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  6. I will be very interested in ready your other story as well and you could also include humiliation and like feet worship also what happen to tayuya I rember her watching hinata fuck naruto with her clone and I thought you would include her dominating naruto as well solo or with hinata and I personally think anko would be a good addition because on a lot of stories she is described as sadistic and cruel
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    Straight Shota Ideas 2

    First of all, English is not my original language, so there may be errors in the text. Now that I've cleared that up, let's move on: If you remember seeing something similar before, you're absolutely right. This is inspired by thebooblover's straight shota story ideas. Although most of the ideas were quite good, I felt it fell too short for SS stories. Here I come to propose other ideas that I thought, saw or was told by other users for SS stories. It also happens that most of these ideas are from 7chan anons, before their respective threads were deleted over time. Some of these ideas resort to stereotypes, which many may find offensive. It should be made clear that this was not done with bad intentions and that this is just fiction, I do not condone any kind of discrimination or anything like that. Also some of these ideas are interracial. Here are the ideas: Divine hot springs (Idea by an anon from 7chan, thread currently deleted). As the title says, thermal baths where different divinities, warriors or simply voluptuous women. Where they relax and bathe. There they are attended by their servants, which are children who only wear loincloths. They serve the women in any way, including sexually. (Breastfeeding, Harem and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Gamer Girl A girl with colorful hair and glasses, quite obsessed with arcade video games. One day while playing (Insert fighting game of your choice) a grumpy and dark looking boy approaches her and asks her to do a competition. She accepts and they both start fighting, it turns out that the boy is just as obsessive about arcade games as she is. Which leads to both of them losing back-to-back games. No cash or anything to give as a prize, other than their great attributes. Wrestling (7chan anon's idea, thread currently deleted) A child wrestling fan signs up for a mixed wrestling tournament, where adults and children face each other in the ring. The boy manages to do well, that is until he gets his final opponent. A wrestler known as "Tiger Mask" who is actually a world champion. The boy is not able to cope with the wrestler and her huge ass. (Female domination and reverse rape) Spies Two beautiful female spies from two countries in conflict (Real or fictional) are in an important and exclusive party. With the motive of getting the information of great importance that could decide who is the winning side of the war. And the target with the information is none other than a prince, who is still a child. They will have to give their best charms to the prince in order to obtain the information and give victory to their nation. Vikings A huge group of fierce Viking warriors decide to take a break, after having successfully razed multiple villages and enemies on their way. To celebrate their victories over the enemy, they decide to feast on beer, games and well-endowed Viking children for their satisfaction (Breastfeeding, harem, reverse rape and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Porn Star (7chan anon's idea, thread currently deleted) A boy is offered a "small" job in exchange for a large amount of money, he quickly accepts for the money and without knowing what the job was. He is surprised when he is stripped naked and taken to a mansion, where he is surrounded by a group of rather beautiful light and dark skinned women. While the cameras record it all. (Possible Harem, Reverse Rape and Female Domination) Incubus A rather beautiful witch summons an incubus to satiate her sexual needs. She was expecting a big, sexy demon, but instead she gets a boyish-looking incubus. She is a bit disappointed, but when she sees how well endowed the child-demon is, she changes her mind completely. (Breastfeeding and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Stone Age (Idea of a 7chan anon, thread currently deleted) Big men want young women. Big women want young men. A boy is peacefully washing his loincloth in a river. Unaware that a large group of beautiful women have set their sights on him. (Breastfeeding, harem, female domination, reverse rape and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Pizza Hot (Idea of a 7chan anon, thread currently deleted) A bored boy without his mother's supervision decides to order a pizza. He waits anxiously until the pizza arrives. Upon opening the door to his home, it turns out that the delivery girl is a voluptuous freckled teenager with glasses and braces. The boy gets nervous and forgets the money to pay for the pizza. The teenager finds the boy's reaction cute and decides to charge him for the pizza in a different way. Glory Hole (Idea by an anon from 7chan, thread currently deleted). A boy and his mother are in a mall shopping, the boy asks his mother to go to the restroom, she agrees and lets her son go to the mall restroom. He accidentally enters a unisex restroom. There after entering a cubicle bathroom and doing his need, he sees a curious hole in one of the bathroom walls and feels the strange need to stick his dick in there. From the other cubicle a voluptuous black woman sees a cock appear next to her. She is surprised but quickly calms down. Russian Winter (7chan anon's idea, thread currently deleted) A boy who lives in a city (Fictitious or real) in Russia, which is hit by a very cold winter. He decides to take a cab to go to school but gets stuck on the road because of a snowstorm. To avoid freezing in the car, the boy and the voluptuous women (including the driver) decide to have sex to avoid freezing to death. Ancient Egypt A voluptuous pharaoh overwhelmed by a hot day decides to take a dip in her royal pool. She asks for a slave to be brought in to serve her, her guards obey and bring in a child. She falls madly in love with the boy and forces him to smear aromatic oil on her body. Just as they are about to have intercourse, a strange woman with ears and a tail intervenes. She proclaims herself to be Anubis and also fixes her gaze on the boy. Monster A village falls into fear when an unknown monster causes disaster and misery. The oldest and wisest of the people proposes a sacrifice to calm the monster. An orphaned child is placed with food and valuable relics as an offering. The child is quickly taken away by the monster, who is very frightened but his fear is replaced by surprise when he sees what the monster looks like. A girl with the ears, tail, hands and legs of a wolf, as well as huge breasts and a round butt. It also turns out that she is not alone and belongs to a pack made up entirely of girls just like her. (Breastfeeding, Harem and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Superhero A boy in elementary school