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It all started when I was 15 I fell in love with my milf of a mom scared of how she'd react I sent her an anonymous valentine however she assumed it was from my dad and when he came home with just flowers he pretended it was from him

This continued until I was 18 I decided that I was going to not let dad claim my gifts anymore I left her Valentine which was a gold necklace and some sexy underwear with a key to a hotel asking her to come to me 12 p.m.

When mom got to the room she saw me and was confused because she thought she was meeting dad during his lunch break she was wearing a sexy dress the necklace I got her (and the underwear) I told her I've been sending her the anonymous gifts for the past three years and asked her if she'd be mine 

Mom was shocked and asked me to give her a minute and sat on the bed after a few minutes look at me and told me that she decided that what I did shouldn't go to waste and as she was taking off her dress asked if I had condoms I told her that I didn't and wanted to fuck her raw she was hesitant about it but reluctantly agreed 

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