, not enough showing). The band fic is "Darkness Falls" by Sodoshiin: Thanks to Seyricka ( for finding it and responding to my post on livejournal. I won't get to read this one until this afternoon, but I'm hoping it's as good as I remember it being! Deathfics aren't usually my thing and I remember this one affecting me. I can't believe how short the chapters are though!
  8. Aerawyn

    Looking for a FF7 Fic

    It sounds like you might be talking about Xenobia's Thanks for the memories which is a Reno-centric story and part of a longer arc that focus on him. It starts similarly to how you've described: Reno has a rough childhood and ends up owning a garage. He steals a helicopter, not realizing it belongs to Shinra, and things progress from there. The main pairing starts as Rufus/Reno, but it turns into kind of an orgy as the story progresses, encompassing Tseng and Rude, and much later, a few other characters that I won't name because they don't come in until the second or third story in the arc. Let me know if this is the one you were talking about. If it's not, please post yours if/when you find it; I'd like to read it. Reno is my latest flame Aerawyn
  9. Aerawyn

    LF two Seifer/Squall AU fics!

    Since it's been several months since my post, I wanted to bump the topic in case some new eyes had wandered by that might know about the stories I'm looking for. About the band fic, I also remember that Squall wrote all the lyrics for the band, and Seifer realizes that one of their most popular songs is about him. I really wish I could remember the title of these things
  10. What I remember: - the fic was a work in progress - Aragorn and Legolas were lovers - Aragorn marries Arawyn out of duty but begs Legolas to stay - Arawyn dies in childbirth and Legolas leaves so their son will grow up with fond memories of his mother - Legolas returns when the son is almost a man - the son has clear attraction for Legolas and wants to make a move on him That's as far as I ever read in the fic. Can anyone tell me what it was called and/or where I can find it? Thanks!
  11. Aerawyn


    Erullisse~ Hopefully you'll check here... I'm not sure why, but when I respond to your PMs it deletes whatever I type. If it's not too much trouble, send a PM with an email address where I can reach you, and I'll respond that way. ~Aerawyn
  12. I have to agree with the other two responses... that's incredibly vague :-/ What else do you remember?
  13. Aerawyn


    To AFF's authors: I begin with this short introduction: I go by many names; here, Aerawyn has become my alias. I've been reading fanficiton for about eight years and have read just about every type of story you can imagine (from the smuttiest of PWP to the fluffiest of romances and all the raunchy, cuddly, addicting fiction in between). Aside from fanfiction, I've always loved literature--both reading and writing--so when I tell you that I'm an English major, I hope you aren't surprised. My intent upon receiving a degree is to become an editor and I post here seeking practice in a medium I adore. I'm a videogamer (FF and WoW mostly) and a role-player (D&D of late). Over the years, I've experienced a vast range of story qualities. The ones I am interested in this post are those that have excellent stories but less than satisfactory deliverance--I don't want to spend my time writing the story for my author(s). I do want to help authors with good ideas convey them well. As an editor, I am thorough, paying heavy attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, mechanics, and all levels of structure. As a writer, I find myself effective with description, development and dialogue, and so I can identify when another author lacks in these as well as the more black-and-whites of writing mentioned above (I probably won't be able to help create a main plot-line--if I could do that, I'd be writing instead of editing--but I can help enhance one). The catch here is I'm only really willing to edit Final Fantasy stories (particularly VII, VIII, IX, X, X2, and XII) because I'm intimately familiar with those games and my knowledge of other genres pales by comparison. However, if asked, I can and will copy-edit (spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, structure) any category but I can't promise any thorough edits on characters or worlds with which I'm unfamiliar. I do have pretty solid knowledge of Harry Potter (just not necessarily fond of the story anymore) and mild knowledge of the Lord of the Rings movies and Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm interested in everything from strict canon to wild AU; I'm less lenient on OOC but accepting of it when necessary and well-used. As far as types of stories are concerned, I will edit just about anything set before me. I'm a little less comfortable with Yuri than Yaoi and Het but not so much that I'd turn it away. There aren't any particular pairings or types of groupings that I will turn away but I really prefer not to read about defecation or urination or anything down that road. Harsh language and graphic relations are welcome. I ask you this: don't expect sugar-coating or pats on the head. The former will almost never happen, and the latter only when warranted. Not to say that I don't offer compliments--I'm more than thrilled to, when they're due. However, I am a lover of literature and I take editing very seriously, so if you have a fragile ego, I'm probably not someone you want to work with. I will "tell it like it is" and argue when I think changes are necessary. I will correct: then vs than, too vs to, your vs you're, plural vs possessive, and all the hundred million other simple mistakes that all authors seem to make these days ("do" and "be" are not high quality verbs), as well as the major ones (like changing a character's age from chapter to chapter or other breaks in continuity, tone, ethos, clarity, and consistency). I can answer the question "common, colon, semicolon, or em dash?" I will help you turn out amazingly well-written works; if I dedicate my time to your work I will put as much mind, heart, and soul into it as you do. And I will take 15% (a.k.a. I will make lame attempts at lame humor from time to time). Please post if you have questions or are interested in my services, and thank you to those who have actually made it past my long-windedness to read this line. Aerawyn
  14. Aerawyn

    Other people's FF7 yaoi

    I'm not certain what you consider cliche and what you don't, but I rather enjoyed Xenobia's FF7 Reno et al. arc here on AFF. Thanks for the memories starts pre-game from Reno's POV and details his life before and with the Turks and through the game(s) (as well as his personal relations with Rufus, Rude, and Tseng). Following that story, there are a few short pieces where Cloud and Reno (and Rufus) have meaningless sex but it eventually develops into a more serious relationship between Cloud and Reno in Guardian and Alliance. Zack eventually makes an appearance. Personally, I think Xenobia did a good job with the arc--the writing is pretty damn good and the story is interesting. The whole love-orgy thing might have you raising an eyebrow if you think about it too hard, but otherwise it's pretty freaking awesome. Other than that, I haven't read much quality Reno/Cloud. As time goes by (and I get older) I'm less and less impressed with the Cloud/Seph pairing and more interested in the characters that tend to get left out of the spotlight. Since I'm an English major, I'm rather critical about grammar, spelling, usage, and most importantly story and character development which unfortunately tends to leave me few stories I actually find worth reading and even fewer with pairings that I care to read. Vincent is not Tseng's father. Vincent was madly in love with Lucretia and she hooked herself up with Hojo. Vincent has no known children, though you'll find a decent number of stories writing him as Sephiroth's father, either known to him or not.
  15. Aerawyn


    Heh, it's awesome to me that you're searching for this story; I just started reading it again for the fifth or sixth time. I love it! Iso is absolutely right; the story is titled A Long, Hard Road by Twig. It begins with Ro and Cloud--"The General" as his troops call him--preparing for a battle and soon opens on the controversies surrounding Sephiroth's cloning, Cloud himself, and the war with Hojo. Twig creates some of the most loveable OCs in this story--Roman and Elicia are simply amazing! LHR is one of my all time favorite stories, fanfiction or otherwise. It has an excellent plot, great character development and is told very well. I hope everyone takes the time to read this story. It's so good!!