who is secretly a superhero fighting against a powerful and voluptuous villainess and her beautiful minions. Mexican boy (7chan anon's idea, thread currently deleted) A voluptuous American redhead goes on vacation in Mexico. There she meets a perverted boy on a beach, who upon seeing her decides to play pranks on her body and bikini, sometimes groping or grabbing her tits and ass. She gets annoyed by this but deep down she likes this kind of treatment. She quickly lets herself go for the boy's pleasure. Yakuzas A voluptuous woman (secretly fond of exhibitionism like her Yakuza girls) and leader of an all-female Yakuza clan, one day while passing through downtown Tokyo in her limousine she comes across a cute little boy in a precarious situation. She falls in love with him and takes him to her mansion. There the boy spends time with the leader and the girls of the clan. Neko Stalker A boy is stalked at night by a Neko girl with huge breasts. She is madly in love with the boy. Juvenile Correctional Facility A cold and sociopathic boy is sent to the juvenile correctional facility for committing various crimes. There he meets an older teenage girl with a rather mature body, she has the same attitude as him and they quickly become friends, and maybe something more. Jumanji A boy buys an old board game at a garage sale. There he rolls the dice. He is sucked into the game and taken to a gigantic jungle. There he meets some Amazonian girls, who are either part of the game or people adsorbed by the game before. Now the boy must survive in the jungle while being captivated by the huge attributes of the girls. (Breastfeeding, Harem and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Kitsune Girl (7chan anon's idea, thread currently deleted) A girl with albino fox ears and tail. Who is also a moon goddess. One night she sees a boy fall very sick because of an unknown disease. She feels pity for him and descends from heaven, she decides to use an ability never used before. The healing milk from her huge tits. The boy is cured by her milk, but he becomes addicted to the taste and she to the feeling. (Lactation and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Tickets A metal girl is forced to take her younger brother to a concert. But when she arrives at the box office, she realizes that she forgot her tickets. She tries for various reasons to get tickets but ends up failing. When she is about to give up hope and go home, a voluptuous unknown woman approaches her and offers her her ticket in exchange for being with her little brother. She accepts and watches as the woman takes her little brother to an unknown room. Experiment A voluptuous mad scientist creates a perfect being with the appearance of a child, this being completely perfect in all aspects, makes the beautiful scientist fall for her charms. (Possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Greek Mythology A boy born in violent Sparta embarks on a personal adventure through ancient Greece. Along the way he saves a voluptuous woman from monsters. She is actually the princess of another Greek city. He must take her back to her city while meeting more beauties along the way. (Lactation, harem and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). French woman (Idea of an anon from 7chan, thread currently deleted) A boy and his family go on vacation to Paris for a month. Unlike his family, which is very much in awe of the city, the boy finds his vacation boring and doesn't understand why his family is so excited about the city. However, he will learn in another way to see the beauty of the city of Paris. When he meets a beautiful French woman fond of art and exhibitionism, who is his neighbor at the hotel. Interracial A boy decides to take a bus to see a friend, but everything changes when a voluptuous black woman sits next to him. The boy feels uncomfortable next to her because he has never been around a person of another skin color before. The woman realizes this and decides to convince the boy that he has nothing to fear. She takes him to her apartment and teaches him to love dark-skinned women. Cheerleaders An elementary school boy is forced by some high school boys to photograph the cheerleaders in the showers. He manages to get into the showers but is discovered by the cheerleading captain. Instead of charging him to a teacher or kicking the boy out of the showers, the captain decides to have a little fun with the frightened boy. The other cheerleaders see them and join in as well. The boy is now the cheerleaders' sex slave in and out of school (Harem, female domination, reverse rape and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional). Cosplay A boy fond of cosplay goes to an anime and comic convention. There he meets a voluptuous girl with the same hobby (The cosplay can be of any female character, the same for the boy), she finds the boy adorable and takes him to the women's bathroom, to better show him the curves of her cosplay and maybe something else. Dracula A boy loses a bet on Halloween and is forced by his friends to enter an abandoned and scary house. He meets the challenge and enters the house. Little does he know that the house is home to a voluptuous vampire. Love letter An elementary school boy writes a love letter to one of his classmates. When he was about to deliver the letter to her at recess, he accidentally stumbles and the letter falls into the hands of a voluptuous emo teenager, who recently broke up with her boyfriend and was very sad about it. But when she reads the boy's letter she is shocked and very happy. The boy does not know how to get out of his current situation, now as the boyfriend of a beautiful emo girl. Orc A boy is captured along with other villagers by a large horde of female Orcs. The leader saves the boy from death and gives him a completely different fate. (Breastfeeding, harem, female domination, reverse rape and possible pregnancy, the latter). Favelas (Idea by an anon from 7chan, thread currently deleted). A boy ignores his mother's warnings to stay out of the favelas, this curious boy wanders into the favelas of rio de janeiro. There a group of voluptuous female gang members notice him and decide to have fun with him (Harem, female domination, reverse rape and possible pregnancy, the latter). Multimillionaire Woman A voluptuous young multimillionaire woman decides to take a vacation to relieve her stress from work. For this she goes to her mansion in the Caribbean, where she can be without any tight clothes and with her very well-hung boy keeping her company. Nude beach A native boy from an island in the Caribbean accidentally enters a nudist island with no border. Which opened up next to his home. There he meets a voluptuous woman with blonde hair. She is the wife of a billionaire businessman and she decided to take a vacation in the Caribbean with her grown-up daughters. She is surprised to see a boy in a place like a nude beach but quickly changes her mind when she sees how well endowed he is. (Lactation, netorare, male domination and possible pregnancy, the latter is optional).
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    Neighbourhood Whore Reviews Replies

