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  1. Please excuse me I am on a cell phone and can't alter my post. Any way, Lily got pregnant in 1975, not 1965. And HP was born 1976.
  2. I read this really hot Resident Evil x Harry Potter crossover on AFF, where Harry travels from a different dimension and to avoid the pain of seeing his parents and younger version of himself leaves the magical world. He is employed by Umbrella, who turns him into a hermaphrodite to have sex with the t-virus reanimated zombies.. the author took it down due to a misplaced disclaimer... I am willing to write your challenge if I can change a few things... one - Harry was not the boy-who-lived, he was born to cock-whore Lily, in 1976. he is sold to the umbrella corporation for experimentation by a greedy light witch who runs a magical orphanage. two - starts during Raccoon city three - Slash and possibly mpreg... are there any kinks or plot devices you would like to see or not see? ps: please contact me if you will allow me to write this?
  3. Ps - please post on AFF and on A03. email me at
  4. Fifth Year - 1965, Lily Evans learns that she is from a pureblood line with a rare and illegal creature inheritance - a succubus. Becoming a bit of a cock whore, the bigger the better - so she takes James, Sirius, Remus and Severus as both humans and as animagi/werewolf. Make Severus a big animagi, but no elephant. Harry is not the boy-who-lived, he was born 1956, Neville is the chosen one. 1988, 12 yrs old years old Harry learns of his mother's sorid past, when a note from James informs him he is only blood adopted - who is the father? Learning of Lily's inheritance, Albus plans to breed Harry. Either HP runs to Voldemort or a New School. Harry's pairing is either a male harem or Gen. I would like a male Harem. While the men - Remus, Sirius and Severus puzzle out who the father is, Harry involves himself learning both Light and Dark magic. He is preparing himself to work with Voldemort. Lily died in an automobile crash and James's parents raises Harry for a few years before their death in 1985. James an auror ignores Harry, dies in 1983. Harry must be sorted in Ravenclaw and be a bit of a genius. Any ideas? Must include graphic: James/Prongs - lily, Sirius/Padfoot - Lily, Remus/Mooney - Lily and Severus/?- Lily. Double penetration, pregnancy, beast, any thing else anyone wants to add? If Harry-Slash: Double penetration, Beadt, mpreg....
  5. So about the spelling errors, I am on my cell to get around the censorship....
  6. What if you combine a little of - Sirius Sowing his Wild Oats and Padfoot's Bitches? Let's say Sirius/Padfoot gets a harem of women. I love the Ginny suggestion... where Molly pisses off Sirius, so Sirius stuffs Ginny's twat with load after load of cum. essentially knocking her up as padfoot. Hmm... I usually write slash, but I am willing to give this plot combination a go. I like to think of myself as a pretty good writer. If that is okay with you? Any kink requests? Also I need someone to post this for me? I am on a censored server. I can send it through email and someone else can post it for me on their account with me as author. Otherwise, I nerd to go to the library ro post it - awkward! email is PS: speaking of Bestiality. What if in his fourth year a drunken Sirius reveals to Harry that he and prongs used to enjoy fuckin Lily. Cue flashback. And Lily never told them which of them wad the father? Lol.
  7. Question: Ronin, are you still working on this challenge?
  8. It is not my favorite story... alright i am being nice... i didnt like it. Just thought i should let people kno... totally misplaced the post tho.
