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    Should anyone review "The Cartooniverse Mother-Daughter Crossover Sextacular," I’ll post responses here.
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    “It's ironic that the Team Griffin girls were the underdogs until Meg literally got under dogs." How did this not occur to me until now!!!???
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    From InvidiaRed on July 11, 2021 Thanks! For those cartoons I wasn’t overly familiar with, I watched video snippets and, of course, consulted with my alpha/betas. This is the foundational belief of most of my fanfic.
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    No worries, I tend to just refer to it as “Cartooniverse.” I didn’t watch Kim Possible until somewhat recently, when I semi-binged the series on Disney+. I was struck by just how overtly sexy Kim is. Add to that the sheer amount of r34 art of her that exists, and I felt like I had to give her a decent-sized part to play in this story. You and me both. The fact that there are so many male cartoon dogs made this the perfect opportunity to indulge my bestiality fetish. From the beginning, my feeling about Vivian and Isabella was that they would show better teamwork than some of the other mother-daughter pairs. Not least because teamwork is kind of what Isabella is all about. I had a lot of fun writing that part. Meg going completely bananas and dominating the performance was sort of my ace in the hole for Team Griffin. Thanks for that. , indeed. Thank you, and thanks for the review!
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    From ANON - on July 07, 2021 That seems likely, although I don’t have any planned at this moment.
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    From thebogeyman on January 24, 2021 First of all, thank you SO much for writing this story’s first archive review! Thank you! That’s always my top priority when writing fanfic. Not to be overconfident, but I think you’re going to like it.