    Is chapter 14 published yet I looked and couldn't find it?
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  12. why does me turning 36 scare me so?! 

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      Do what I do. Only count the decades. :lol: 

    3. Melrick


      Or do what I do: forget how old you are.  I’m 40-something, that’s as much as I remember.

    4. Thundercloud


      Decide on your preferred age and each time you have a birthday you turn into your favorite age again. There is risk that eventually your chronological age eventually will intrude on reality by giving you physical traits that does not agree...but then it is just to remind yourself that mental age is what counts. A friend has the explicit goal to turn 50 without becoming a grown up...seems to work wonders for her state of mind.

      Myself I have decided to stay at the age of 42-ish for quite some while. The COVID year should not count...

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    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    Spoiler’d it ‘cos character spoilers. The old tabletop game does sound like it woulda been fun.
  15. Sparrow

    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    Who were the two you managed to identify before they were named, then?
  16. JayDee

    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    I don’t really have the reflexes these days, 12 year old me wasn’t too shabby tho’ I think she came out fine – the versions I know best are the old very two dimensional bios from the early Street Fighter IIs and also the live action movie version that was somewhat different physically, but still managed to give Bison a bit of a kicking. She’s a heroic type who fights hard, but you also have her dealing with trauma rather than it just “got brutalised, moving strraight on,” As for a lot of the others I either don’t know ‘em too well/at all, or haven’t seem stuff with them for ages. For Kyle, he seems like how he’d be, moving from one shitty fucking dystopian hellscape of hunter killers to another one, Bathory from Bloodrayne seems like a pretty unpleasant Nazi, although obviously hiding it , from the stuff we see. Ya really expanded well on what I remember of her in Bloodrayne. I’ve enjoyed both arcs so far! Edit: Without spoilers, one of the arc 2 characters seems kinda different to how he does in game, but that’s probably explainable by the game version being a computer program of a dead guy, while the one in the story is pre-death and lacking access to nukes for when someone messes with a girl he likes. On the other hand I think I managed to identify two new ones before they’d even been named when they were first shown!
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    kagome/inuyasha, side sess/inu, pegging

    The story you are looking for is here: Strapped - SplendentGoddess
  18. Akakiru

    Challenge discussion thread

    Well no to: Strap-on, Femdom, Futa, Guro, Otherwise no problem can be as lewds as fuck, with as many kink likes Watersports, Smell.
  19. S01

    Challenge discussion thread

    that depends on how lewd you want it
  20. Guest

    Crossdressing Harry

    Harry Potter and the Futanari one shots by dartjvader042 on ao3 (esp ch. 7,9,11) Harry Potter and the Unfortunate Accident by orphan_account on ao3 Misstress Wanted and Slytherin Sissy (both by MadMax87) on ao3
  21. I'm looking for a specific HPxLM fanfic (though tbh I dig everything with bottom! Harry dynamics or feminization in general). Harry accidentally killed Narcissa and because of some obscure magical law Lucius has the right to claim Harry as his new wife in reparation. I remember lots of humiliated Harry (especially because he's being refered to as a wife). I really hope someone can help me find this - I tried and haven't found it yet... Thanks!
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    Challenge discussion thread

    Want to write a fanfic with Mom Wonder Woman. Just had no idea what to do to make it Lewd
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    Challenge discussion thread

  26. I’ll admit it – I’m transmogriphobic. Shapeshifters give me the willies.

    I know, I know, I should get to know some of them before I judge.

    1. InvidiaRed


      So we know @GeorgeGlass got replaced then. Okay

    2. JayDee


      It’s the bloody mimics I don’t like. Took me ages to realise one had replaced the beer compartment in the fridge. Every time I’d put beer in there it’d disappear and hit me with some magic to give me a bad headache.

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    Count To Infinity

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