  9. Found this under Original Son's profile called Sirius's Bitches
  10. Ah, well... I certainly have many ideas - Moderators, please throw this one out too
  11. oh, wow. I wrote this? What was I drinking? Just kidding - but anyway, this story is scrapped too
  12. I am creating an outline for a Massive Challenge - A Rewrite of the Marvel Universe and I need your help. It’s a multiple-Series effort (Heterosexual, Homosexual and Gen), mainly revolving around the X-men - especially the plot below. However,every piece counts. I need brainstorming heroes to create new events, writers to accept stories and even the odd artist willing to illustrate a story. The stories are for an adult audience so they should be placed on Archive of Our Own or here or both. Please feel free to email me ( or download my document containing the material I already established and email me your results! Title: The Mastermind Series Created by: Merula Aeolus and Blaire Aubrey Co-Written by: Merula Aeolus and ? Genres: Adventure/Mystery/Suspense/Horror/Drama/Romance Length: Two Books, Multi-chaptered Superheroes: Onslaught/Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Havok, Banshee, Beast, Darwin Villains: Black King, White Queen, Azazel, Riptide, Tempest, B. Trask Main Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier Future Main Pairing: Logan/Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier The Changeling, Book One of the Mastermind Series Slash. Het. Threesomes and More. AU. OOC. OC(s). “He is a magician of perception – you will see only what he wants you to see. You will believe what he wants you to believe of him. You will never know the difference until it is too late.” In a world, where Charles Xavier was destined to become Professor X, the generous and kind man, which everyone respected, and the same man who died for his belief in coexistence, the Resistance was formed one-hundred years in the future to combat the Sentinels. The Resistance created Onslaught, a DNA sequence, with the potential to become the most powerful mutant in existence. They sent this DNA sequence backwards in time, fusing it with the fetus that would become Charles Xavier, along with their collective memories and knowledge. Childhood to Beach-Scene. The Lies of Perception, Book Two of the Mastermind Series Slash. Het. Threesomes and More. AU. OOC. OC(s). Erik Lehnsherr, once known as Magneto, believed he knew everything there was to know about Charles Xavier and quickly dismissed him. However, on that Cuban beach his preconceived notions were shattered. He knows nothing about Charles Xavier – the man he knew may not even exist. Trapped in his cell below the Pentagon, Erik agonizes over what the last words the enigmatic mutant said to him, “Erik Lehnsherr, you are no more than a puppet. You’ve served your purpose – today you’re the enemy of mankind and I am the hero. The lies of perception will rule you forever.” After escaping his prison, Erik seeks out the truth, inadvertently falling in love with this darker version of Charles Xavier, master of illusions and manipulation. “You claim you want understand me, Erik Lehnsherr, but the reality is can you understand not a man, but a being made of the collective consciousness of thousands of mutants? Erik, I fear your attempts to know me as anything other than an illusionist will be impossible.” 1963-1976. Must Include: Completely Smitten-Erik, Possessive-Protective Erik Darker-Not-Evil Charles, BAMF – Charles. Twists and unexpected turns, diversion, deception, omission and misdirection, Charles doesn’t age past 19, due to the emergence of his Rapid Cellular Regeneration,Eventually, Magneto will synthesize Logan’s mutation at 32 yrs. old to remain young, Logan will become involved romantically post The Mastermind Series The Darker Marvel Universe Series - Outline.doc
  13. Fandoms: X-Men Series (Cinematic Universe) Main Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier Rating: Explicit (Please post on AO3 or Adult fan fiction) Approved Content: Slash (Homosexual Romance), Het (Heterosexual Romance), Sexual Content (Heterosexual Intercourse, Homosexual Intercourse (Anal Sex), male and female masturbation, double penetration, threesomes and more, Incest, bestiality (only between Werewolves/Shape Shifters/Humans), angry sex, pregnant sex, oral sex, hand jobs, fisting, fingering, rimming, toys (Gags, Toys and Dildos) and kink), adult language (Sexual and Explicit), violence (Blood and Gore), scary thematic materials, abuse (Physical and Verbal), torture, minor character deaths, and changes to appearance, lineage, history and abilities. Non-Canon Events/Alternative Universe (AU), Out of Character (OOC), Original Characters (OC(s)), female pregnancy, teenaged pregnancy, Male Pregnancy (Mpreg), incest pregnancy, mythology, multiple-belief systems, revenge, Character bashing, infidelity, Alpha/Omega/Beta dynamics, Fem-Slash, Dominant Female, multiple-points-of-view, powerful characters, periods of time skips, peerage (titles) inheritance, legendary weapons, ancient lore, secret histories, assumed identities, politics, debates, bantering, word play, drug References, character development focus, new abilities and talents, politics, Cum Belly (The act of using water or semen to fill the male Submissive partner’s belly so it distends and appears he is carrying a child), Sex between Adults and Teens Sixteen or older. Note: Please edit and illustrate if possible. Disapproved Content: Necrophilia, Water Sports, graphic Self-harm, graphic Suicidal themes, Graphic Drug usage, infidelity between Erik or Charles, Blood Play, Graphic Rape/Nonconsensual Sex, Psychological Disorders, Top-Charles, Sex with anyone younger than sixteen, Daddy Kink, infantilism, graphic Anthropomorphic sexual relations, Abortion, Body modification, Changing the Gender of the Main Characters (Erik and Charles), Humiliation, Racism or Bigotry, Scat play, sadism or machoism, slavery and diapers or adult-baby role playing Prompt One: Multi-chaptered. Focused on Character development through interactions and Thoughts. Plays with the theory “What if Charles Xavier had a second chance at a young age to change the future by altering the past and to grow stronger with his mutation.” Also if plays on “What if Charles was so scared of his powerful abilities he suppressed his multiple mutations?” Professor Charles Xavier dies at the hands of Jean Grey otherwise known as the Dark Phoenix, only to wake in his fifteen years old body in the past. Alone and with the world at his fingertips, what would he change? How powerful would he become? Must include: Completely smitten-Erik, Possessive-Protective Erik, Darker-Not-Evil Charles, BAMF – Charles, BAMF – Raven and BAMF – Erik, Charles allows Raven to be more open with her mutation, Charles encourages Raven to pursue a College Degree or to find a passion in some scholastic or otherwise, Earlier contact between Charles and Erik. Erik does not marry or have kids with anyone, but possibly Charles. Charles must involve training himself and Raven in their mutations daily. Prompt 2: Multi-chaptered. Focused on Character development through interactions and thoughts. Plays with the theory “What if Charles didn’t live the privileged life everyone though he did – what if he was horrifically abused by his stepfather and stepbrother. What if Charles altered Raven’s memories so she wouldn’t suffer knowing how badly he was hurt and she could do nothing about?” Shortly after the incident on the Cuban Beach, in which Charles took a bullet to brain from a Soviet Soldier saving Erik’s life, Magneto learns that his former friend survived. Evidence shows that Charles had a second, latent mutation that caused rapid cellular regeneration, which healed his brain moments after it was damaged and reversed any physical damage dealt to him along with premature aging. Erik returns to the mansion to confront Charles, Hank and the kids, but stumbles upon something horrific. Charles doesn’t remember anything beyond his sixteenth birthday. His shameful secret about the physical and sexual abuse is revealed. Hank is alone, attempting to rehabilitate the young telepath, whose immense abilities keep growing in leaps and bounds and threaten his every sanity. Must include: Completely smitten-Erik, Possessive-Protective Erik, BAMF – Charles, BAMF – Raven, BAMF/Nice – Emma and BAMF – Erik, Alive Kurt and Cain Marko, Revenge-seeking Erik, desperate-Raven, Hurt-Charles, patient – Erik and Deceptive – Moira. Prompt 3: Multi-chaptered. Focused on Character development through interactions and thoughts. Plays with the theory, “What if the Soviets took Charles – the others left thinking Charles was dead – and turned him into a super assassin without any memories?” follows this idea from beginning, until Charles is slowly reprogrammed. Charles was dead. No one expected to see an assassin wearing Charles’s face sitting alongside Trask. Must include: Completely smitten-Erik, Possessive-Protective Erik, Darker-Not-Evil Charles, BAMF – Charles, BAMF – Raven and BAMF – Erik, Charles abilities as an Assassin never fully disappear. He never regains his memories, but he does develop new ones. Prompt 4: Multi-chaptered. Focused on Character development through interactions and thoughts. Plays with the theory “What if Magneto was the one who traveled back to his youth before he escaped from Shaw’s clutches?” Tears trailed down Erik Lehnsherr’s face. The old man smothered a sob into his pillow in his cell. It was all his fault. He had turned Dark Phoenix on Charles Xavier. Charles had died, along with Erik’s heart. This unrequited love that had haunted Erik for the last forty-seven years burned in his chest, clawed at his throat. After the final confrontation and his loss of abilities, he couldn’t hide his pain, his grief and his hatred for himself any longer. He had fought for what he believed would save mutants from mankind, only to forsaken the only person he loved. He had tried to commit suicide, but perhaps they pitied him or it was Charles’s last request… the X-Men had saved him and imprisoned him in a cell where he could not hurt himself. They’d even had Hank look after him. There was a soft knock on the glass of his prison. Erik turned, much to his surprise meeting the face of a young child, perhaps twelve years old? The girl’s hair was pulled into messy pigtails. She was dressed in pink pajamas and she carried a raggedy old Teddy bear. “Yes,” Erik asked quickly drying his tears, “What can I do for you?” it was unexpected. He was in the lowest level of the school and no one, but the established X-Men knew where his cell was located. How had this little girl found him? “You miss him. You miss him more than you have ever let on. He was everything to you. You would’ve stopped your campaign against humankind if only he had asked.” The little girl said, “However, he did ask. He cried in his heart. He loved you… much like how you loved him. He was scared that you didn’t love him as he loved you. He told me that you asked him to never read your mind, so he didn’t. He died loving you.” Tears were once more pouring down Erik’s cheeks. “What’s your ability?” Erik asked already having some clue. The girl smiled a gap tooth grin, “I am astral projection of the collective energies of my comatose body. Charles saved me. He didn’t Papa pull the plug, said he’d take me in and research a cure.” This was not what Erik had expected, “I am empathic and mildly telepathic, but those are only temporary gifts while I am in a coma.” The girl turned suddenly serious, “What would you give to see Charles again?” She asked. “Anything.” Erik whispered. “Would you be erased from history and sent in an alternative dimension? A dimension where things could turn out differently?” the girl asked urgently, “Where Charles could become your Charles?” “Can you do that?” Erik asked wistfully, his voice filled with such longing. “Yes, but are you willing?” the girl asked. “Yes. I love Charles. I would give everything to rid myself of my past mistakes.” Erik said. “Very well,” the girl said, “Goodnight Erik Lehnsherr.” Erik slumped forward as if he was a puppet with his strings cut. Glassy eyes stared up at the ceiling. He was dead. Must include: Completely smitten-Erik, Possessive-Protective Erik, BAMF – Charles, BAMF – Raven, and BAMF – Erik, Not-Revenge-seeking Erik, desperate-Raven, Hurt-Charles, Erik trains Charles to grow more powerful. He also let’s Charles knows his true feelings early. Erik is 3-5 years older than Charles. TIPS for Stories: Character Development – try not to speed through the story, develop the characters whether interactions between allies, friends and enemies or their own self-doubts and memories. When using character development set up a character profile and involve detailed information about your character’s personalities. Don’t go with the flow, stand out! Remember, make a character one no one will forget – Ex: for those who have watched House Md., Dr. Gregory House was a snarky asshole, but you’ll always remember him. Don’t write your typical all-around American hero unless you intend to poke fun at him or her. Make them unique. Make them coarse or flirtatious, rugged, roguish or any number of qualities that make them more human – thus giving the readers the ability to relate to your characters and full enjoy them. I recommend including thoughts for your characters in italics to give them depth. Character Accents – If you’re character has got an accent and you want to mimic it in your writing, try renting an Audio Book, Full Dramatization with a cast from the Author’s native country from your local library. EX: for a British accent, I borrowed “The Old Curiosity Shop” by Charles Dickens which was done in full dramatization. Speed of the Developing Story – Slow down. A fast paced story might hold the attention of readers for a little while, but if you develop the story slowly – not a day in four chapters, but maybe one chapter, if you want – the reader will become more enthralled. Try writing in present tense, it noticeable pulls in the reader Weave the story – Don’t focus solely on one Genre like Romance or Adventure. Involve all kinds of plotlines. In one of my stories I am writing from three very different worlds – Magical World, Ninja World and the Muggle World, each have their own theme and story, but they will combine and intertwine further along in the series. I have always wondered why no one, when sending Harry into the past during the Captain America film era, doesn’t have Harry infiltrate Grindelwald’s ranks to help bring down the cooperative efforts between Red Skull and Grindelwald? Fan Fiction Traps – A lot of Authors fall into the rut of fan fiction themes like Severitus (Snape and Lily are Harry’s parents). Sure that’s great and all, but what if Severus takes Harry in as his son and under disguise both spy on Voldemort, while Neville is the-boy-who-lived? I am not say don’t use them – just get creative! Innovation and Creativity, I really admire. Don’t tell us, convince us – Don’t tell your readers a character is very smart and clever. Show us how they are smart and clever. After all the old adage is actions speak louder than words. Furthermore, don’t skip out by just say, oh Peter got an A+ on his test? Maybe Peter Parker created a complex strategy that completely surprises your audience to defeat a super villain and no knew he did it until the very end? Long Chapters Vs Short Chapters – it is my opinion that if you’re going to update quickly, most likely weekly, chapters can be shorter (5,000+ words), but if you’re going to update once a month or every other month make the chapter significantly longer (15,000-25,000+ words). I personally prefer longer chapters and frequent updates, but I know there is real life and that is unrealistic to expect of someone.
  14. 1. I need a beta proficient in grammar (tenses, punctuation, sentence structure...etc.), an idividual capable of following and tolerant of my complex plots and someone who is dedicated to editing my story. 2. This story is written in three parts focusing on Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier during X-men first class and onwards - there will be many spoilers. the graphic sexual material doesn't appear until part 3. My goal is to write long, long chapters - please help me with this. Also Charles will be darker and far more powerful. 3. if you're interested, please contact me at merula.aeolus@gmail. com Thanks!